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The Sage Who Transcended Samsara (Web Novel) - Chapter 909: The Meeting

Chapter 909: The Meeting

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In the World of Gods, in front of a big rustic building in the Treasure Chamber of Luoyi.

A mature man with a crown and a beard bowed and said, “I’m Kong Zhao from Lu. I’ve heard that Childe Yu from the Treasure Chamber of Luoyi is a great man well-versed in both ancient and modern learnings, rites of Zhou and moral values. I’ve come to beg for an audience, please help to pass the message on my behalf.”

His every move conformed to the rites of Zhou without the slightest mistake, resulting in the two soldiers who hardly saw any human-like beings for the last ten years treat him with politeness.

The world had been chaotic for a long time. The Etiquette System had fallen, and the feudal lords overstepped their authority. As such, there were very few who still practiced the rites of Zhou!

Shortly after, the soldiers came out and invited him inside smilingly.

Kong Zhao straightened his body and his expression turned solemn as he stepped into the Treasure Chamber. The soldiers in front turned into a room decorated with tortoiseshell, bamboo slips, and books. There was a scholar in a loose robe with his black hair tied up in a crown kneeling behind a long table, waiting for him with a smile.

The scholar had outstanding facial features, with a hidden air of extravagance. His brows emitted maturity and no signs of flippancy, but Kong Zhao still slightly disappointed. He had imagined a scholar to show greater qualities and intelligence, and look more defined. It would be more fitting if he looked older and more worn out.

Don’t judge a book by its cover… Kong Zhao reflected upon himself as he stepped into the room and bowed in accordance to the rites of Zhou with meticulousness. Childe Yu who was opposite also behaved conforming the rites of Zhou and made no error.

Having seen this, Kong Zhao started to feel that his thinking just now was impetuous. After sitting down, his attitude became respectful, and he began asking Childe Yu for his advice on the rites of Zhou.

Childe Yu had prepared many years for this day. The books he had chosen were all targeted, hence he was able to talk and laugh freely. His grasp and deep understanding of the rites of Zhou had Kong Zhao full of admiration for him. He marveled to himself that his friend hadn’t lied to him about the Treasure Chamber’s Childe Yu being a great sage!

What he didn’t expect was Childe Yu felt an abnormal satisfaction inside him. He was happy and content. According to his teacher, the man in front of him should be Confucius, the saint who enlightened generations. Each and every one of his question and praise struck hard on Childe Yu’s vanity.

The teacher of Confucius — the thought of this stirred up his emotions!

At the end of the consultation, Kong Zhao’s face turned serious as he got up slowly and took a deep bow before Childe Yu. He said solemnly, “The feudal lords overstepped their authority and initiated fights. This inhumanity has ruined the world and morality is not what it used to be. There are often fratricidal fights and skeletons in an entire village, making one feel sorrowful.”

“How to end this injustice and restore the Etiquette System? Please advise me, Childe Yu!”

Childe Yu touched his beard which was symbolic of maturity and closed his eyes for a while before saying slowly, “Please wait at the pavilion on the left of the road when the city gate opens tomorrow.”

After saying this, he sent off his guest with the rites of Zhou.

Wait at the pavilion on the left of the road when the city gate opens tomorrow? Kong Zhao was doubtful and confused, he didn’t dare to be reckless and left.

Why didn’t Childe Yu answer directly but wait until tomorrow at the left of the road?

Does he really have a way to bring peace to this chaotic world, like how he himself doesn’t approve of Mozi but had no choice but to agree that he had really made some achievements?

In today’s world, it was very rare to have public lectures and private lectures. The former was symbolic of Mohism, and the latter was a practice started by Kong Zhao himself. As for other martial arts, values and strategies, one had to formally acknowledge a master to teach him in private.

Is this considered a private teaching? Like Guigu?

Early the next morning, a doubtful Kong Zhao stood inside the pavilion on the left of the road looking at the red line on the horizon and gorgeous clouds as he waited patiently.

