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The Sage Who Transcended Samsara (Web Novel)


Throughout this current life of mine, I will pay no attention to my past lives, nor will I seek future lives. I wish to live vigorously, to pay back debt of gratitude and fulfill duty to avenge, to defeat valiant heroes from all species, and to proudly laugh at all the Gods and Demons of the Six Path of Reincarnation!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1085: Thirty Six Ancient Wells2020-01-26
Chapter 1084: Probing For Intentions2020-01-26
Chapter 1083: The Glorious World And The Gloomy Jade Palace2020-01-25
Chapter 1082: Nine Brandings2020-01-25
Chapter 1081: Charisma Grows From The Heart2020-01-24
Chapter 1080: Worship The Primitive Emperor2020-01-24
Chapter 1079: The Unreliable Master2020-01-23
Chapter 1078: Spreading Of Dao To All Realms2020-01-23
Chapter 1077: The Conclusion Of The Matter2020-01-22
Chapter 1076: Cheating Under The Cover Of A Diversion2020-01-22
Chapter 1075: Twenty Four Heavens2020-01-21
Chapter 1074: Flood Dashed Against The Dragon King Temple2020-01-21
Chapter 1073: Fate Of A Lifetime2020-01-20
Chapter 1072: Crossing The Galaxy2020-01-20
Chapter 1071: Mythological Era? The Sock Puppet Era!2020-01-19
Chapter 1070: Neither Dead Nor Alive2020-01-19
Chapter 1069: Immortal Demon Fairy2020-01-18
Chapter 1068: Su Meng’s Current Status2020-01-18
Chapter 1067: The Myriad World Knowledge Ball2020-01-17
Chapter 1066: Mental Influence2020-01-17
Chapter 1065: The Realization Of The Night Emperor2020-01-16
Chapter 1064: Task Allocation2020-01-16
Chapter 1063: Meng’s Act Of Fooling2020-01-15
Chapter 1062: The Persuasion2020-01-15
Chapter 1061: Analyzing The Arrangements2020-01-14
Chapter 1060: The Shock Of The Gods, Demons, Fairies, and Buddhas2020-01-14
Chapter 1059: Using Death As A Layout2020-01-13
Chapter 1058: A Dream In Twenty Thousand Years2020-01-13
Chapter 1057: The Yidao Real Body2020-01-12
Chapter 1056: Blocking The Path With Life2020-01-12
Chapter 1055: The Wang Family’s Hidden Sect2020-01-11
Chapter 1054: Ancient Secret: Reading Between The Lines2020-01-11
Chapter 1053: Warning2020-01-10
Chapter 1052: Wang Siyuan’s Request2020-01-10
Chapter 1051: Real Spirit Map2020-01-09
Chapter 1050: Meeting With The Wang Family2020-01-09
Chapter 1049: The Third Mission2020-01-08
Chapter 1048: See You Again, Immortal Luya2020-01-08
Chapter 1047: Wind And Clouds Surge When The Sword Is Drawn, And All Ends In Peace When It Returns2020-01-07
Chapter 1046: The Two Years Where He Left His Dharmakaya2020-01-07
Chapter 1045: Return2020-01-06
Chapter 1044: The Journey Of The Single Hearted Sword2020-01-06
Chapter 1043: The Alliance Meeting2020-01-05
Chapter 1042: A Strange Man2020-01-05
Chapter 1041: Thank You, Bodhisattva2020-01-04
Chapter 1040: The Match Between The Ancients2020-01-04
Chapter 1039: Nirvana2020-01-03
Chapter 1038: Gone2020-01-03
Chapter 1037: Extreme2020-01-02
Chapter 1036: Blood Moon2020-01-02
Chapter 1035: Farewell, Brothers2020-01-01
Chapter 1034: The Promise Of The East China Sea2020-01-01
Chapter 1033: A Great Mocking Technique2020-01-01
Chapter 1032: Things Have Taken a New Turn2020-01-01
Chapter 1031: Piles Of Report2020-01-01
Chapter 1030: The Witty Xiao Meng2020-01-01
Chapter 1029: Utilize One’s Strong Points to Attack Another’s Weak Points2020-01-01
Chapter 1028: Three-level Ambuscades2020-01-01
Chapter 1027: Winter Cicada Temple2020-01-01
Chapter 1026: Top-notch Dharmakaya2020-01-01
Chapter 1025: A Long Night2020-01-01
Chapter 1024: A Helping Hand2020-01-01
Chapter 1023: The Celestial Ruler Manifestation2020-01-01
Chapter 1022: Questioning2020-01-01
Chapter 1021: Amid The Silence Comes The Crash Of Thunder2020-01-01
Chapter 1020: Visitors At Jade Emperor Mountain2020-01-01
Chapter 1019: Who Is The Scapegoat?2020-01-01
Chapter 1018: Fortune Telling2020-01-01
Chapter 1017: Coincidence?2020-01-01
Chapter 1016: Zhuo Biting2020-01-01
Chapter 1015: Trade2020-01-01
Chapter 1014: To Comment2020-01-01
Chapter 1013: Jie Sect2019-12-31
Chapter 1012: Sad And Pathetic2019-12-31
Chapter 1011: Creating A Diversion2019-12-30
Chapter 1010: Heavenly Dog Eats The Sun2019-12-30
Chapter 1009: Manifestation2019-12-29
Chapter 1008: A Man Who Loves The Limelight2019-12-29
Chapter 1007: The Consequences Of Giving Pointers2019-12-28
Chapter 1006: Luring The Enemy Away2019-12-28
Chapter 1005: Jiangdong Covenant2019-12-27
Chapter 1004: The Information Revealed By Ren Qiushui2019-12-27
Chapter 1003: Biyue Sword Deity2019-12-26
Chapter 1002: Middle Ages2019-12-26
Chapter 1001: The Aftershocks Of The Mighty2019-12-25
Chapter 1000: A Pair Of Legs2019-12-25
Chapter 999: Never Let My Head Down2019-12-24
Chapter 998: The Anxiety Of The Spectators2019-12-24
Chapter 997: Conspiracy2019-12-23
Chapter 996: The First Group Of Losers2019-12-23
Chapter 995: Setback2019-12-22
Chapter 994: Member Of Four Emperors2019-12-22
Chapter 993: Island Chief From What Background?2019-12-21
Chapter 992: Tangled Warfare2019-12-21
Chapter 991: Comeback Of The Shang Dynasty2019-12-20
Chapter 990: Tower Of Reaching The Stars2019-12-20
Chapter 989: Immemorial Chaos2019-12-19
Chapter 988: Meeting Of The Heavyweights2019-12-19
Chapter 987: Winter Solstice2019-12-18
Chapter 986: Projection Starting To Take Shape2019-12-18