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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 653 - No-Aging Disease (3)

Chapter 653 No-Aging Disease (3)

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“Fei! Let’s duel!” said Ye Lang flatly as he unsheathed his sword, at the same time letting the little princess watch from afar.

At least the little princess was reasonable enough, she obediently went to sit aside.

“I’m very good, you have to be careful!” said Fei as she pulled out her sword. She had been waiting for a chance to teach him a lesson, why would she blow her chance?

However, she realised that she wasn’t teaching him a lesson, more like the other way round!

Although she hadn’t done her most powerful move, it was still a very impressive tactic. A fiery glow blanketed the entire yard. When she was half-done with her move, his sword had already appeared in her field of vision, reaching her throat like lightning. Then, the sword stopped. She stopped too.

She knew that she would’ve been dead if he hadn’t stopped himself.


Fei was in disbelief; she was going to pull out her most powerful technique now, she must fight at her maximum. However, hse realised that no matter what she did, Ye Lang’s sword would still make its way to her, one step away from killing.

How was this possible? Was he already a Tian Heavenly Level fighter?

Also, how could he find every weakness in all my moves? How?

Fei looked at him, not believing this.

“Only two words are enough to describe my style- agility and comprehension!” he said flatly. “Look closer. Don’t put too much attention on my sword but you must comprehend the intent behind my sword. Remember, the sword is dead!”

Then, he started his sword dance, a dance that she had never seen before!


Fei was stunned, mesmerised by his movements. Soon, she remembered what he said and started to use her heart to listen to the intent behind the sword.

She stood in her place, as if she had already merged with the heavens and earth, as if she had finally understood something.

Ye Lang was very impressed, she was definitely a prodigy to be able to comprehend what he said so quickly. When his eyes darted to the corner of his eye, he realised something.

The little princess seemed to have understood something too. The little princess was moving while Fei stood unmovingly. The little princess was dancing like Ye Lang, rhythmically swaying with the heavens and the earth.

Aah! This little princess was crazy! So this is what they meant when they said universe would give you something in return when it takes away another thing.

Perhaps there would be an unprecedented, undefeated swordswoman appearing in the martial arts scene in the future!

That night, the patriarch of the Ha De clan and the rest were sighing because they received news from Debbie and Xi’er. They now knew that Ye Lang was THE legendary Ye Lang.

They were regretting their decision. Why didn’t they let Xi’er or Debbie marry Ye Lang? They would have insisted and it would have been fine!

Initially, they already regretted when they heard about Ye Lang defeating the red team alone. A man like this was no ordinary figure. If he entered the Ha De clan, then they would prosper.

However, they did not do such a thing, and they had been a little rude too!

Now they felt bad for leaving a bad impression on Ye Lang. If they had forged a better relationship with him, perhaps it would have helped their family.

They were sure the Young family would surpass their clan because the Lady of their clan seemed to have a good relationship with him. Ye Lang was a good influence to their family so they would definitely not break it off.

Plus, if the little princess’ illness was cured, the Young family would be praised and perhaps rewarded because Ye lang was brought over to treat the princess due to the Young family’s ties with him.

Even without this, just based on the Lady of the Young family’s relationship with Ye Lang, the emperor would be nicer to them!

They also heard that this Ye Lang was going to teach the Lady of the Young family swordsmanship. While the rest suspected he might not know how to fight, these people did not think so because they had seen what he could do.

Lady Young was already almost a Heavenly Level fighter, if she continued to improve, she’d be able to kill anyone!

However, thank goodness Debbie’s relationship with Ye Lang wasn’t too bad. Plus Debbie and Xi’er had met Lady Young before too, there was potential for a friendship.

They’ll treat it as a consolation prize!

Sigh, they could’ve gotten the first prize but they lost it! You’re a prodigal son, why the hell were you pretending to be poor?!

After this lesson, the Ha De family no longer felt like commoners were useless now. Perhaps greed was a good thing for these people, for they started to treat people kinder.

But they were still not as good as the Young family!

On the second day, Ye Lang prepared to leave. When he saw the carriage, he was shocked!

“Ugh! Is this necessary?”

“It is, it is necessary!” laughed the third princess.

“Fine, if you think so. I just need to arrive at Vermilion Bird’s Dragon City before the tenth month!” Ye Lang brought the little princess up the carriage.

“Don’t worry, of course you will!” said the third princess.

“Fei, if you have any questions on swordsmanship, just come to Ye City in a few months! Goodbye…” Ye Lang waved them goodbye.

“I know! I’m a genius, I know a lot, alright? You be careful…” Fei scoffed but stared as his carriage left.

At this moment, Debbie and Xi’er arrived- though Ye Lang did not seem to bid farewell to them!

“He’s like that, he didn’t even say goodbye to me when we were at Sheng City!” comforted Fei when she sensed Debbie’s disappointment.

“Fei, what did he teach you yesterday? Can I learn too?” said Debbie suddenly.

“…” Fei seemed to understand that Debbie was disappointed only because he hadn’t taught her about swordsmanship.

“I can but he only taught me about Intent, not swordsmanship!” Fei smiled. She did not intend to keep it a secret. If they wanted to learn, she would teach them.

“Hehehe, Long Anjie, don’t be too surprised when you see my present!” the Ai La emperor said with glee after Ye Lang left. He had some sort of plan!

“A-choo…” The Vermillion Bird emperor, who was talking to the empress dowager, suddenly sneezed.

“Anjie, what’s the matter? Have you been working too much?” the empress dowager asked, concerned.

“It’s nothing, maybe someone’s just thinking of me! What were we talking about? About the birthday ceremony…”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter what the ceremony will be like, it’s more important that everyone is present. Have you receive news about Ye Lang?” asked the empress dowager wistfully.

“No one knows where the kid is, I haven’t received any news from the borders. It’s going to the tenth month soon, is he really not planning to come?”


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