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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1520 - Actually I Like You Too!

Chapter 1520: Actually I Like You Too!

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“This is a good chance. As long as we succeed, the Zheng Family’s only hope would be you. No one would be able to fight with you, do you understand?”

Ling Liwei pulled him back and lowered her voice.

“You don’t need to get involved, you just have to pretend you don’t know anything. I will arrange everything.”

“The caller you have dialed is currently unavailable, please call again later…” The same voice was heard over and over again.

Zheng Yan threw her phone on the pillow and lay back on the bed she had just crawled out from.

She scratched her hair in annoyance and cursed Mo Yongheng.

“B*stard, you didn’t even explain clearly.”

“I must have been crazy to think that I liked you!”

“Not answering my call… not answering my call… You better not answer my call forever!”

“How dare you mention Fan Yu. Fan Yu is a hundred times better than you!”


Zheng Yan was scolding him when she thought of something and sat up on the bed.

Did Mo Yongheng misunderstand that she liked Fan Yu?

When he left, he looked angry.

If that was the case, then does it mean that he likes her too?

If he likes her and she likes him too…

Then, if they get together, it wouldn’t be just about being responsible.

Zheng Yan’s eyes sparkled. She crawled down from the bed and ran in front of the cupboard.

She changed her clothes and did her make up.

She used the shortest amount of time to look pretty, grabbed her bag, and rushed out in heels.

When she was in the car, she texted Nian Xiaomu.

Poor little Yan: I am about to release myself from the single status and go get my guy. Wish me luck!

Mu the one determined to keep a handsome man: Good luck, all the best!

Zheng Yan exited the chat and continued to call Mo Yongheng.

No one answered.

Let him be angry.

The angrier he was, the more he cared about her.

That was how she interpreted it now and she was in a great mood.

She held onto the steering wheel and drove towards Mo Yongheng’s mansion.

It was late.

It was dark and there were only a few cars on the road.

Mo Yongheng’s mansion was not in town. The more Zheng Yan drove, the quieter her surroundings got. She could almost hear her own heartbeat.

It was pumping rapidly.

As she was driving, she was thinking about what to say when she saw Mo Yongheng.

Should she be indirect or direct?

While she was thinking about it, a glaring light appeared in front of her. It was from an approaching car.


Zheng Yan turned her steering wheel instinctively and jammed on the brakes.

Her car flew out of control and crashed into the guardrails.

Zheng Yan’s mind went blank and when she came round, her whole body was aching and she couldn’t see anything, all was white.

With the last bit of logic, she reached out for her phone.

The moment she grabbed onto the phone, she heard someone open her car door.

The person gripped onto her and tried to drag her out…

She grabbed the safety belt instinctively and the person did not stop. Instead, he cursed and tugged on her more violently.

She immediately realized that it was not a simple traffic accident.

Then, she heard Mo Yongheng’s voice from her phone.

She wanted to call out for help, but a hand grabbed her phone and threw it out of the window!

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