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The Sacred Ruins (Web Novel)


Holy Ruins, Shèng Xū, TSR, 圣墟




Chen Dong, 辰东


Action Drama Martial Arts Mature Xuanhuan

Orginal Language:



To rise from defeat; to revive amidst the dissipation.

As the vast oceans turn to dust and the thunder and lightning fade away,

That strand of spiritual mist once again approaches our great world.

With the shackles that bound our world now severed—

A whole new world of mystery and wonder awaits,

As we turn the corner…


The Sacred Ruins is a story set in a post-apocalyptic world. A world that has recovered to a state that is roughly equal to our own world in terms of technology and culture, although its ancient history remains largely unknown. The story begins during the post-graduation trip of our protagonist, where he discovers some ancient ruins and witnesses “the great change”, an upheaval that changed everything. The changing earth not only brought about new, unexplored landscape but also sparked the evolution of all organisms. Plants and animals started gaining sentience and some humans obtained unimaginable powers. The legends, myths, and tales of old seemed to have suddenly come to life as the earth entered a new era where beasts and men formed factions, explored new lands and ultimately struggled for supremacy.

We follow the MC as he grows from being an eccentric young man into a badass expert warrior while meeting other funny characters and forming brotherly bonds. We watch as he falls into just as much hilarious situations as he does perilous ones, all the while wondering and slowly discovering the mysteries of this world. Just why was the world destroyed in the first place? Who or what had triggered this earth-shattering “change”? What profundities lie behind the process of evolution?

