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The Sacred Ruins (Web Novel) - Chapter 758 - Eggy’s Distress

Chapter 758: Eggy’s Distress

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Translator: Alsey  Editor: Chrissy

Blazing Phoenix City was very large. The motley traces of time were condensed on the wall. Endless streams of horses and carriages filled the city and the population was in the billions. There were plenty of apothecaries, scripture halls and secret treasure business districts.

Other than that, there were many spiritual mountains and cave dwellings scattered in the grand city.

Chu Feng walked out of the cave dwelling and went to the bustling area in the city once again. To his surprise, he needed to use a transportation domain to do so because the distance between each district was too great; large spiritual mountains and sects stood between the regions.

After he came out of seclusion, Chu Feng asked for directions and headed straight to the Divine Medicine Business District. The name was very astonishing all just because they had completed transactions of more than one divine medicine in the past.

This was very astonishing because it was practically impossible that whoever obtained such an item would sell it since they would keep it for their own personal use.

The Divine Medicine Business District had transacted numerous immortal medicines only in near ancient history which was considerably shocking to the universe. They would trigger a tremendous sensation every time and thus, their reputation knew no bounds.

Even the top ten like the Quasi-sage Race, Buddhist Race, and Corpse Race would have someone positioned here all year round to pay attention to miniscule movements happening at this famously reputable medicinal market.

An apothecary on the edge of the Divine Medicine Business District was selling the Soul Nourishing Lotus Chu Feng saw the last time.

At the same time, this business district was adjacent to the blocks dedicated to selling scriptures and combating techniques. As a result, it was impossible for this area not to be bustling with noise and excitement as evolvers roamed back and forth everywhere.

The bulk of the apothecary was made out of bronze and had speckles of green rust. It appeared to be archaic and vicissitude.

“Boss, do you still have the Soul Nourishing Lotus?” The first thing Chu Feng did was to enquire about it because he had to have various plans up his sleeve if he wanted to enter Dameng Pure Land.

Dameng Pure Land particularly emphasised on spiritual cultivation. Every race feared the world-trembling martial arts within this sect tremendously. They could easily kill someone in their dreams!

As such, Chu Feng wanted to increase his spiritual energy as much as he could before the meeting. Once he did so, he could feel more at ease even if he entered that Pure Land.

He rejoiced in the fact that he had successfully perfected a murderous spiritual technique when he went into seclusion for twenty odd days. He had even obtained a Soul Goblet and that could be considered to be a fairly impressive trump card.

But Chu Feng surmised that the geniuses from the other races were most certainly well prepared as well, especially the descendants of the top ten. He reckoned all of them would have some trump cards on them.

“Younger sister, you’re a step too late. Someone bought the Soul Nourishing Lotus ten or so days ago at a high price. The final negotiated price was one and a half drops of Deity Elixir.”

Younger sister your head! Chu Feng really wanted to beat that person up!

His current appearance was that of a fourteen or fifteen year old. He was delicate and pretty with pure wide eyes that resembled crystals so the other party had mistaken him for a female.

When he came over the last time, he had just concluded a war on Earth so his body was dyed with bloodstains and his clothes were shabby which was why he didn’t look that beautiful.

It was different today. He had just finished evolving and his skin was sparkling and translucent. There was even a luster to every strand of his glistening hair and gave off a kind of otherworldly aura. As a result, he was more graceful and elegant than the average person.

“This young master is a man!” Chu Feng said through gritted teeth.

“Oh! Then you really are delicate and handsome like fine jade. Won’t you make all women fall for you in one or two years time? Millions and millions of people will definitely go crazy about you!” This boss really did know how to use his words.

“Which foolish spendthrift bought it?” asked Chu Feng. He was slightly regretful because everyone thought it was excessively expensive for the Soul Nourishing Lotus to be sold at one drop of Deity Elixir at that time. It was of no interest to anyone, yet in the end a deal was unexpectedly reached at an excessive price?

“Oh, Yan Luo from the Corpse Race and the Golden Scaled Daoist from the Dao Race appeared together. Alas, an intense price bid almost started. Unfortunately, the Daoist was in a gentle mood in the end and practiced the Daoist doctrine of inaction, so he gave up… Sigh!”

This boss was really greedy because he still wasn’t content even after completing the transaction at an excessive price.

Chu Feng curled his lips and said, “It’s only a Soul Nourishing Lotus. It can certainly increase your mental strength, but it’s not worth tearing into each other to fight over it.”

