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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 350 - Reverse Purification Formation (3)

Chapter 350 - Reverse Purification Formation (3)

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Cough, cough.

The archbishops couldn’t help but interrupt Ye Lang at this point, and with a stern voice he said, “Gentleman Ye, first I would like to thank you for your contributions to the Teachings. Without you, we would have been in deep trouble, perhaps even to the point of no return. However, you still cannot disrespect our Lady like this.”

“Disrespect her? Did I?” asked Ye Lang, confused.


Kid, I’d have to disrespect the Lady once more if I had to point out exactly what you said.

“Let’s forget about that. Right now, we only want to know if you can save the Sacred Lady,” said another archbishop solemnly, looking directly at Ye Lang.

“That depends on her condition,” came Ye Lang’s reply, staring at the silhouette within the crystal.

“What condition?” they asked frantically.

Ye Lang narrowed his eyes at the archbishops, “What condition? I will only know if you tell me.”

“What do we have to say? Don’t you know?” the archbishops asked in confusion. They didn’t understand what Ye Lang wanted them to say. They were the ones who asked first!

“How would I know if you don’t tell me? You all are weird, do you think I’m a god or something?” Ye Lang regarded the four archbishops, “hey, are you quadruplets?”


Yep. To Ye Lang, they looked like they were from the same mould, virtually indistinguishable from each other.

“If we don’t tell you, you don’t know?” asked the archbishops. If this was the case, they now doubted if Ye Lang could save her. Their expectations of him were too high.

However, they had forgotten who he was…

“What nonsense is this? How would I know what happened 21 years ago? Why was she sealed in this crystal? You have to tell me! How would I know if you didn’t?” complained Ye Lang, not forgetting to add, “old people can get quite muddled sometimes.”


Everyone fell silent, while the four archbishops stood embarrassed. They realised they too forgot that even a genius doctor would need someone to explain the patient’s situation. Ye Lang couldn’t even see the Lady clearly, how would he know what happened? Then how would he be able to cure her?

“This is my fault, I wasn’t aware of this. Feng Xing, tell your men to leave us, close the door, and guard this room well. Do not let anyone else enter. Also, upstairs too…” one archbishop started giving instructions. They were about to discuss some serious matters and did not want so many people involved.

Time to leave.

“Yes, Archbishop Will,” replied Feng Xing. Archbishop Will was the one he had talked to before, he was a respectable man.

“Don’t bother with upstairs.” Ye Lang raised an arm, pushing an alchemy formation upwards to the ceiling. It glowed the same way he did when he was using the purification formation.

What happened next was unbelievable.

One the glow dimmed into an alchemy formation again, dots appeared at the centre of the formation, floating midair. They moved in an orderly manner, then quickly stuck together, filling up the hole in the ceiling.

The ceiling was back to normal in the next moment without a scar as if the hole never happened.

What… What was this? This was incredible!

No one could express the shock they were experiencing, watching the solid ceiling once again.

How could a hole in the ceiling fill itself back up?

Ye Lanyu didn’t understand, neither did the princess or anyone of the teachings. Zhen Xiaoyan was more shocked because as an alchemist, she understood alchemy too.

“Ye Lang… H-how did you do it? You used the purification formation to make a hole, but then how did you fill it back up?” sputtered Zhen Xiaoyan.

Ye Lanyu and the princess understood that Ye Lang had never used this formation in front of Zhen Xiaoyan- she was usually his first test subject or audience.

“This is a reverse purification formation, it re-forms matter that had been purified away. You just have to alter the formation a little for this. This can only be used on non-living objects, and they cannot be purified a long time ago,” said Ye Lang, who folded his arms, waiting for the archbishops to speak.

However, the four of them could only repeat three words… Reverse… Purification… Formation…

They didn’t know this could be done. This kid was really something.

“Are you all ready to tell me?” asked Ye Lang, bringing them back to reality. His tone was natural, it didn’t anger them at all.

“Feng Xing…” Archbishop Will gave Feng Xing a look, then didn’t say a word.

“Alright,” Feng Xing nodded. He knew what he had to do.

Very quickly, he brought all the Light Riders out of the room…


The Light Riders closed the door behind them. There were only the four archbishops, Ye Lang and the three girls left in the room.

“I know it is impossible to get you three ladies out of here, so I need you to promise us one thing: do not ever tell anyone about the Sacred Lady,” warned Archbishop Will.

“Hmmph!” Ye Lanyu turned her head away.

If anyone else witnessed this, they would’ve scolded Ye Lanyu for throwing away the opportunity of knowing the archbishop. The benefits this brought was something many people dreamt of.

The Ye family’s head, Ye Chengtian, would also scold her for being an idiot. Even Second Sister would say the same.

However, they wouldn’t scold Ye Lang because they knew he had always treated everyone the same, and they had given up on changing him.

Ye Lanyu wasn’t a person who didn’t know politics, she was only sulking because they attempted to chase her out!

The archbishops initially only wanted Ye Lang in the room- the fewer people, the better. To them, the three girls were irrelevant to this so they very naturally told the girls to leave the room!

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