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The Sage Who Transcended Samsara (Web Novel) - Chapter 908: Accompanied By Loneliness And Insanity

Chapter 908: Accompanied By Loneliness And Insanity

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Dew on grass, the sun was shining brightly. Cattles and sheep grazed as the wind blew.

The Bodhisattva of Joy sat cross-legged on the lotus platform, floating in midair, as she looked helplessly at the expert gradually go far away. The chilly wind blew but was unable to spread the rays of the lotus platform, making her face feel cold instead.

Was it the wind moving, or her heart?

Bewildered, the Bodhisattva of Joy felt a sense of hopelessness and despair. Was she really going to switch from evil practice to orthodox Buddhism and become a lonely nun for the rest of her life?

Silently, without the use of any strength, the words “repentance is salvation” had been imprinted in her heart?

After ten years of facing the oil lamp, the old Buddha statue, all alone by himself, has the Frenzied Blade Su Meng brought the Karma Transfer of the Ananda Oath-Breaking Bladesmanship to such a level? Or was it an art of the Internal Demons?

Unable to figure things out, the Bodhisattva of Joy realized that she was still unable to figure out Su Meng’s attained level.

The unknown is the most terrifying, filling one with a sense of awe. The Bodhisattva of Joy took in a deep breath and calmed down before musing to herself, “Can’t I just return to the Plain Girl Fairyland?”

Stop creating chaos!

Since the Heavenly Troops could cut off the sound of the Buddha, so could the Plain Girl Fairyland.

In case of any unforeseen events, she went straight to the meeting point she told Ying Ning on the lotus platform. Shortly after, she saw the panicking Ying Ning, the silently sneering Shao Changge, and the Hundred-Flaw Heavenly Demon Duan Rui who couldn’t really control his tyrannical emotions.

“Teacher, you’re back!” Ying Ning blurted, which sounded like an unintentional mutter.

“The Bodhisattva of Joy,” Hiding her disappointment, Shao Changge took a bow to look polite.

The heterodox people displayed their temperaments freely. So be it that the angered Bodhisattva of Joy killed an unimportant man of hers. If there was any benefit, the Luo Sect might not interfere, so she couldn’t infuriate her.

With his lips tightly pursed, Duan Rui controlled his tyrannical emotions, hid his arrogance, and bowed unwillingly.

The Bodhisattva of Joy, having controlled her mental state, said with a straight face, “Liang Jiuzhou was saved by someone. The news has spread so there’s no need to hide. Do not take any action these few days.”

Saved by someone? Ying Ning and Shao Changge stood in shock. There were only a few experts who could save someone from the hands of the Bodhisattva of Joy. Who could it be?

There was no news of anyone nearby. Could it be Su Wuming who seemed to be everywhere?

“Saved? Saved by who?” Duan Rui sounded a little interrogative and arrogant.

It was his practice at work and it was difficult to restrain himself. If it hadn’t been a Great Guru in front of him, he would had been even more obvious.

Holding back her tears, the Bodhisattva of Joy was at peace as she said with benevolence, “Frenzied Blade Su Meng.”

“Frenzied Blade Su Meng?” Ying Ning and Shao Changge blurted out. Although the Bodhisattva of Joy said these four words very mildly, they felt like a deafening thunder!

“He… he’s made a comeback?” Shao Changge asked with a stammer.

Gu Xiaosang’s murder had a direct impact on the Lifeless Mother’s dignity. Since Meng Qi had gone missing, the Luo Sect would definitely keep it a secret and seek revenge in the dark. They would only say that the Lifeless Mother took pity on the common people and reincarnate again to eliminate the worldly sins.

The Bodhisattva of Joy looked solemn and slowly nodded, “Yes.”

The word “yes” was earth shattering. Shao Changge’s body shook, looking extremely delicate. She had never met the Frenzied Blade, but her familiarity with him was definitely more than anyone else present. In the past, her mistress always mentioned Su Meng inadvertently. The numerous times of few isolated words were sufficient to make out a clear image — a fella who liked to act saintly in front of others, a noob who liked to act experienced, a fool who always flew into a rage out of humiliation… but familiarity didn’t erase any fear.

