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The Sage Who Transcended Samsara (Web Novel) - Chapter 913: The Circular Movement Of Dao

Chapter 913: The Circular Movement Of Dao

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Watching Yuan Yang fly away using the Air-Conveyance Technique, Mu Yunle was standing at the edge of the forest. As the wind blew on her, her dress was fluttering. Her body figure looked slim and slender.

Suddenly, she sighed with sadness and turned her body. While walking back to Master Zhending, a train of thoughts were running through her mind.

Master has always said that all sufferings in the world are a result of the loss of something good. I’m upset now because I feel pity for Master Zhending.

A great man who once had glorious battle records is living a lonely life as a monk now. Just a thought of it makes me feel sorry for him.

Standing in the forest, Mu Yunle was looking at Master Zhending who was sitting cross-legged. Ten years ago, he was famous with the name, Su Meng.

During the battle in Shen Du, no wonder the Bodhisattva of Joy had decided to escape once he saw Master Zhending. After knowing his real identity, it was not strange for the Insect Lord to be frightened to death even though Master Zhending was badly injured at that time…

Looking at the withered face of Master Zhen Ding, Mu Yunle thought of the characteristics of Su Meng that were described in the Jiang Hu anecdotes – he used to be handsome, masculine and full of vigor. Fate was really playing tricks on people. Understanding the impermanence of life better, she was feeling sad.

Mu Yunle took a deep breath, went over, and said with a smile, “Master, where are we going next?”

She was no longer thinking about exploring the stories that Master Zhen Ding tried to hide away. Since he refused to talk about it, it must be something unforgettable. Asking about it would be nothing different from stabbing a knife into his heart.

Suddenly, she saw Master Zhending opening his eyes. As usual, his eyes were as calm as an ancient well. Looking a little tired, he stood up slowly with his hands hanging down beside his body. Then, he said slowly,

“Since you’re already here, just come out.”

Since you’re already here, just come out? Mu Yunle was not a rookie in the Jiang Hu. At once, she knew there was something wrong. She pulled out her sword and spread her spirit around the area. Everything could be seen clearly in her sea of soul.

Crack. The sound of a broken branch was heard. When she looked back, she saw a middle-aged man who wore a wide-sleeved robe walking out from the forest on the other side. Having handsome facial features, his hair was tied into a bun with a wooden hairstick. He was a charming man who had an unrestrained aura. With a relaxed expression, he walked toward them in a leisurely manner. Looking at him, a poem came to the mind of Mu Yunle,

“Facing with the ups and downs of life, I’ll still be persistent in doing things in my own way, with no fear of the vicissitudes of fortune.”

The man was approaching them step by step, but the spirit of Mu Yunle could sense nothing! Her pupils contracted at once. Judging from his characteristics, she thought of a person.

This is…

This is the Devil Master Han Guang!

In the recent thousands of years, he was the most outstanding figure in the demon race!

Two years ago, when he came out from the Isolated Practice, he had already become an Earth Fairy. Since then, he was able to fight against Su Wu Ming without being in a disadvantageous position. Currently, he was ranked third on the Heavenly List. Being one of the top martial artists in the world, he was undoubtedly a powerful devil!

The Huan Hua Sect is forced to close the mountain gates in order to defend itself against Han Guang. Apparently, he can destroy a sect easily if he wants to… Mu Yunle felt like she was in a dream. For her, the Devil Master was a person that only existed in legends or anecdotes. She never thought that she would meet him before she entered the Exterior Realm!

Thump, thump, thump. Along with the racing heartbeats, the hand of Mu Yunle that was holding the sword was full of a cold sweat. It was different from the time when she could not wield her sword in front of the Bodhisattva of Joy. Currently, she was all fine, but she knew clearly that her sword would never be able to hit the opponent. Once she wielded the sword, it would only hurt herself.

It was not about the huge gap in their realms, but an ominous presentiment that she got when she integrated her spirit with the heaven and earth.

The Qi Ji seemed to be surging. Even though Mu Yunle was standing behind Meng Qi, she felt suffocated. Just then, the Devil Master stopped his footsteps and said with smile,

“It has been ten years since we last met. But now, the Frenzied Blade has become a lonely monk. I feel sorry for you.”