“Younger sister…” The boss had just started speaking like this when he saw Chu Feng’s face darken. He urgently changed his tune and said, “Little elder brother, you’re wrong about that. The Dameng Pure Land’s distinguished meeting is about to start and that’s a known fact that everyone in the world knows. Which genius wouldn’t make an all-out effort for it? What place is the Pure Land? It mainly cultivates the soul. Who wouldn’t want to make ample preparations before the meeting? Their odds of success would increase a lot if they can increase a portion of their mental strength!”

Everything was because the Dameng Pure Land had announced the start of the distinguished meeting at a precise time which was in less than a month’s time. As such, the prices of various great spiritual medicines were rocketing on the market.

That was especially the case for Blazing Phoenix City for it was one of the treasured places where immense quantities of medicinal herbs were transacted. There was nothing more to say about a place like that.

Normally, one could buy a few Soul Nourishing Lotuses with a drop of Deity Elixir.

“Little elder brother, the rarer something is, the greater its value. It’s very rare to see a Soul Nourishing Lotus, so it’s even rarer now. The great spiritual medicines in this business district have almost completely sold out because many elites from every race are attending this meeting. All of them wiped out the great medicines while waiting to enter Dameng Pure Land.”

Based on what this boss said, even Ying Wudi from the Quasi-sage Race, Yuan Shicheng from the Origin Demon Race and Golden Scaled Daoist from the Dao Race were spending money to sweep up the goods.

Chu Feng was dumbfounded. These races had every medicinal herb in the universe, yet they still had to behave in this manner?

“Yeah, there’s no harm in being prepared. Even if they ingested medicine a long time ago, the effectiveness of the medications in increasing their spirit has lessened since then. But after entering Dameng Pure Land, no one can say for sure whether the medication can still be used as spiritual restoration medications.”

After that, he moved closer mysteriously and softly said, “Little elder brother, do you still want the Soul Nourishing Lotus? I don’t have the finished product, but that item is still growing in Hell. Not many people dare to dig it up, but I know of a Soul Nourishing Pond. There are many Soul Nourishing Lotuses in there. Do you want the map?”

“Do you want me to throw my life away?” Chu Feng cast a sidelong glance at him. This boss had dispatched people to gather such a good item, yet he still would tell others about it?

This boss shook his head seriously and said, “We’re talking about a stroke of fate here. A string of life force is hidden within the dangerous land of life or death. Our small expedition group really did pluck a Soul Nourishing Lotus at that time after narrowly escaping with our lives. But those after us might not necessarily have the opportunity to do so. That place really is coveted after. At the very least, there are twenty or so Soul Nourishing Lotuses there — we’re talking about riches that reach to the sky!”

He softly informed Chu Feng that the Golden Scaled Daoist, Ying Wudi, and Yan Luo from the Corpse Race had bought a map from him.

Chu Feng immediately looked at him disdainfully. Would they, the direct descendants of their races, go to the dangerous lands in Hell at such a crucial moment in time to personally pluck medicinal herbs? He didn’t believe that they would.

“Uh, they really didn’t go there themselves, but rather they hired their clansmen to do so. However, that place is very special. Aside from a few ferocious beasts, the biggest complication is the area’s strange terrain. The region is suspected to have a domain enveloping it which is why it is very difficult to gather the great medicines.”

Chu Feng originally intended to leave, but he showed interest again when he heard the boss say something like this that had something to do with domains. His heart trembled because he thought he might be able to give it a go.

In the end, he bought a map for the whereabouts of the Soul Nourishing Pond in Hell from this shady boss. Even if he didn’t go there this time, he might explore that region in the future.

Those who reached the golden body realm would find an item like the Soul Nourishing Lotus useful.

“What realms are the ones leading the squadron from the Quasi-sage Race and Dao Race to pluck the Soul Nourishing Lotus at?” asked Chu Feng.

“I reckon they’re golden arhats,” whispered this boss. He immediately felt embarrassed.

Chu Feng immediately glared at him. This fellow was really vicious to the core in order to do business. He wanted him to compete with a large crowd of golden arhats?

At present, almost all the saints had entered the dilapidated universe in the primal chaos. The golden arhats might probably possess the highest combating power!

“Little elder brother, I can see that you’re exceptionally gifted and blessed. That’s why I’m selling you this map. If you were to go, you might be able to come out on top and obtain a great fortune.” He knew he was in the wrong too and said, “Little elder brother, I can see that you look like someone from the outer domain and don’t have that much understanding about the Undead galaxy. I’ll give you another great fortune for free. As long as you’re a little more cautious and timid, it shouldn’t be too dangerous. The location is on this planet.”

