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The Rise of Otaku (Web Novel) - Chapter 118 Clearing Spy

Chapter 118 Clearing Spy

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Chapter 118 Clearing Spy

Zhou Yu was unable to read Rubin the hedgehog’s status. It was because Rubin went into the hole straightaway after handing in the list of suspects. He felt like Rubin was an Otaku in the ACG world, who always stayed quietly in his own place, but always paid attention to the outside world.

He was very mysterious. But as a member of Luhua Village, Zhou Yu was willing to believe his judgment. Therefore, he immediately handed over the suspect list to Firefly. With the number of people that needed to be watched reduced to 10, her workload would surely be drastically reduced, at least, it would not so exhausting.

Under the Eagle-eye of Firefly, although the spy hadn’t been caught, for several days, there were no more disruptions, the shooting finally returned to the normal state.

When it comes to film shooting, it is necessary to talk that Zhou Yu’s infamous destructive act. This time, of course, was no exception. However, there was a problem. The explosive effect of firecrackers was ultimately limited, and Zhou Yu was not a blasting expert, he could not create a realistic feel.

“Brother Yu, my blasting expert can’t blast the objects of the real world. Should this section be taken in Star Light City?”

Although Beidou was not rich, it was no longer the kind of poor company that could not even afford a studio. In order to get a better shooting effect, it was better to rent a studio. However, Zhou Yu was having a good time. Naturally, he was unwilling to stop. After all, it was just a blasting expert, he could just hire one.

When it comes to shooting a film, if there are explosion scenes, it is necessary to invite a blasting expert. Zhou Yu’s filming, this time, had gone through the standard filming process, of which he had already gotten approval from the relevant government departments. Therefore, naturally, he could employ a blasting expert in the real world. However, it was the first time that a blasting expert was asked to do a blasting effect for an animation.

After seeing the targets that he needed to blow up, the blasting expert Gao Tang couldn’t help but scratch his head. He has done a lot of blasting scenes in his career for decades. But it was the first time in his life to blast a pile of models. So he did not dare to be careless. Only after he spent a few days to figure out the right amount of powder that he needed to use did he officially start working.

All of a sudden, the studio became bustling with noises. From time to time, there would be explosion noises, as if it was a New Year’s Day.

After the first day of shooting the blasting scene, it basically could be said that the studio was almost destroyed, and could even be directly used as ruins for people to visit. However, the ruins also have their unique charms. In the micro and close-up shots, there was really a sense of exploration in the ruined fallen city.

The most distressed person this time was not Zhou Fu, but Wu Yun. She was called in to assemble props, and it was really heartbreaking for her to see so many exquisite models were burnt down or blown up. However, she was overwhelmed by the new airship, that was made by Master Zhou Yu. And when the airship was about to be destroyed, she was full of tears. It was only until Zhou Yu promised to give her a new airship, was she finally happy again.

Taking many scenes one by one, Zhou Yu was really exhausted. Carrying a camera all day long, Zhou Yu’s shoulders already turned red, but he still felt a sense of accomplishment. After all, he finally participated in the production of an animated film. The filming of the Fruit Pirate, he only took part in filming the sea battle, but the Dragon’s Treasure, he was really involved from the beginning to the end.

Little Muli’s performance was the greatest highlight of the movie. Ling Daoran, the director-in-chief of the movie, who was very strict with the actors, was very satisfied with little Muli. He praised all the time, that only she was a real actor. Fortunately, everyone had been accustomed to the director’s harshness, otherwise, this sentence could really arouse everyone’s discontent towards little Muli, they might even want to isolate her.

Although it was the first time for little Muli to take part in the shooting, perhaps because her Dad was there, little Muli did not have stage fright at all. Her performance of the role of the wilful and unruly but lively and lovely “Hong Xian” was so great, that it made other actors sigh at their own performance.


After a week of filming, the spy finally couldn’t wait anymore. The spy, that could not complete the task, would need to return to the spy school to be trained again. Thinking about all kinds of hell-like training in the spy school, The spy No.1 decided to take a leap of faith. Although he didn’t know why the bounty hunter was staring at him all the time, he could only take chances now.

This time he was planning to release “black-and-white glue”, which, once stained, would make the film’s color to become black-and-white only. Think about it, the original gorgeous and colorful CG movie suddenly turned into a black and white movie, it was not an art movie, who would accept the dark and gloomy pictures?

That is to say, that it is an evil item that directly attacks the quality of a movie, which is more destructive than the previous zombie potion and the studio ghost. However, because of this, the requirements for using black and white glue is relatively harsh.

It must be used at the time of the shooting and the user must have access to all cameras.

The position of spy No. 1 in the crew was a Stage Manager, so it was easy for him to get access to most of the cameras. However, there were two cameras he never had access to. That was Zhou Yu’s camera and Qi Yulin’s camera.

Both cameras were kept by themselves. Especially Zhou Yu’s camera “truth”. No matter who touched it, it would instantly cause alarm. It was really difficult to do it without being noticed.

This was probably the most difficult task the spy No.1 had done.

Nevertheless, it was also an elite spy. How could he retreat in fear of difficulties?

The next day, they needed to film an air combat scene. Little Rat slowly moved the airship according to brother Yu’s instructions, pretending that the airship was being chased by a fire-breathing dragon. In fact, there was really a dragon flying in mid-air, breathing fire, and the people on the airship were screaming in panic, trying to fight back or escape.

The shooting was very tense. Zhou Yu constantly passing the instructions that were given by director Ling Daoran. Little Rat also cooperated tacitly. Although he was young, he already had a manner of a working adult. At least, he could understand the director’s command better than other children.

With just this, Zhou Yu felt that he must reward little Rat.

Finally, one of the movie scenes was completed, Zhou Yu was exhausted and put the camera truth aside and prepare to take little Rat and other kids to the canteen to buy them a good meal.

The time finally arrived, and the bounty hunter’s attention was also attracted by the meal announcement, and she eagerly headed to the canteen with everyone. As a Stage Manager, the spy No.1 naturally left behind to clean the studio. But while cleaning, what everyone didn’t notice was that he was slowly approaching the camera “truth”.

Just as he was about to touch the camera truth, Firefly, who had already stepped out of the studio, suddenly turned back and arrested the Stage Manager.

“Haha, I finally caught you! I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.”

Firefly’s joint restraining technique was extraordinary. The spy No. 1 just resisted for a short time, then surrendered himself and admitted that he was indeed a spy, and then waited dejectedly to be sent to the prison.

Instead of becoming a villager in Luhua Village after doing his time in the prison, the spy left Luhua Village almost naked after being squeezed out of a pile of Moe coins and some strange items.

Finally, the sky was cleared.

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