Who was her mistress? She was the most outstanding holy maiden throughout history! Her stratagem, thinking, wits, abilities, and attainment, were the cream of the crop among her peers. Facing her, even a dharmaraja would feel a sense of helplessness, as though she had everything under control, making one emulate unconsciously.

She herself now also had some standing in the Luo Sect, and also gained a high reputation in the pugilistic world. Hence, she couldn’t possibly not become an oracle in the future. However, she was still much inferior if compared with her past mistress.

A person like that eventually died in the hands of the Frenzied Blade Su Meng. How would it be possible if that didn’t make him seem more terrifying?

The arrogant Duan Rui took a few steps back as he felt an inexplicable fear. This was the powerhouse who left the greatest fear in him when he was young. As the other party’s abilities and attainment became stronger, the fear intensified. The last ten years without news of him was the most high-spirited days of his life.

Unexpectedly, he was back.

The nemesis who single-handedly stirred the world and made almost all in heterodoxy retreat was back again.

The Bodhisattva of Joy said with a serious look, “I was injured internally by him and can’t recover in a short period of time. I need to return to the Plain Girl Fairyland. Tell this to the Devil Master, Dharmaraja and Rakshasa.”

Despite the flat tone, each and every word bled. One really shouldn’t let others know about internal injuries.

Duan Rui’s face suddenly changed before nodding his head fiercely, “The Rakshasa of Bloody Sea is just nearby. If the Frenzied Blade hadn’t achieved Dharmakaya in the last ten years, he better watch out!”

The Bodhisattva of Joy pondered for a while and decided not to deceive her ally. The heterodoxy already couldn’t withstand much deception.

She said solemnly, “Although I’ve yet to figure out his potential, I feel that he’s as terrifying as a Dharmakaya. The Rakshasa has to be careful if he wants to attack.”

Some of his means were even more terrifying!

“As terrifying as a Dharmakaya…” Duan Rui’s face suddenly turned white, and Shao Changge broke out in a cold sweat. Only Ying Ning was slightly better, exclaiming in silence. No news for ten years, only to make a comeback today. Would he be like Dapeng, rising up with the wind and skyrocket?”

Mu Yun Le followed Meng Qi out of the ruined temple and into the mountains. She saw that he neither raised any conveyance light nor astral wind, but walked steadily forward. She couldn’t help but feel happy that she could catch up!

She was worried that if he conveyed in the air, she could only look from afar and use her imagination to satisfy her curiosity. She wouldn’t be able to make out his identity, his story, and why he lived in seclusion in the ruined temple, facing only the lotuses and not the Buddha, looking dead and dejected.

Taking in a breath, Mu Yun Le effortlessly took a step and floated a few feet out, making the ground look small as she followed Master Zhending closely behind.

However, although Meng Qi looked like he was walking slowly, his steps had Mu Yun Le chasing far behind, until his back view was almost out of sight.

“Master, wait for me!” Mu Yun Le blurted out.

But the gray-robed monk in front turned a deaf ear and disappeared. Mu Yun Le stood blankly and bulged her cheeks like a bun, feeling depressed and disappointed.

She looked down and kicked stones as she walked slowly forward and muttered, “I’ve not even asked about your story…”

After walking this way for a while, the sun was up on the mountain, making her squint her eyes and decide to return to the city she previously left.

Suddenly, she caught sight of a gray shadow. Gazing, she saw behind a big tree Master Zhending sitting cross-legged with his eyes half-closed. His physique gave a sense of emptiness, and his haggard face under the jumble of shadow and light had an exotic charm.

Mu Yun Le stood still for a while before the corners of her mouth slowly lifted up. Pursing her lips tightly, she couldn’t help but laugh as she looked up with both hands at her back and muttered to herself, “Although the Master has extraordinary skills and appears dull, he’s in fact very soft-hearted and even waited for me here…”

The World of Gods.

In the city of Luoyi, a man in his thirties stood outside the city gate, looking up at this magnificent city that had stood for hundreds of years.