“Phoenix Cave!”

According to legends, that was the Phoenix’s nest in former years and it was a cluster of ancient caves with torrential flames surging to the sky.

Unfortunately, this race from the legends that could struggle for power with the Primal Chaotic Divine Demons had been exterminated in the bloody battle with the people from the Yang realm many years ago.

“A few spiritual grasses like the Blood Phoenix Vine and the Immortal Flower would suddenly appear in the lava within those flaming caves every few years or so. The most well known amongst them is the Nine-Leaf Nirvana Grass. It could transform one’s spirit and it was rather like reaching nirvana. One Nine-Leaf Nirvana Grass was enough to double one’s spiritual energy dramatically with more to spare. It is even surprisingly effective on life forms below the quasi-sage realm. As a result, this is practically a divine medicine in the eyes of a few people!”

The boss sighed over and over again. He claimed that he went on expeditions with others in his youth and almost discovered a Nine-Leaf Nirvana Grass, but he let the great opportunity slip by and those of his same trade managed to dig it up first.

Chu Feng walked a huge round around the Divine Medicine Business District. There were many people and the smell of medicinal herbs assailed the nose. There were apothecaries everywhere and there were even many medicine sellers sitting on the ground. They had great medicines and spirit fruits spread over the woven straw mats lying in front of them.

It had to be said that there really were a few rare fruits amongst them.

For example, some bright and multicoloured mutant fruits could make one evolve into the visualisation realm.

Chu Feng even saw the Golden Body Fruit that could make a mermaid leap and transform into a golden arhat.

But after he examined them carefully, he ascertained that they ought to be fruits that more or less had side effects attached to them and were of lower quality. They weren’t high quality fruits that were grown on the first-rate ancestral lands of major races.

Chu Feng couldn’t use these items for the time being.

In the end, he ended up empty-handed. Regardless of whether it was grown naturally or acquired through artificial refinement, all of the spiritual medicines that were unusually effective were completely sold out a long time ago.

A transportation domain was shining brightly in the city. After Chu Feng paid for it, he borrowed the path from this end and disappeared, reappearing on the other side of this enormous planet.

The Phoenix Cave was within a cluster of volcanoes.

The pungent smell of sulfur assailed his nose when he had just arrived here. One could see large bare mountains one after the other. The peaks of the mountains were all ring-shaped, many of which had lava flowing out of them.

There were many lava lakes on the ground too.

This was formerly where the Phoenixes dwelled!

This land was extremely vast and there were countless volcanos. They were so tall their peaks entered the clouds. Many of them were emitting black smoke and it truly had a vile impact on the environment.

But so many people had come to this place today and it was packed to the brim. They were scattered amongst the volcanoes and their silhouettes could be seen far and wide.

One of the regions in particular actually trees. Upon closer inspection, it was a tall Chinese parasol tree. It could actually take root in the lava without dying, but rather it was growing vigorously.

“Based on the map that ruthless boss gave me, the Phoenixes’ main nest is here. The others can be considered to be secondary nests,” muttered Chu Feng as he walked forth. He saw too many young evolvers and even discovered a few acquaintances.

For example, the Undead Silkworm Prince, the siblings from the Peacock Race, Ji Cheng and Ji Xuan.

Other than that, Chu Feng also saw a few young descendants from the Deity Race standing together with those from the Xilin Clan. The sight immediately made him sneer in his heart.

There was no need to mention the other races. Many of them were descendants of extremely powerful races. A considerable amount of people appeared here in search of fortunes.

That was because the Undead galaxy was very prosperous and adjacent to Dameng Pure Land. This area could act as a springboard for one to reach Dameng Pure Land right away in a single space transportation.

“Sigh, they said the Blazing Phoenix City’s Divine Medicine Business District was the most well known and could rank in the top few places in the whole starry sea. But in the end, it was a disappointment. I didn’t even get to buy a single great spiritual medicine, so I can only come to this cluster of volcanoes to try my luck,” said someone.

Unquestionable, many people had come to this planet and rushed to the Blazing Phoenix City’s medicinal herb business district, but the majority of them had their hopes dashed.

Chu Feng entered this mountainous region and saw lava overflowing from the cluster of volcanoes. He walked straight on to take a look at the Phoenix’s main cave.

