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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 347 - Another Path (3)

Chapter 347 - Another Path (3)

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Perhaps Ye Lang was just wandering around.

Many people thought so, including the Light Riders following behind- hence why they looked up after entering the stairwell.

If they didn’t know Ye Lang, they would’ve rushed downstairs without noticing that Ye Lang had gone up!

The three girls only appeared very briefly, and if they were just a second later, they would’ve only been able to rely on reports from the guards on the sixth floor.

The guards of the sixth floor had seen the four of them approach from afar, but they did not make a move, continuing with what they were supposed to do. This was because the entire palace knew of Ye Lang’s existence and the fact that there were Light Riders close behind didn’t require them to come over.

Ye Lang did not waste a second. After threading through a few hallways, he entered an empty room.


Ye Lanyu, who followed Ye Lang into the room, realised it was empty. This made her puzzled. What was he doing? Was he lost?

“What’s the matter? Did you make a wrong turn?” asked Ye Lanyu.

This was also what the seventh princess wanted to ask. Why would he walk into an empty room without a reason? If he was only walking very slowly, there was a possibility of him following an alchemy formation… But he’d rushed over here, not looking like a person who was observing something. He barely looked around him.

This meant that other than him getting lost, there wasn’t any other reason they could think of.

“No, I didn’t. It’s here!” Ye Lang shook his head, took a few strides forward. He seemed to be more cautious now.

“Is there a problem here?” asked Ye Lanyu. She also looked around her, but she couldn’t tell what the problem was.

He seemed to be staring intently at a spot on the ground, as if ‘it’ was here.

“Xiaoyan, can you see anything?” whispered Ye Lanyu. Xiaoyan was the only alchemist among the girls, and she knew Ye Lang well too. She was the most suitable candidate.

Unfortunately, she shook her head, “I don’t see anything! And I don’t feel anything either…”

In the past, even if she couldn’t see something, with Ye Lang’s actions, she would be able to sense alchemy objects within her surroundings.

However, this time, she couldn’t sense anything at all. Therefore, there were now only two possibilities: one, there was an extremely high-level alchemy item in here which could escape her senses; two, there was nothing int he room.

There was very soon an answer. There was indeed nothing in the room. However, the answer was more surprising than having an alchemy item in the room.

The Light Riders were stunned too, they didn’t understand what Ye Lang was doing here. Was he on one of his ‘moods’ again?

Then, everyone saw a beam from Ye Lang’s palm- something everyone was more familiar with- light from an alchemy formation.

Ye Lang completed a formation within a blink of an eye, then hurled it to the ground.

Amateurs without sharp eyesight wouldn’t have seen what he did, perhaps only thinking he shook his hand a little and tossed a ball of light on the ground.

There was a small explosion of light that formed an alchemy formation, one that everyone thought was familiar- until they realised all formations looked very similar to each other.

Then, they finally confirmed that it was indeed something they had encountered more than ten times!

The alchemy formation dissolved, along the floor…

“Purification formation!”

They wouldn’t have imagined this formation to be able to open a hole in the floorboards. Why would he do that though?

Wait, there’s a hole through the floor, which is connected to the fifth floor. Is he…

“Ye Lang, you…” Ye Lanyu and the princess understood at the same moment why Ye Lang decided to leave without protest. He had a trick up his sleeve!

“I’m taking a look downstairs!” Ye Lang jumped through the hole down to the fifth floor, followed by Little Xin who also jumped through.

Of course, Ye Lanyu and the princess followed suit. Although Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t know how to use douqi or magic, she still had her methods to land safely on the fifth floor.

It was just one floor, it wasn’t that far to the ground. Not a difficult task even to the average person.

“…” The Light Riders were stunned. They knew what Ye Lang was attempting, and to confirm their suspicions, they immediately surrounded the hole, looking down into the room.

Once they saw the beautiful rays of light, the dream-like feeling of the room, they confirmed it was indeed where the Sacred Lady lived. This was the same room they stopped Ye Lang from entering just a few moments ago.

Ye Lang’s peculiar behaviour was all because of this!

They couldn’t believe he made a hole on the sixth floor to enter the fifth, that was out of anyone’s expectations, how could they guard against a person like Ye Lang?

“Lord Feng Xing, bad news. Sir entered the Sacred Lady’s room!” they reported to Feng Xing immediately.

“What? He went in? How?” Feng Xing was also stunned for a moment.

Didn’t he just leave? Why was he inside? What were the guards doing, why would they let him in? Weren’t they defending the room well?

He wouldn’t have guessed that…

“He went up to the sixth floor above the room, then made a hole on the floor, which was also the fifth floor’s ceiling, then jumped through!”


Feng Xing fell silent, stopped in his tracks. He hesitated, then turned around, dashing towards the room.

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