He had a beard that was appropriate for the occasion, and an air of maturity. Looking a little perplexed as he gazed at the city wall mottled with time, he sighed, “In times of justice, the ruler has control over the Etiquette System and decrees. It is a shame that I was unable to witness the Etiquette System during the prosperity years of Zhou.”

Withdrawing his gaze, he looked at the city gate as expression gradually became firm, “Now there is no justice and the Etiquette System is destroyed. With the feudal lords replacing themselves as the ruler, the world is chaotic and in ruins. Although lowly, I do not change my dream of finding a way to end this misery.”

Taking big strides, he walked toward the city gate.

Treasure Chamber, here I come!


Dark clouds suddenly filled the sky and lightning danced. The sky turned dark with flashing lights.

At Fenghuang Zhoutou outside the city of Guangling.

Two men sat facing each other under a Chinese parasol tree. The one playing the zither was pale and handsome, coughing from time to time. He was once the Eldest Young Master Wang, now the in-charge of the Wang family — Wang Siyuan. He looked in his twenties, sickly and delicate. Time did not seem to leave any traces on him.

The other man had ordinary features, wore a green robe, and sat with an air of magnanimity. The red star protruding on his forehead added a devilish charm on him. He was the head of the Red Demonic Sect, one of the Nine Demonic Sects, the Demon Emperor Qi Zhengyan!

“He’s appeared in the pugilistic world again. The Bodhisattva of Joy has met him,” Qi Zhengyan said in his usual tone.

Wang Siyuan stopped playing the zither and held his right hand in a fist. Coughing a few times against his lips which turned slightly red, he sighed, “I know.”

“Then do you know why he didn’t kill the Bodhisattva of Joy?” Qi Zhengyan’s eyes were dull, looking like he was asking a question but seemed as though he already knew the answer.

Wang Siyuan took out a handkerchief to wipe his hands before giving a faint smile, “For ten years he sat alone in the ruined temple, hiding guilt, repression, unwillingness, madness, despair, pain, and bitter hatred within him, spent days and nights polishing his spiritual blade, integrating all his energy into it. Ahem, he didn’t do all this just to kill an insignificant Bodhisattva of Joy.”

“Ten years of polishing his blade, ten years of suffering, ten years of pain. The moment the blade emerges would definitely be earth-shattering. He would do it all at once, since the second and third time would be less powerful. Unless he sees the right person, he wouldn’t show his blade.”

“Seems like you know a lot,” Qi Zhengyan said calmly.

Wang Siyuan laugh, looking languished, “I’m a trickster. It’s normal that I know a lot, but I can’t foresee his true situation. Ahem, haha, if I could, I would have achieved Dharmakaya.”

“I didn’t expect the love between him and the Siren of Daluo to reach the stage of life and death,” Qi Zhengyan digressed.

Wang Siyuan shook his head, “No, at least not ten years ago. I was standing on top of the city wall, and the howling I heard was filled with guilt, pain, despair and resentment, not much of being disheartened or unforgettable. Ahem, but it’s hard to say after ten years. Memory can beautify a person, guilt and feelings can grow emotions, and deep hurt brings deep sweetness. This day, it’s hard to differentiate real and fake.”

“Ahem, this move of Gu Xiaosang is really brilliant, using death to advance…”

Qi Zhengyan changed the topic, “You only have about ten years. It’s difficult to stay alive if you fail to attain Dharmakaya. As the head of the household, why don’t you get married and have a child to carry on the family line?”

“One needs to do crazy things in order to achieve something, and be pushed into a dead end to see life. What do I want a wife and children for?” Wang Siyuan looked a little frenzied.

He looked up in a daze and gazed at the whirling river, seemingly laughing, “A practitioner of the art of divination should refrain from having romantic feelings. Having them makes one go astray and beclouded. You should understand this with your demonic lord memory.”

Wang Siyuan got up slowly with a sickly flush on his face. He walked to the river bank and said, “Even if you go into diabolism, you still have brothers and good friends.”

Back facing Qi Zhengyan, he looked far away without turning his head.

“As a trickster, other than the art of divination, I could only be accompanied by loneliness and insanity.”

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