There was an enormous volcano that was so high that it reached the sky. It was particularly majestic and grand, and bore a sense of oppression. There were many caves on top of it and it was said that there were connected to one another. The insides of the caves were all Phoenix nests.

But the interior terrain was intricate and complex like a maze.

After Chu Feng got close, he saw Ying Zhexian with the silver-haired lolita Ying XIaoxiao. Other than that, there were a few beauties who were either extremely beautiful or fresh and pure beauties or alluring and oozing with sex appeal with the latter including the Origin Demon Race’s Princess Yuan Yuan.

Ying Wudi, Yuan Shicheng and Yan Luo from the Corpse Race had already entered the cave and their own respective close relatives were outside.

“Eh? What a beautiful tiny elder sister! You’re pretty like me!” The silver-haired lolita saw Chu Feng in a single glance. She ran over and pulled his hands in a rather cordial and familiar manner on her own accord. While she was praising others, she too was complimenting herself on her own beauty; she was extremely narcissistic.

The corner of Chu Feng’s mouth twitched. They were all acquaintances, alright? Besides, he really wasn’t an elder sister!

He immediately rubbed the lolita’s head and continued walking a few steps forwards with her after that.

“You really are a beautiful lady!” Yuan Yuan got close to Chu Feng and pinched his cheeks. His expression immediately darkened and he too bluntly pinched the cheeks of the Origin Demon Race’s princess.

A group of women walked over and giggled upon seeing this as they questioned who Chu Feng was.


The nearest gigantic volcano suddenly erupted and the scent of medicine assailed their noses. After that, the sound of intense fighting could be heard. To everyone’s surprise, they saw Ying Wudi fighting hand-to-hand with Yuan Shicheng as they came crashing out with lava.

This caused a commotion because these two wouldn’t have a confrontation if not for the fact that they had absolutely discovered a great medicine.

“Elder brother, what are you guys vying over?” shouted the alluring and charming Yuan Yuan with the voluptuous figure.

“An Immortal Flower!” shouted Yuan Shicheng.

“Ah?” Yuan Yuan cried out in surprise. After that, she immediately fought Ying Zhexian who was going to come to his younger brother’s rescue. They didn’t tear into each other as all of them wore smiles on their faces, but it was evident that neither party was going to give up or cower.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

At this moment, countless people charged into the volcanic cave in search of the great medicine.

Unfortunately, Ying Wudi and Yuan Shicheng seemed to have ripped part of the Immortal Flower off respectively and it wilted away in the lava.

Chu Feng stroked his chin and made a move too. He didn’t rush nor did he take his time. He chose an ancient cave and walked in.

After that, he gave it a thought and started to circulate the Phoenix breathing technique here. THis was the Yang Realm technique Young Lady Xi imparted to him. Even though it was incomplete and was only up to the golden body realm, it was enough for him at his current state.


He sensed a kind of emotional fluctuation bearing a slight sense of grief just as he entered the depths of the cave. He was fairly startled by ths.

After that, he realised that there were many sony balls in the ancient cave. All of them resembled… bird eggs. But all of them had turned to stone a long time ago. How many years had passed for that to happen?!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Many people charged into the cave and saw the stone balls packed on the ground. Someone shook their head and said, “These are all ferocious bird eggs. The Phoenixes had numerous experts as their subordinates at that time, so naturally they laid many eggs too. They were originally priceless, but it’s a shame they’ve all turned to dead eggs. Too much time has passed and they turned to stone once the lava broiled them after all of their essence qi flowed out.”

“Are there Phoenix eggs in here?” asked Chu Feng.

“Maybe, but all of them have turned into dead eggs and don’t have much use to them. I don’t even know how many evolutionary sects have come here in search for Phoenix eggs since years that have come to pass and taken away a large amount of stone eggs in the process. It’s a pity, but I’ve never heard anyone say that they successfully incubated a divine bird.”

At that time, not only was this planet under the Phoenixes’ regime, but the whole Immortal galaxy was too. It was inhabited by a huge volume of ferocious birds of many different kinds, but all of them had been exterminated. What was left was a large amount of eggs that had turned to stone under the people of the Yang Realm’s curse.

Chu Feng frowned. He didn’t leave as he searched once more. He had a nagging feeling there seemed to be fluctuations of emotions with a tinge of grief coming from a stone egg. Every time he circulated the Phoenix breathing technique, he could faintly detect the abnormality but wouldn’t feel anything once he stopped.

“Eggy’s grief?” he murmured as he searched over here.

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