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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 669 - Osmanthus Jelly (2)

Chapter 669 Osmanthus Jelly (2)

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Princess Longji’s predictions were as such- even if Ye Lang could parry this attack, it should be difficult. He must dodge it.

However, his actions were completely out of her expectations. Ye Lang swung his sword. She saw the sword dance among the curls of her whip, and history repeated itself.

The sword looked so slow… no, but it was fast…

“Whip-breaking technique!”

Ye Lang ‘s sword arrived at his destination once again- Princess Longji’s throat!

Everyone was stunned. Both the people who had and hadn’t witnessed the previous fight were astonished.

They were more shocked by the outcome than his moves!

He shouldn’t have won Princess Longji. Especially not when she was serious about it. Yet, he still won. In one move.

“How… How… How is this possible?” Princess Longji’s beautiful eyes widened.

“What? Why wouldn’t it be possible? Don’t be a sore loser this time. I’ve won and I’m leaving… Right, why was I even fighting with you…” Ye Lang seemed to have forgotten the reason why they were sparring in the first place. But it didn’t matter anymore, it was all the same.

“Wait!” Princess Longji grabbed Ye Lang.

“What? Cousin, the results will always be the same! Don’t throw a tantrum now… ah…” Ye Lang thought she was being a sore loser again but she pinched him.

“Throw a tantrum? Do you think I’m you? Tell me, since when did you know how to fight with a sword? And when did you get so good at it?” asked Princess Longji. Everyone wanted to ask the same question.

Even the people here, who were closest to Ye Lang, did not know Ye Lang had this skill.

“I’ve always known swordsmanship, I just researched more at Ai La. That’s it,” said Ye Lang, waving her off.

They all ignored what he said because just a short research should not yield such dramatic results. He must have had impressive skills before arriving at Ai La.

“Always? Why don’t we know?” asked the three girls.

“I’ve never told you, that’s why,” said Ye Lang. His eyes implied that they were a bunch of idiots.

“…I can’t believe you’d say that! Why didn’t you tell us!” Ye Lanyu glared.

“You never asked…” mumbled Ye Lang.

“You must be honest about things like that! You must tell us if you know something!” demanded Ye Lanyu.

“If that is the case, what would I even tell you? I know too many things, I couldn’t be bothered.” Ye Lang shook his head, refusing her.

“…What else do you know? Other than swords, do you know how to use a knife?” People usually put swords and knives in the same category.

She was just probing him at random, though she did not think he would know. His answer was a surprise.

“I do!” Ye Lang nodded.

“Whip?” asked Princess Longji, though the reason was obvious.

“I do!”



Of course he did, Ye Lang used spears when he left Soaring Sky.




“I know how to use all the eighteen common weapons, can you please not ask them separately like that?!”


In the end, they asked him about every weapon they could think of, yet Ye Lang knew how to use them all. They were exasperated, realising they knew too little about him.

“That’s enough. Little Five, let’s go!” Ye Lang did not want to continue the conversation. He knew too much. How long would this conversation last? It was time for breakfast.

“Alright!” Coldblood Five stood up and walked over.

“Uh, boss? What about me?” Liu Feiyan raised her hand immediately to both hint and remind him.

“Let’s go!” he nodded.

“Oooh…” Liu Feiyan jogged over to Ye Lang.

The little princess was already with Ye Lang, tugging at his sleeve. Although she wasn’t speaking, it was obvious she was going too.

“You too?…” Ye Lang furrowed his brows, looking at the little princess.

At least this halfwit knew his limits. Everyone else was fine but the little princess was a little girl. How could you bring her there? Plus she was also Ai La Empire’s princess, it would be inappropriate for her to visit such places with her status.

Ye Lang’s hesitation and frowning showed everyone that he was concerned about these reasons. At this moment, they felt like Ye Lang could still be saved. At least he knew his limits.

But they realised they were wrong!

“Alright… but you must stay close to me!” nodded Ye Lang.


The seventh princess and the rest collapsed on the floor.


“You little jerk, you’re bold, aren’t you?! Little princess, come with me! You come get her after you finish your jelly!” Princess Longji knocked his head and coaxed the little princess over.

As representative of the Vermilion Bird Empire, she definitely did not want the Ai La Empire to know that their princess was brought into a brothel in her empire. It would result in conflict.

At this moment, Princess Longji and the rest wondered if the Ai La emperor would continue letting the little princess follow Ye Lang around if he knew how Ye Lang was about to bring her into a brothel.

No matter what, his face would be hilarious.

They were right. If the Ai La emperor knew, he would rage. He would’ve never expected this. Perhaps he’d even want to kill Ye Lang.

Princess Longji wanted to pull the little princess away but she was stubborn, clutching tightly to Ye Lang’s clothes and did not want to let go. Princess Longji was furious.

“Sis, don’t force her if she doesn’t want to leave with you. You’re always so scary, no one will marry you!” Ye Lang told Princess Longji after pulling the little princess lover.

“Little jerk, what did you say?!” Princess Longji was about to smack him when he’d already left.

“What? I said, no one will marry you…” came Ye Lang’s voice from far away. Princess Longji stomped her foot in frustration, though she couldn’t do anything.

Just like that, Ye Lang brought three girls of different stature into Wanhua while Princess Longji was left in the yard, thinking about the fight they just had.

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