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The Ring That Defies The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 678: Careless Mistake, Lesson Learned

Chapter 678: Careless Mistake, Lesson Learned

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After destroying all the trash monsters, Jiang Fei led his army towards the Gold Watercity, leaving nothing but dust and blood in his wake. Mirage had already informed Jiang Fei about all the city’s weak points. Hence, Jiang Fei started the invasion by striking the least defended fort and made his way around the other defenses.

Unaware of their attacks, the Naga defenses collapsed one by one. Only when he had made it into the city did Jiang Fei start to fight as well. Unlike the other Seafolk, only the Nagas would provide stats upgrade. Now that Jiang Fei had personally entered the battlefield, anyone that was in his sight was terminated instantly. The Hammerheads could not even kill a single enemy when Jiang Fei’s 8 arrows per second attack speed had basically killed every Naga soldier that dared to attack.

Without giving the enemies any second to breathe, Jiang Fei singlehandedly pushed through the defenses and reached the center of Cold Watercity. It was then when the newly elected female Commissioner revealed herself and stopped Jiang Fei and his army from advancing.

“You dare to attack this city?! Merfolk! Do you want a war?!” cried the Commissioner.

“My master, her strength is not too strong. I think I can defeat her,” said Akatziris as she appeared beside Jiang Fei.

“I agree. However, we will do it together,” said Jiang Fei.

Even though he could easily win her over easily through Reputation points, Jiang Fei had zero interest in women who would take multiple husbands. Besides, killing an Overlord tier boss would grant him a good boost.

“Soldiers, kill the others. I shall have this big one for myself!” said Jiang Fei.

As soon as the Hammerheads moved to the left and right, leaving Jiang Fei and the newly elected Commissioner alone, Akatziris faded into the shadows. Being a Succubus, Akatziris possessed the highest tier of Stealth. Even though her combat prowess was not near a pure-blooded Royal Nephilim, she was still considered as the best assassin, perhaps even better than Sylphy.

As the Hammerhead went off and Akatziris disappeared into the shadows, the new Commissioner charged towards the Hammerheads instead of Jiang Fei. Just when she kicked her snake tail off the ground and zoomed towards the Hammerheads, Akatziris appeared right beside her and attacked her rear with her long leather whip.

The unguarded Commissioner took the attack without any preparation. She was sent down to the ground, killing a few more Naga soldiers and Sharkman soldiers that were of the Nagas.

“Good job!” cried Jiang Fei as he lifted his bow and drew the string. Upon release, Jiang Fei hands went back like lightning and continued to release arrow after arrow.

“Oh no!” cried the Commissioner as she realized she was in danger. She quickly leaped out of the way of Jiang Fei’s attacks and let the arrows that flew in the air land on the ground. Just when she thought she was safe, Akatziris appeared beside her again and whipped her once more to the ground.

“Well done!” cried Jiang Fei. The previous shower of arrows was not mainly to attack but to land just one hit to activate the Mark of the Sunflame. Out of the several tens of arrows that Jiang Fei had fired, two landed on the Commissioner.

“Damn you! Damn the Demons!” cried the Commissioner.

Due to Romeo’s effect, the Commissioner did not attack Jiang Fei in the beginning but when Jiang Fei had attacked her, her Reputation Level dropped from Approved down to Hostile. It was only then when she changed her target to Jiang Fei.

“Hold her down!” Jiang Fei ordered and Akatziris nodded. Even though his attack was extremely effective against an Overlord boss, his Health Points and Defense were far from adequate to survive an attack from her!

The Commissioner got up to her feet and jumped towards Jiang Fei wanting to land an attack. However, as soon as her feet left the ground, Akatziris flashed beside her and whipped her again.

“I’m right here! I’m the one you’re fighting!” Akatziris roared as she threw out whip after whip. If Jiang Fei was alone, he would have died in no time at all. The problem lied with the Intermediate Overlord servant of his! If the Commissioner continued to ignore Akatziris, she would be the first one to die! However, that would take quite some time as Akatziris attack was extremely low despite having the fastest attack speed possible. Fortunately, she had an arsenal of disabling skills in hand. She was a support-type assassin who did not have high attack, but she was compensated with various disabling skills.


Again, when the Commissioner tried to charge at Jiang Fei, Akatziris moaned and smirked as she blew a flying kiss towards her. A pink love shaped projectile sped off her lips and hit the Commissioner’s body, instantly causing her to lose consciousness and slowly move towards Akatziris.

“Sheesh! Now that’s what I call a Succubus! She could even lure a female!” cried Jiang Fei as he continued to attack the Commissioner.

All arrows that were fired off Jiang Fei’s bow made its own course correction and hit the target as long as the arrow’s projection was not severely out of the target. When the arrows landed on the Commissioner, Jiang Fei had thought that the attacks would knock her out of the spell, however, the Commissioner still walked towards Akatziris slowly. As expected, Akatziris’ higher level had made her spell more effective on the enemy!

In roughly 4 seconds of continuous shooting, the Commissioner had lost more than one-third of her total Health pool. Only at this point did she wake up from the Seduction spell. However, upon realized how terrifying the combo was, she decided to run instead of continuing the fight.

“Hohoho… Are you trying to run from me? No one runs from me…” Akatziris chuckled as she summoned a light barrier that trapped the Commissioner and forced her to face the ground.

Jiang Fei’s arrow did not stop raining down at her. At that moment, the Commissioner knew that running away would be impossible as the Succubus had too many skills up her sleeve that would prevent her from even moving! When cornered, even a rat will fight back!

“I will show no mercy!” the Commissioner roared and fire two blue beam attacks from her eyes. The attack was instantaneous, not even Akatziris could react to it.

Bzz! Bzz!

The beam attack hit Jiang Fei on his chest, instantly killing him!



Jiang Fei’s instant revival skill was activated and he recovered back to full health.

“Sh*t! I was too careless!”

Jiang Fei was truly surprised at the speed of the beam attack. It was unlike the other beam attacks that he had faced before. It was almost on par with the Level 4 Bio-Human energy attack! He thought that he had the Commissioner in his hands and had completely underestimated her! Without the Token of the God of Crafts, he would have died!

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