Meng Qi said in an indifferent tone as though he was a piece of dead wood, “Judging from your incomparable charm and demeanour, I can see that you’ve made great achievements in your martial arts. Of course, you’re far stronger than me.”

The aura of Meng Qi, being weak and lifeless, was like a flickering candle in the wind.

Han Guang nodded his head slightly, without showing arrogance at all. Instead, he said with a sigh, “Sitting idly for ten years isn’t easy. Doing something that is difficult to be achieved by ordinary people, you’re indeed extraordinary.”

After that, he changed his topic abruptly, “I’ve dealt with her several times. She always claimed that she would kill you in order to achieve transcendence. When she said that, she was so serious – even I believed in her words. Who knew that in the end, she was willing to die in your hands. Heh. People always said that she was good at deceiving people – indeed, that is true. Apart from deceiving everyone around her, she had also deceived herself.”

After hearing this, the heart of Mu Yunle skipped a beat, and she looked at Master Zhending. Some flames were dancing inside his tired and silent eyes. Gradually, they disappeared, and he looked calm again.

Who was the person mentioned by the Devil Master?

Meng Qi lowered his head as though he was praying to the Buddha. However, he was not chanting the name of Buddha. Instead, he said in a calm tone, “All of us are suffering in Samsara, and it’s hard for us to go to the Pure Land. As long as we live, no one is able to escape from the sea of misery. This rule applies to her, to me, and to you.”

Han Guang smiled and suddenly turned around – he left without saying a word.

“Is he leaving just like that?” Mu Yunle was startled.

With a flash of the conveyance light, Han Guang had returned to the border between the Grassland and the North Zhou Empire. He landed in front of the Rakshasa of the Bloody Sea.

“How was it?” since the Rakshasa of the Bloody Sea did not notice a big fluctuation of energy between heaven and earth, it was most likely that the two people did not fight.

Han Guang said with a faint smile on his face, “I’ve met him. We had a short conversation.”

“Did he attain Dharmakaya?” the Rakshasa of the Bloody Sea asked straight to the point.

Han Guang clasped his hands behind his back and said with a sigh, “He hasn’t broken through to the realm yet. He seems to be suppressing his own power.”

Suppressing his own power… thought the Rakshasa of Bloody Sea with a frown. Is he planning to accumulate the power before entering the next realm?

After pondering for a while, the Rakshasa of the Bloody Sea asked, “Is he showing a feature of the Nirvana Realm, or is it just a result of his success of learning the Principles of Karma?”

“Most probably, it’s the latter. Nonetheless, it’s indeed very similar to a particular feature of the Nirvana Realm. As for the other details, he is hiding them perfectly. Therefore, I’m uncertain about it,” there was a glimmer of doubt in the eyes of Han Guang.

Feeling puzzled, the Rakshasa of the Bloody Sea asked, “Why don’t you kill him? Without eliminating him, he is still a threat to us. Even though you can’t kill him today, you should at least injure him badly to hinder him from entering a higher realm!”

Han Guang turned his head, and walked forward with his back facing the Rakshasa of the Bloody Sea. His voice was mellow and pleasant to hear, “I can kill him at any time I want – even when he is in his best condition.”

“But I have a subtle premonition that if I fight with him just now, I’ll have to pay the price for it. Most importantly, it will be a price that will make me regret it.”

This… the Rakshasa of the Bloody Sea was left speechless.

Riding on a carriage, the Childe Yu was bringing along Meng Qi and Kong Zhao to enter the chaotic world.

The first stop was the Cai Kingdom.

“The Marquis Cai is kind and righteous. Loving his people like his son, he is lenient when it comes to punishment, and he doesn’t force his people to do corvée. He often donates the fund in the treasury to the people, thus there is no hungry people on the street. Aside from that, he is very merciful to the perpetrators. Most of the time, he will be teaching them a lesson instead of inflicting serious punishment. If he were having a bigger feudal territory, he would be helped by more capable people. In this way, he will most likely become a person like the Duke of Zhou, and end the chaotic world situation.” Through the window, Kong Zhao was looking at the Cai Kingdom nearby.

