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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 651 - No-Aging Disease (1)

Chapter 651 - No-Aging Disease (1)

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As time passed, everyone grew more and more frantic, especially third princess and Emperor Ai La. They really wanted to rush inside but Ye Lang’s reputation made them think otherwise.

That was why they paced back and forth in the yard like ants in a hot wok!

If anyone saw them, they’d be surprised because these people were famous for being very calm. They’d probably be calm even if the sky fell.

This only meant the princess was very important to them!

“Father, third sister, what are you both doing?”

The prince also hurried back once he received news. Like the emperor, he too thought it was an odd matter. Why were they at the princess’ quarters?

“Waiting for the people inside to come out…”


“Ye Lang…”

This wasn’t an answer to his question, but rather because Ye Lang had just come out while holding a young child’s hand. The little girl seemed to be afraid of everyone, hiding behind his back and only peeking her head out to look at everyone.

The little girl’s eyes were huge and bright, she was as adorable as a porcelain doll. Everyone couldn’t help but like her.

She looked to be only eight years old, maybe younger!

This girl was undeniably the princess. Why was the princess hiding behind him then? This was what everyone didn’t understand, especially the Ai La Emperor and the rest. They were closest to her, they knew she would not stay so close to a stranger.

However, both Ye Lang and the princess had only recently met and it already looked like they were close, she was even treating him like her guardian angel.

It was unbelievable.

“Sis, what happened?” asked the third princess.

“…” The princess shook her head, grabbing his clothes.

“Mr Ye Lang, what is the problem with my daughter?” asked the emperor directly.

Ye Lang frowned. “There’s no problem with her physical body!”

“…” the third princess fell silent. Did he not see a problem here?”

“All the doctors say so but Mr Ye Lang, do you know how old she is?” The Emperor seemed disappointed, thinking Ye Lang was the same, he would not be able to solve their problem either.

“I do, ” the third princess told me. She’s fifteen,” said Ye Lang calmly.


Fei and the rest gasped aloud, not believing it. The princess looked only seven or eight, how could she be fifteen?

Even Ye Lang was shocked. How could the girl be fifteen?

That was why Ye LAng started to run tests for her. Unfortunately, the more he checked, the more frustrated he became because he could not find a problem with her.

“Ye Lang, can’t you help her? How could this happen? Would she live like that for the rest of her life? She is too afraid to meet anyone…” The third princess was tearing up, her heart ached for her own little sister.

The princess’ reservations were due to this. A princess of her age should be a young adult, yet she currently looked like a toddler.

Other people did not mind but the princess herself cared deeply. Her personality was delicate too, but due to this condition, she became more reserved than ever.

She seemed to have low self-esteem due to her condition!

“I have to conduct observations for a period of time before letting you know. The most frustrating part is that she isn’t sick. It isn’t like she stopped growing- she did not even hit puberty, she looks completely like an eight-year-old. I have heard of this, it’s the No-Aging Disease!”

As he continued, he said, “The benefit of this is that she will never grow old, though the bad thing is that she’ll look forever like that, she won’t grow up!”

“No-Aging Disease… If only she got sick after she was a little more grown, that would have been alright. But she…” muttered the princess.

“Mr Ye Lang, since you have heard of the disease, do you know how to treat it?” asked the emperor.

“I’ve heard of it but I haven’t witnessed a case personally nor have I treated a patient. She doesn’t have any abnormalities, there are no symptoms for me to treat. I just need time for observation but I don’t have time right now. I need to go to the Vermillion Bird Empire. I’ll continue when I have time, this condition doesn’t affect her day-to-day anyway. You’ll have a longer childhood than other people. Little sister, you have to have an open mind…” Ye Lang patted the princess’ head. Although she was already fifteen, her looks were deceiving.

Ye Lang’s message was clear too. As long as the patient had an open mind, this illness did not actually affect the patient at all. Some people might even admire the patient for his condition.

“When do you have the time?” asked the emperor. He did not think this was a good thing, wanting to solve this problem as soon as possible.

“After some time, you can come looking for me at Ye City. After I finish my business at Vermilion Bird, I’ll be there for a long time!” said Ye Lang.

Ye Lang was prepared to go to Ye City. He needed a place to finish an alchemy item, an alchemy experiment that would shock the world.

This was also why Ye Lang had been collecting metal, he had a huge project in mind!

“Alright, I’ll send my daughter to Ye City to await your return. I believe the Ye family would look after her too.” The emperor nodded. He though sending the princess away would be a good thing, it would be a change of scenery for her. Since no one would know about her condition, they would just treat her like a child.

“You can, I’ll let third brother and the rest take care of her!” Ye Lang nodded. “Alright, that will be it. I’m going back to rest now, I’ve got to leave tomorrow. Farewell, everyone! We’ll meet again!”

“…” Everyone was stunned at the abrupt declaration of farewell.

Before they snapped back to reality, he was already prepared to leave. However, someone tugged at him, unwilling for him to leave.

“Little sister, be good! Let me go, I’m going back now!” Ye Lang said with a smile.

“Brother, can I go with you?” asked the princess weakly.

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