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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 348 - Reverse Purification Formation (1)

Chapter 348 Reverse Purification Formation (1)

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Feng Xing knew it would be useless to meet the Archbishops now. Ye Lang was already inside, so this was more urgent.

Sixth floor. Ceiling.

Only Ye Lang would’ve thought of something like this- but it was effective indeed.

It is only natural for people to have blind spots, to think that walls can be a form of solid protection. In this case, they were blind spots.

Many people quickly noticed their blind spots, i.e. the guards who almost broke down the door to rush in.

“You… You…” these guards were speechless, some of them staring straight at the ceiling.

If Ye Lang had entered the room alone, these Light Riders may only know about it when Feng Xing sent them a message.

However, there were also three other people and also the Light Riders behind them to enter the room through the hole- very dramatic scene indeed. If the guards behind the door still didn’t realise there were intruders, they wouldn’t have been qualified for the job.

They were filled with regret now. Why didn’t they think of the ceiling? There were defences from both rooms next to this room, but the ceiling!

Yep, there were also guards and defences set up in the rooms on both sides of the Sacred Lady’s room. If anyone wanted to enter through breaking down walls, they would have to get through these guards first.

This was perhaps why Ye Lang decided to head upstairs, he must’ve seen the guards in the rooms nearby and decided to save himself the trouble.

He also anticipated some resistance upstairs but was relieved to see no defences in the room above.

Compared to breaking through every layer of defence downstairs, this was so much easier.

“What do we do now?” asked the Light Riders in charge of guarding the room. They didn’t know what to do now, and could only watch and ask the person with the highest position here.

“What CAN we do? Inform the Pope and the archbishops, let them handle this. I don’t think we can do much now,” said the leader, giving instructions in exasperation. They needed someone with higher authority to handle this matter.

They were in charge of guarding the room, but not of handling intruders. If this was another person, they would’ve dealt with him very quickly.

However, Ye Lang was a very special person in this region, and there were many ‘accomplices’ with him too. This was beyond their power.

This wasn’t within the job scope.

This entire incident made it seem like a competition, one side won, and the losing side could only shrug and not continue.


Ye Lang stared intently at the piece of crystal without moving. He could confirm his feeling came from this crystal.


He had never seen any piece of crystal that looked like this one… What about the person inside? However, Ye Lang couldn’t see the person inside clearly because of the crystal. There was a silhouette, but that was it.

This crystal wasn’t very clear, and its surface wasn’t smooth either. It was impossible to see through it.

“What’s the matter? Do you know the Sacred Lady?” asked Ye Lanyu curiously. However, she knew the answer who be no.

She’d known him his entire life, and he had already told every detail about what he did during the time they were apart.

Ye Lanyu’s ‘interrogation’ never missed any details, how would he miss out such an incident like meeting the Sacred Lady of Sheng City?

He shook his head. “No, it’s impossible for me to know her. This crystal has been here for 21 years, and that means this person was already sealed inside 21 years ago. How could I know her?”

“21 years? How do you know?” the guards were surprised Ye Lang knew the exact number. They were not familiar with Ye Lang’s wisdom.

“This is a crystal harvested from the core of tens of thousands of years of ice, it is an extremely rare material. This material can preserve an entire human too, and the body would not change for a thousand years. It can also preserve a live person, so the person would not die for a thousand years, but the person would not be able to move for a thousand years since they would be sealed inside,” Ye Lang explained slowly, “there are consequences to this. A small error during revival would destroy bodily functions.

“However, this material is usually used to save a dying person’s life, only when there is no choice. The Sacred Lady must’ve been in mortal peril to be sealed like this.”

“Uh…” The Light Riders didn’t speak. This was the secret of the city, not many people knew of it. They knew it wasn’t something they were qualified to know of either.

Ye Lang didn’t care though. “Alright, as for your question, to judge its age, we can look at it from three angles: its thickness, because when this crystal was formed it was two meters long, a cuboid, then every day it would expand outwards, and its shape becomes more and more irregular… Then…”

Ye Lang started to explain, then did some calculations with many complicated formulas and finally arrived at his answer.

Everyone was still stunned. Time passed very slowly as he explained the concepts. Ye Lanyu was about to go insane.

“That’s enough, you don’t have to tell us all about it. Just tell us what is giving you that ‘familiar’ feeling. Have you found it yet?” Ye Lanyu stopped him, and everyone else looked at her like she was the saviour.

Ye Lanyu, the goddess of saving the people from suffering…

“Yeah, it’s this one,” said Ye Lang, pointing at the crystal.

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