Kong Zhao was not a person who had lost contact with the reality. In fact, he was quite familiar with the affairs of the feudatories.

Meng Qi, under the alias Lao Dan, had his eyes half-closed. He did not speak at all in the journey of heading to the capital of Cai Kingdom.

After being inspected at the city gate, the carriage had entered the city.

Kong Zhao looked out of the window with great interest. He wanted to look at the “paradise” that he had been looking forward for.

At the first glance of the street, his countenance had changed – the street was so noisy and filled with an unpleasant atmosphere. Some people were pulling out their blades, whereas a few thieves were stealing the goods. The strong people were running rampant, whereas the weaker ones were being ignorant to those who pleaded for help as they were more concerned with their own safety.

Apart from that, many people – with good hands and feet – were sitting on the street and doing nothing. Although their stomachs were already growling in hunger, they were unwilling to work.

“The emperor is donating the fund in the treasury again!” A voice came from afar.

In the blink of an eye, all the slackers and criminals were gone. They were rushing to the palace, leaving the street in a mess.

In front of the shops, the hardworking people were looking at their backs with hatred. A conflict was going to arise very soon.

“How do you feel?” Meng Qi asked in a low voice.

Without giving an answer right away, Kong Zhao went out of the carriage. He approached the people on the street and asked them some questions.

After a long time, he returned to the carriage and sat on his knees. Facing Meng Qi, he said,

“I have understood something. Teacher, please advise me.”

He had begun to address Meng Qi as a teacher.

“What have you understood?” Meng Qi did not open his eyes.

Kong Zhao said with a serious look, “Things should not be overdone, because the effect it brings isn’t any better than doing nothing.”

“Do you agree with me, teacher?”

However, his teacher did not reply him. Closing his eyes as though he was sleeping, Meng Qi said,

“Go to the next kingdom.”

Kong Zhao was puzzled by his teacher’s reaction. He was wondering whether he was right or wrong.

Does it mean that the teacher wants me to be introspective on my own thoughts without being too dependent on others? Is he going to give me advice only after I gain more knowledge and have a more solid idea?

Watching the Devil Master coming and leaving in an unexpected way, Mu Yunle was utterly confused.

Pulling herself together, she was about to ask Master Zhending where they were going next.

Just then, she heard Master Zhending sighing softly, “You are here.”

The vision of Mu Yunle was blurred for a second before a lady in a light-yellow dress showed up in front of her. The lady was having a pair of big eyes, and her aura was full of heroic spirit. She was like a treasured sword – hidden in the sheath – that could reach out to the clouds in the heaven and defeat all the demons in the Nine Nether. She was as beautiful as a fairy that had come down to the earth.

It’s her… Mu Yunle was startled. The fairy was walking toward Master Zhending step by step. Then, she grinned.

“I’m here.”

“Mister Wang told me that I’ll be able to find you here. What he said is true.”

She did not ask about a single thing that happened in the past ten years.

Meng Qi said with a faint smile, “Let’s go and meet Mister Wang, then.”

In the next moment, Master Zhending had flown up to sky with the help of the fairy. Before flying off, both of them looked back at Mu Yunle and nodded to her to bid her farewell. Seeing this, Mu Yunle tried to say something, but she could not utter a word. Deep down inside, she was feeling sad.

It turned out that once Master Zhending restored his identity as the Frenzied Blade, Su Meng, he would no longer be the lonely monk that needed her support. He belonged to the world of the Taishang Supreme Sword, the Nether Demon Emperor, and the Devil Master. He was out of her reach, just like how the mortal humans looked at the gods.

It was an upsetting experience for Mu Yunle to see both of them disappear from her sight.

The feelings of Mu Yunle could be described by a poem, “When I was young, I did not know how it is like to be sad. I just wanted to climb the tall buildings – as high as I could – in order to imitate the literati and poets. Although I wasn’t feeling sad at all, I claimed myself as being sad so as to make some new poems. Now that I’ve tasted all kind of sadness, but I can’t say what I want to say. I end up expressing my fondness for the cool autumn.”

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