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A Sorcerer’s Journey (Web Novel)


“With my knowledge, give me a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world!”

Sorcerer Continent—a world where sorcerers exist. Wielders of arcane knowledge. Masters of all elements. Sovereigns of space and time. These sorcerers governed the world with their unrivalled prowess. One day, a young man awakened into this world with his past forgotten and no place to call home. Follow along as Glenn, by relying on his luck and wit, tries to survive and advance in this unforgiving world. Entangled within the machinations of fate, political schemes, power struggles and wars, he forges his own path and creates a place for himself.

1047 • 2019-08-09 12:54:29


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 188: The Despair of Amonro III2019-11-13
Chapter 187: The Despair of Amonro II2019-11-12
Chapter 186: The Despair of Amonro I2019-11-11
Chapter 185: Meteor Rain2019-11-10
Chapter 184: The Prodigious Shatterer2019-11-09
Chapter 183: The Enigmas Strikes Back2019-11-08
Chapter 182: The Monster Army2019-11-07
Chapter 181: The Amonro World2019-11-06
Chapter 180: Shadow World Conquest III2019-11-05
Chapter 179: Shadow World Conquest II2019-11-04
Chapter 178: Shadow World Conquest I2019-11-03
Chapter 177: An Honorable Death2019-11-02
Chapter 176: The First Phase of Engineering The Mask of Truth2019-11-01
Chapter 175: The Basic Knowledge of Chimeras2019-10-31
Chapter 174: The Dawn Sages2019-10-30
Chapter 173: Experiment of Despair2019-10-29
Chapter 172: The Hunter’s Promise2019-10-28
Chapter 171: Sorcerer Barriers2019-10-27
Chapter 170: Fundamental Knowledge of Spatial Coordinates2019-10-26
Chapter 169: Relative Boundary2019-10-25
Chapter 168: A Living Heart2019-10-24
Chapter 167: Mechanical Armor Core2019-10-23
Chapter 166: Eighteenth of a Second2019-10-22
Chapter 165: A Tear in Time and Space2019-10-20
Chapter 164: Destructive Energy Reaction Log2019-10-06
Chapter 163: The Dross of Ancient Knowledge2019-09-10
Chapter 162: The Ascetic Prison2019-09-06
Chapter 161: A Wretch?2019-09-03
Chapter 160: Ant’s Nest Underground Square2019-09-02
Chapter 159: The Purple Tulip2019-08-31
Chapter 158: Street of Exquisite Cuisine2019-08-30
Chapter 157: A Pet Dog?2019-08-28
Chapter 156: A World Fragment2019-08-26
Chapter 155: Benefits of A Demon-Hunter2019-08-24
Chapter 154: Evolution of An Era2019-08-22
Chapter 153: Call Me Little Ba2019-08-20
Chapter 152: Demon-Hunters2019-08-19
Chapter 151: Dimensional Gap2019-08-18
Chapter 150: Advance to Official Sorcerer2019-08-17
Chapter 149: Eternal Enemy2019-08-16
Chapter 148: Destiny Fulcrum2019-08-15
Chapter 147: Rules and Regulations Space2019-08-14
Chapter 146: Black Sea Whirlpool2019-08-13
Chapter 145: Third Du Peak2019-08-12
Chapter 144: Give Up2019-08-11
Chapter 143: Spaceship Factory2019-08-10
Chapter 142: Snail Emissary2019-08-09
Chapter 141: Peculiar and Majestic2019-08-09
Chapter 140: Three Great Lianti Sorcerers2019-08-09
Chapter 139: Delicacy Captive2019-08-09
Chapter 138: Harmonious Culture2019-08-09
Chapter 137: Hesitate on a Difficult Decision2019-08-09
Chapter 136: Heavenly Water Screen2019-08-09
Chapter 135: Ancient Power Struggle2019-08-09
Chapter 134: Pace and Will2019-08-09
Chapter 133: Ecological Balance2019-08-09
Chapter 132: Leaving2019-08-09
Chapter 131: Cost of Knowledge2019-08-09
Chapter 130: Sorcerer Civilization2019-08-09
Chapter 129: Footprint in History2019-08-09
Chapter 128: Compete With Who!2019-08-09
Chapter 127: Competition Stage?2019-08-09
Chapter 126: Sweep Across Five Areas (10)2019-08-09
Chapter 125: Sweep Across Five Areas (9)2019-08-09
Chapter 124: Sweep Across Five Areas (8)2019-08-09
Chapter 123: Sweep Across Five Areas (7)2019-08-09
Chapter 122: Sweep Across Five Areas (6)2019-08-09
Chapter 121: Sweep Across Five Areas (5)2019-08-09
Chapter 120: Sweep Across Five Areas (4)2019-08-09
Chapter 119: Sweep Across Five Areas (3)2019-08-09
Chapter 118: Sweep Across Five Areas (2)2019-08-09
Chapter 117: Sweep Across Five Areas (1)2019-08-09
Chapter 116: All-Powerful2019-08-09
Chapter 115: Whup2019-08-09
Chapter 114: Whup2019-08-09
Chapter 113: Engage2019-08-09
Chapter 112: Ice Mountain Crack2019-08-09
Chapter 111: A Monster?2019-08-09
Chapter 110: Ice Age Mille2019-08-09
Chapter 109: Mina2019-08-09
Chapter 108: Sam (III)2019-08-09
Chapter 107: Sam (II)2019-08-09
Chapter 106: Chapter 106 Sam (I)2019-08-09
Chapter 105: Idealism2019-08-09
Chapter 104: Power and Goal2019-08-09
Chapter 103: Gay Time2019-08-09
Chapter 102: Knowledge into the Future2019-08-09
Chapter 101: Crash Down2019-08-09
Chapter 100: Pact-Signing Went Awry2019-08-09
Chapter 99: The Unusual Mission2019-08-09
Chapter 98: The Bloodlust Puppet2019-08-09
Chapter 97: Natural Force2019-08-09
Chapter 96: The Mask of Truth2019-08-09
Chapter 95: Forward-looking Wisdom2019-08-09
Chapter 94: The Arminio Parasite2019-08-09
Chapter 93: Black Mirror (III)2019-08-09
Chapter 92: Black Mirror (II)2019-08-09
Chapter 91: Black Mirror (I)2019-08-09
Chapter 90: Intoxication of an Old Witch2019-08-09
Chapter 89: Twenty- Eight Jurisdictions2019-08-09