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The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1539 - A gentleman’s revenge is never too late…

Chapter 1539: A gentleman’s revenge is never too late…

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“Are you trying to threaten me? I won’t be afraid of you just because you have a good relationship with the Old Master. I am the Old Master’s life savior; as long as I ask, he will let me marry Bengbeng. What can you do to me?”

Qi Yan stood, looking really arrogant.

At first, he was unsure. Bengbeng was not easy to coax and she was always worrying about Nian Xiaomu, hence she refused to leave the Mo Family. After the child was gone, she was even more unpredictable. No matter what he did, she wouldn’t agree to marry him.

He was living a hard life, but he would not mention it.

He had done a huge favor by saving the Mo Family’s Old Master. He was confident of getting the Old Master to agree to Bengbeng marrying him.

Thinking of this, Qi Yan got even more arrogant.

He grinned slyly and raised his eyebrow at Mo Yongheng.

As the saying goes, a gentleman’s revenge is never too late!

Mo Yongheng had interfered when he and Bengbeng’s relationship was unstable. He had tried to snatch Bengbeng and kept advising her to leave him…Mo Yongheng, you never thought that you would have this day did you?

Now, it was time for his revenge!

“Zheng Yan is it? Let me tell you, you should open your eyes when you are looking for a boyfriend. For someone as unfaithful as him, you shouldn’t accept him. He brought you here without even figuring out the situation. If you were to get killed by the Old Master, he could just leave you and find another girl tomorrow. You wouldn’t even be able to die in peace!”

Qi Yan could tell that Zheng Yan was fearful of the Old Master, hence he exaggerated his words.

Zheng Yan was frightened by these words and hid in Mo Yongheng’s arms.

Although she did not say anything about leaving, it was easy to tell that she was really afraid.

She was not afraid of death, she was afraid that Old Master would make her leave him.

“You can wait till your next life to marry Bengbeng!” Retorted Mo Yongheng.

“Wow, wow. You are hugging someone in your arms and you are still thinking about my Bengbeng? Who do you think you are? You won’t be able to meet the Old Master, but I will be able to. I will go and ask the Old Master to let Bengbeng marry me later.”

Qi Yan crossed his arms and raised his chin proudly.

He did not say that to p*ss Mo Yongheng off deliberately. He had thought about it for a while.

It was just that the Old Master’s condition had been unstable these last few days, hence it was delayed.

After being reminded by Mo Yongheng, he had a sense of crisis.

He should confirm it quickly, in case of unforeseen circumstances!

As the few of them were talking, Tan Bengbeng walked out of the ward. She looked at their faces and knew something was wrong. Her glance fell on Qi Yan.

“What did you do this time?”


Qi Yan said, “I didn’t do anything. Bengbeng, I was bullied. Mo Yongheng is jealous that I am more handsome than him and keeps targeting me. He asked me to give up on loving you and cursed me that I will never get to marry you.”

Qi Yan hugged Tan Bengbeng as he was speaking. The famous King of Medicine was acting like a child who couldn’t get his candy.

He leaned towards Tan Bengbeng for comfort.

“Bengbeng, I am already yours. You have to be responsible for me. Let’s go and ask the Old Master to agree to our marriage later!”


Why was this mentioned out of the blue?

Qi Yan was jealous. “Mo Yongheng is about to have a wife. How can I be after him? We shall mention it in front of the Old Master first, that way, we will get married first!”

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