Minutes and seconds went by. After a quarter-hour, he finally saw a horse carriage nearing slowly, and the driver was none other than Childe Yu!

A great sage of the Luoyi Treasure Chamber, a nobleman with a title, actually rode the carriage himself, taking up the lowly job of a coachman?

This is inappropriate!

As he came near, Childe Yu jumped off the horse carriage and smiled, “A teacher is like a father, why would it be inappropriate to drive for my teacher?”

He seemed to have read Kong Zhao’s mind.

Drive for his teacher? Kong Zhao grew more doubtful as he stared at the closely shut carriage. Childe Yu’s teacher is inside?

I’ve not heard of Childe Yu having a teacher…

And a teacher who could make him serve himself so loyally must have the knowledge and wisdom far above him!

Childe Yu smiled, “Regarding what you asked me yesterday, I didn’t dare to answer due to my lack of knowledge and experience. However, my teacher has great knowledge and wisdom, and well-versed in moralities and current affairs, hence the ability to teach you. Therefore, I asked for you to wait here.”

The ability to teach you… even Childe Yu whom he was highly impressed with was humbled. With such praises, his teacher must be extremely outstanding, and might really solve the questions inside him! Kong Zhao was a little excited. After thanking Childe Yu with a bow, he was led by him to the side of the carriage and watched him open the carriage door.

The carriage door gradually opened, showing the scene inside. The decoration was simple but natural. An old-looking man with graying hair at the temples was seated inside. His worn-out eyes showed some indifference, some tiredness and some weariness, but were extremely deep, as though containing rays of wisdom. Moreover, his whole person looked empty, as though isolated by something strange. Without seeing with his own eyes, one would never feel that there was someone inside the carriage. This matched the image Kong Zhao had of a great sage.

Before Kong Zhao could speak, the man pointed at the side, signaling him to get into the carriage. Doubtful and confused, he got in and sat at the side, “How would you teach me, sir?”

The man with graying hair at the temples looked in front of him with deep eyes, “Mere sitting at home and thinking about the Etiquette System but fantasizing about bringing an end to the mess is like a duckweed without roots, having no support and falling apart once the wind blows. Come travel with me to see the mess in this world and the sufferings of the people, only then would you understand the malpractices and talk about bringing peace to the world.”

Kong Zhao had long had similar sage thinking, and these words hit right at his heart. He had no more doubts about the man in front of him, and was full of admiration for him. He said solemnly, “I cannot agree with you more, sir.”

At this moment, Childe Yu shut the carriage door and drove the carriage forward. The light was faint inside as the wheels outside turned.

It was only until then that Kong Zhao realized he was a little rude just now. Straightening his expression, he bowed on the wooden surface and said in a serious tone, “I’m Kong Zhao from Lu, may I ask for your name, sir?”

The man looked at him with a deep and exhausted gaze and said slowly, “Li Dan.”

Li Dan!

A man would one day rise up together with the wind, reaching greater heights!

Mu Yunle walked around in a very good mood. Looking at the mountains in summer, poems came to her mind every now and then as she stayed alert of the surroundings instinctively to prevent attacks from demons and enemies.

Suddenly, she heard movement from behind. Pursing lips together, she turned around and saw Master Zhending get up slowly and pat his tattered gray robe.

“Master, where do you intend to go? Want me to lead the way?” Mu Yunle picked up her courage to ask.

Meng Qi smiled faintly as he said, “Licheng.”

Mu Yunle only felt that Master Zhending looked less haggard, and the deadness in his eyes had also diminished. However, his extreme tiredness, exhaustion, and intense sadness left a deep impression.

She suddenly quietened down and nodded, “I know where, I’ll lead the way.”

It was a city at the border of Northern Zhou.

“Erm, Master, what are you going there for?” She couldn’t hide her curious nature after all.

Meng Qi looked afar and gave an exhausted smile, “Destiny.”

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