152 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 783 - Two Demon Kings in One Body2019-12-11
Chapter 782 - Blotting out the Sky with One Hand2019-12-07
Chapter 781 - Massacre2019-12-01
Chapter 780 - As You Wish2019-12-01
Chapter 779 - Father, Mother, and Son2019-12-01
Chapter 778 - Killing with One’s Mouth2019-11-30
Chapter 777 - All Parties are Alarmed2019-11-30
Chapter 776 - Sending Everyone On Their Way2019-11-30
Chapter 775 - Specializing in Beating Up Old Geniuses2019-11-30
Chapter 774 - The Cries of the Little Daoist2019-11-30
Chapter 773 - Your Biological Father is Here2019-11-30
Chapter 772 - Warning from Chu Feng’s Son2019-11-30
Chapter 771 - Divinity Granule2019-11-30
Chapter 770 - Mutant Technique2019-11-30
Chapter 769 - Transformative Cultivation2019-11-28
Chapter 768 - New World2019-11-27
Chapter 767 - The Hidden Truth about The Universe2019-11-27
Chapter 766 - Humanoid Monarch Bloodline2019-11-26
Chapter 765 - The Geniuses in The Whole Universe are All Accounted For2019-11-26
Chapter 764 - Undefeated Golden Body2019-11-25
Chapter 763 - Man Dressed As A Woman2019-11-24
Chapter 762 - Meeting in Dameng Pure Land2019-11-20
Chapter 761 - The Great Crazy Bandit2019-11-19
Chapter 760 - Primal Chaotic Bandit2019-11-13
Chapter 759 - The Phoenix’s Fortune2019-11-12
Chapter 758 - Eggy’s Distress2019-11-10
Chapter 757 - Handsome to the Point of Being Friendless2019-10-31
Chapter 756 - Divine Seeds Evolve2019-10-31
Chapter 755 - Divine King’s Fourth Form2019-10-31
Chapter 754 - Blazing Phoenix2019-10-31
Chapter 753 - Supreme and Honorable King of Reincarnation2019-10-30
Chapter 752 - One Last Trick2019-10-29
Chapter 751 - Fight between A Married Couple2019-10-24
Chapter 750 - Young Lady vs. Demonic Lady2019-10-21
Chapter 749 - Empty Cosmos2019-10-16
Chapter 748 - Ultimate Ranking2019-10-09
Chapter 747 - Grand Era2019-10-07
Chapter 746 - Quake in the Sea of Stars2019-10-01
Chapter 745 - Shocking the Cosmos2019-09-30
Chapter 744 - A Race-Exterminating Calamity2019-09-30
Chapter 743 - Massacring The Deity Race’s Mother Planet2019-09-30
Chapter 742 - The Earth That Can Make a Powerhouse Spit Blood2019-09-29
Chapter 741 - Matchless Aesthetics of Violence2019-09-29
Chapter 740 - My Awesome Sister2019-09-29
Chapter 739 - A Storm Rises Again2019-09-27
Chapter 738 - Billions of White Hair2019-09-27
Chapter 737 - Involving the Yang Realm2019-09-27
Chapter 736 - Earth’s Ranking Restored2019-09-27
Chapter 735 - Brothers in Hardship2019-09-26
Chapter 734 - The Killing of Gods Comes to an End2019-09-25
Chapter 733 - The Divine War Expands2019-09-24
Chapter 732 - Blasting All the Way2019-09-21
Chapter 731 - The Strongest Battle in History2019-09-19
Chapter 730 - War of the Gods2019-09-13
Chapter 729 - The Sword Wheel Sweeps the Whole World2019-09-10
Chapter 728 - Yaoyao's Grandfather Battles the Great Deity2019-09-08
Chapter 727 - Tearing the Netherworld in One Breath2019-09-08
Chapter 726 - The Demon Swallows the Heaven-Illuminator2019-09-01
Chapter 725 - A Clean Wipe-out2019-09-01
Chapter 724 - Explosion in the Starry Sky—Massacre of the Saints2019-08-31
Chapter 723 - The World Awaits An Alarming Transformation2019-08-31
Chapter 722 - God’s Transformation2019-08-31
Chapter 721 - Chu Feng the Godhead2019-08-31
Chapter 720 - Discussing the Holy Land, Smashing the Starry Skies2019-08-31
Chapter 719 - A Gale Has Risen, Driving Clouds Away2019-08-31
Chapter 718 - The Earth’s Trump Card2019-08-31
Chapter 717 - The Dark Blade Imperial Court2019-08-30
Chapter 716 - To Everyone’s Delight2019-08-30
Chapter 715 - Solemnly Declaring Responsibility2019-08-30
Chapter 714 - Challenging the Land of Darkness Alone2019-08-29
Chapter 713 - A Stormy Turmoil2019-08-29
Chapter 712 - Darkness Ancestor2019-08-26
Chapter 711 - Piercing the Sky2019-08-26
Chapter 710 - Auction Ceremony2019-08-23
Chapter 709 - Eastern Sea Feast2019-08-10
Chapter 708 - This is Very Chu Feng2019-08-07
Chapter 707 - Grief and Mourning2019-08-04
Chapter 706 - Treasures Everywhere2019-07-31
Chapter 705 - The World’s First Scripture2019-07-31
Chapter 704 - Complete Annihilation2019-07-31
Chapter 703 - Heavenly Fire Thunder2019-07-31
Chapter 702 - Obtaining the Treasure2019-07-31
Chapter 701 - Not Worthy2019-07-31
Chapter 700 - Your Granduncle Chu2019-07-31
Chapter 699 - Slashing All of You2019-07-31
Chapter 698 - No Man’s Land2019-07-31
Chapter 697 - Suppressing All the Way2019-07-29
Chapter 696 - The Great Battle of Mount Eternal2019-07-26
Chapter 695 - Let the War Begin!2019-07-26
Chapter 694 - Joyous Circumstances2019-07-26
Chapter 693 - A Group of Cloudeater Realm Brothers2019-07-20
Chapter 692 - Collective Evolution2019-07-19
Chapter 691 - The Ancient People of Yang Realm2019-07-15
Chapter 690 - Overlord Chu, Yaoyao’s Grandfather2019-07-15
Chapter 689 - Brother in the Revered Eight-Trigrams Furnace2019-07-10
Chapter 688 - Reunion2019-07-07
Chapter 687 - A Flood of Murderous Spirit2019-07-05
Chapter 686 - A Devastating Day for the Divine Sons2019-06-30
Chapter 685 - Two Lolis on The Jade Willow2019-06-30
Chapter 684 - A Similarly Peerless Talent2019-06-30


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