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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 663 - Lengxue Wu (2)

Chapter 663 Lengxue Wu (2)

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“Hehe… It’s fine if we don’t talk about it, maybe we should talk about something else…” Ye Lang scratched his head, pretending to be humble.

Does he think he can forget about it by pretending to be humble?!

Everyone thinks you’re clueless and stupid!

“Speak up. We must talk about this. Why the hell did you go to Soaring Sky? Was it to help Zhao Yarou? You destroyed Tanlang, that was already an enormous help for her. I can’t believe you’re helping her with something else now.” Ye Chengtian furrowed his brows, not sure what Ye Lang intended.

This was a very simple matter but to everyone else, it looked like Ye Lang had been helping Zhao Yarou all along. In the far future, people would say that they had always been on the same team, that Ye Lang had been there to help her.

“What? How is destroying Tanlang helping her? Wasn’t I weakening her military?” asked Ye Lang, it was obvious he did not know how these all correlated to each other.

“Although Tanlang technically belongs to Soaring Sky, their military group has always been a cancerous tumour in the military. Even when we were there, the empire had wanted to destroy them but did not have a chance to! Zhao Yarou was the same, she had always wanted to destroy them and then take over the northern regions!”

“This time, you helped solved her problem alone. If you weren’t helping her, what were you doing?” said Princess Longji, she was also in the know for matters like that.

“I wasn’t alone, there was Li Yue too… Actually, it was because the people in Tanlang harassed her! And then the whole situation escalated! It’s not my fault!” said Ye Lang, nonchalant. He was still nonchalant about it even after knowing that he had helped Zhao Yarou.

“Tell me, what happened? We are still very confused,” asked Ye Chengtian, taking this opportunity to ask.

“It’s simple, at the time…”

Ye Lang started to tell the story. Everyone finally knew the entire story from beginning to end.

“The Tanlang soldiers were despicable, they would have been destroyed sooner or later. Even without you, Zhao Yarou would have thought of a way to infiltrate and destroy them. With the level of discipline in their troops, they would’ve fallen very quickly.”

This was everyone’s conclusion, they did not blame it on Ye Lang. They just thought it was quite unbelievable that he did it.

They knew he was an unbelievable kid but not to this point! There was Li Yue’s growth, and then in the last war, they couldn’t believe he killed the troops with music.

“After listening to this, I have a dilemma!” said the empress dowager.

“Grandma, what’s your dilemma?” asked Princess Longji.

“I’m wondering if I should let Ye Lang perform a song. From what you all say, I know he’s very talented but now I’m afraid we’ll all die after his performance,” the empress dowager said, solemn.

“You won’t. If you want, I can still perform. But if you don’t like it, I won’t insist,” said Ye Lang as he shook his head. This was a sound wave martial technique, it was impossible without Internal Work.

Under normal circumstances, Ye Lang would never perform using Internal Work, that would just exhaust him.

“No, if that’s what you say, you must perform a song!” said the empress dowager immediately. She was delighted that he was wiling.

“No problem, I don’t have anything to do here anyway, it’s all because of auntie… Ah, granny’s birthday!” said Ye Lang.

“You can call me Auntie too, hehe.” The empress dowager recalled the time she met Little Xin, who was far more adorable than the other grandchildren she had.

In the end, while she had found out that Little Xin was not human, she still couldn’t forget the feeling.

And that was why the feeling she had about Ye Lang became more special, a little more complicated…

“Call her grandma, she’s your grandmother,” said Long Anqi. That meant she recognised the empress dowager as her mother in front of Ye Lang, also meaning that she wished Ye Lang would recognise this relationship they had too.

“Grandma…” Ye Lang greeted her obediently.

“Mm! Mm!” The empress dowager nodded happily, like she had found gold.

“Ye Lang, what will your performance be? Don’t choose something random, read the room!” said Ye Lannyu. She trusted his skills but not his common sense.

She felt like he could turn a happy occasion into a sad one very quickly!

“I haven’t thought about it, we’ll see.”

“What if you perform with Liu Feiyan and the rest? They are here for grandma’s birthday too.”

“?? They’re here too? That’s great.” Ye Lang thought he had to rack his brain but looks like that wasn’t needed with Liu Feiyan and the rest here.

“No way, Liu Feiyan has her own performance, you’re you. I want you to prepare your own performance, don’t think about joining another group,” said the empress dowager immediately, dashing his hopes of slacking off.

“… Then I’ll look for Little Five.”

“Why me? I can’t play an instrument, but I can kill,” said Coldblood Five coldly.


“Son, what’s the relationship between you and this girl?” asked Ye Chengtian, looking at Ye Lang.

“She’s my subordinate, she’s Coldblood Five,” said Ye Lang.

“Lengxue Wu? Very nice name,” said Ye Lanyu.

[Note: Coldblood Five (冷血五)= Pronounced as Leng Xuewu; She mistook it as a name, Lengxue Wu(冷雪舞, direct translation: cold snow dance)]

“Nice name?! I think it’s just alright,” said Ye Lang.

What the hell? It wasn’t even a name! - this was what everyone who knew Coldblood Five, including Long Anqi thought.

“Cold like snow, very similar to her personality.”

Ye Lang said, “What? She’s coldblood… Wait, sister, what do you think her name is? What characters?”

“Leng, as in cold, and Xue, as in snow. Wu, as in dance. Aren’t these three characters her name?” asked Ye Lanyu, looking at him, puzzled. But if Ye Lang asked such a question, she must be wrong.

However, Ye Lang nodded. “You’re right. It’s exactly these three characters, you’re a genius! Little Five (Wu), in the future, you’ll be Lengxue Wu when you follow me around. Little Zero (Ling) will be Lengxue Ling. And that Coldblood Seven, Lengxue Qi … Mmm, not bad at all.”



冷血- Leng Xue -Cold blood

冷雪 - Leng Xue - Cold Snow

五- Wu - Five 舞 - Wu - dance

零 - Ling - Zero

七 - Qi - Seven

New names:

Coldblood Five - Lengxue Wu - 冷雪舞

Coldblood Zero - Lengxue Ling - 冷雪零

Coldblood Seven- Lengxue Qi - 冷雪琪

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