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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 349 - Reverse Purification Formation (2)

Chapter 349 - Reverse Purification Formation (2)

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“This? You’re talking about the crystal or the Sacred Lady inside?” asked Ye Lanyu. Everyone seemed to agree the Sacred Lady was inside, seeing as no one objected.

Even if Sheng City’s people didn’t say a word, Ye Lanyu and the rest would’ve been able to guess that the Sacred Lady was trapped in the ice crystal for some reason that would not be announced to the public.

So this was why no one heard any news about the Sacred Lady for the past twenty years…

No one in the outside world knew that the Sacred Lady had been sealed in crystal for twenty-one years, but they did not suspect a thing either. This proved two points: one, the Sacred Lady rarely appeared in public, and people did not pay attention to her activities.

Also, the Sacred Teachings were fucking amazing at keeping a secret.

At the same time, Ye Lanyu and the rest also understood that Ye Lang would sooner or later be invited to help solve the Sacred Lady’s problem. Even if today didn’t happen, it would eventually happen.

Ye Lang spoke in a perplexed tone, “Inside…”

“What? Are you talking about the lady inside? Are you sure you know her?” the rest were shocked. It was too far-fetched.

They thought Ye Lang must’ve gotten the feeling from the crystal- perhaps even because he’d played with this material before.

“It might not be the Lady, but probably something she has with her. But the feeling comes from within,” he shook his head, knocking the crystal.

“That’s more plausible, I guess, but that’s still quite impossible. If you’re right, she’s been in there for 21 years. You were still in mom’s belly 21 years ago,” rejected Ye Lanyu, also knocking on the crystal with her knuckle.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m confused too. What is it? It might be something I’m carrying that is reacting with her, but I feel like it’s not from an object, it’s from my heart,” said Ye Lang, feeling a headache coming on.

“What now?” asked Ye Lanyu again.

“Break off the crystal, then we’ll find out,” said Ye Lang calmly, staring at the crystal.


Feng Xing shouted from among the crowd, stopping Ye Lang from doing anything irresponsible. Ye Lang talked so much there was enough time for Feng Xing to rush back.

Feng Xing also sent other people to talk to the Archbishops, but he didn’t expect to meet the four archbishops strolling slowly over.

Then, he briefly explained what happened, and quickly ran back in case Ye Lang did anything dumb. The archbishops could take their time if they wanted.

These archbishops were not unreasonable men, they also picked up their pace to catch up to Feng Xing. They arrived soon after Feng Xing, just in time to see Feng Xing stopping Ye Lang.

The experience seniors quickly guessed what happened from the current situation, and the way they looked at Ye Lang changed.

“This kid isn’t as simple as we thought, he’s not as confused as the rumours say.”

“He’s only clueless on normal days. He’s very sharp when it comes to important matters- Soaring Sky’s young empress would agree.”

“Let’s not talk about that, the most important thing is to see how this kid plans to save the ice girl.”

“Yeah, she’s been in there for 21 years… I know we had no choice then but getting her out earlier would be better…”

“Then what are we doing here? Let’s talk to the kid. “

“Yeah, if we don’t, this kid might actually crack open the crystal…”

“Feng Xing, you’re back!” greeted Ye Lang when he saw Feng Xing, then continued staring at the crystal.

Feng Xing approached Ye Lang, looking at the blurry silhouette, he begged, “Sir, now that you’ve seen it, please help save our Lady.”

Feng Xing looked almost the same age as the Lady. Was there history between them?

“Have you both hooked up before or something?” Ye Lang’s question shook the skies.


Everyone almost fainted.


Ye Lanyu smacked Ye Lang hard.

“Ouch… That hurt!”

“How could you say that? Look at Lord Feng Xing, he’s a gentleman! You should say ‘old flame’!” corrected Ye Lanyu.

Was any better? Didn’t that mean the same thing?!

“Isn’t that the same?” asked Ye Lang

“There’s a huge difference…” said Ye Lanyu solemnly, as if she had to educate Ye Lang about the terms.

“Alright, stop. They were lovers, alright? Can you not make it sound so awful?” huffed the seventh princess.

“Yeah, that sounded awful! No, wait, we weren’t lovers! The Sacred Lady cannot date, and I am definitely not qualified to be with her either,” Feng Xing nodded, then realised the princess also made a huge mistake.

“If you both weren’t lovers then why are you panicking so much? Look around you, they’re all so calm,” Ye Lang gave Feng Xing a look of understanding.

The rest of the riders were very calm- at least calmer than Feng Xing.

“Oh fuck, I care about our Lady, alright? Every follower of the Teachings cares,” raged Feng Xing, cursing out of anger.

Ye Lang didn’t care. “Feng Xing, I have a question.”

“What?” he asked.

“Do you know each other?”

“We do. Twenty years ago… we were very young, we often…” he answered honestly.

“Oh, childhood crushes!” Ye Lang nodded.

“…” Everyone fell silent.

“Fuck no! The Lady spent most of her time alone, but we often went to the same classes… I’ll never be able to explain myself at this point…” Feng Xing could barely calm down enough to explain himself.

“You don’t have to explain yourself, I understand…” Ye Lang nodded with a smile.

If this conversation continued, this kid would single-handedly destroy the Sacred Lady’s good name…

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