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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 672 - Sharkfin Soup (2)

Chapter 672: Sharkfin Soup (2)

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“I was just about to ask for your help. We have prepared but we aren’t satisfied with it. We need your opinion!” Liu Feiyan replied immediately. After a while, she realised Ye Lang seemed to mean that he was going to perform too.

“No problem, you can show me later,” agreed Ye Lang, nodding.

“Mm! Boss, what did you mean? Are you going to perform too?”

“Yes! Grandma insisted I perform separately from you all, saying I must have my own performance. I wanted to perform with you guys but I can’t do that now.” Ye Lang nodded, took a sip of tea. Although the dishes weren’t served yet, the tea was already served.

“Ah, I can’t believe it! Why would it matter? I’d really like to work with you, boss! I’m so jealous of Xiaoyan because you played for her. I want it too!” huffed Liu Feiyan, annoyed. If she could, she wanted to scold the empress dowager for being difficult.

“Fatty? Oh, right, why isn’t Fatty here?” Ye Lang suddenly realised that there were so many people here but why not Zhen Xiaoyan?

“Boss, I can’t believe you! On what grounds would she come? We’re here to perform, but what about her? It’d be fine if this was your birthday. She’s your classmate, your friend… but this is your grandmother, and your grandmother isn’t an ordinary person. Would she dare come?” Liu Feiyan rolled her eyes.

“Why wouldn’t she? Fine, it’s not necessary for her to come anyway. I’ll be returning very soon,” said Ye Lang, changing his mind and ending the conversation.

Sigh, what an idiot! Liu Feiyan shook her head.

“Liu Feiyan, actually, if you want me to play for you, it’s not a problem at all. Grandma just wants me to be in a separate performance, she won’t mind one more. There won’t be a difference,” said Ye Lang .

“Ah, yeah, it wouldn’t matter! Don’t lie to me, boss!” Liu Feiyan stared at him excitedly, already forgetting about anything else.

“Why would I lie? If you’re free tonight, let’s rehearse once,” said Ye Lang.

“Mm! We are free tonight. Even if we aren’t, my sisters and I will be fine with it too. As long as you’re there! They all miss you!” Liu Feiyan clapped her hands.

“Why do you all miss me? For the money? I remember I’ve paid you all already,” said Ye Lang curiously.


Liu Feiyan fell silent while Coldblood Five surveyed their surroundings. She started observing their environment.

Coldblood Five never put down her guard no matter the circumstance to prevent any unexpected events

“They’re here for breakfast? They don’t want any girls? Interesting, coming to my Wanhua Building for breakfast! What are their names?”

“What?! You don’t know? How do you do your job? You must ask them, at least we get something even if they gave you a fake name! I can’t believe you didn’t ask for any information!”

The girl who served Ye Lang and his group was standing in front of a gorgeous lady, head bowed, in a room. That lady furrowed her brows, displeased.

“Uh, their arrival was too sudden and their behaviour was so odd… I just forgot!” explained the girl.

“Fine, that’s enough! Just give them whatever they want! Observe them. If they didn’t do anything that would harm us, then do not offend them in any way! Be prepared for any changes, understand?” ordered the lady coldly.

“Yes, Ma’am! I’ll have to prepare…” answered the girl.

“Go! No matter what, he’s the one paying so he is a VIP. We must treat him like our esteemed guests,” said the lady, touching her forehead gently with her eyes closed.

The girl did not utter a sound, leaving quietly and giving orders to her subordinates. They must fulfill Ye Lang’s requests the best they could.

They just wanted everything to proceed normally!

Unfortunately, the universe did not make this smooth at all…

“Osmanthus jelly! Mmm… Come, come have a taste…” When Ye Lang’s jelly arrived, he first tasted a few pieces then invited the rest for a taste.

Thank goodness the taste hadn’t changed or Ye Lang would’ve been disappointed. However, he would still eat it happily because he was never a picky person. He just liked to pick the best if it was an option available to him.

“Mm, it’s not too sweet, soft enough… This jelly is awesome, so much better than ours. No wonder the boss likes this one so much,” agreed Liu Feiyan after tasting it.

Liu Feiyan came from a brothel, then ran a teahouse so she was familiar with dimsum and desserts like this. Wanhua Building’s Osmanthus jelly was commendable.

“This is great!” Coldblood Five nodded, giving a short compliment.

“This is delicious, yummy…” The little princess also gave a simple compliment like a child, grabbing at the food with her hands as if someone was about to take it away from her.

No one’s going to take your food, sweetheart…

Liu Feiyan was shaking her head, about to chide the little princess but…

Someone was about to take her food!

Liu Feiyan was exasperated because this person was Ye Lang!

“Kaline, be a good girl! There’s lots of food coming, leave this jelly for your big brother!” Ye Lang was fighting the little princess for the last piece.

“No!” The little princess refused.

“Stop that, or I’m not bringing you out again!” threatened Ye Lang.

“…” The little princess looked at him, her eyes complaining that he was a bully but she paused.

Ye Lang did not pause. He immediately took the jelly for himself and put it into his mouth.

“Good girl!” When he finished, Ye Lang praised her but the little princess looked like a river about to burst through a dam.

“Excuse me, get us two more plates of Osmanthus jelly!” Liu Feiyan was an experienced businesswoman, observing everyone’s emotions and reacting accordingly was her forte.

When she saw these two fighting, she immediately ordered more food. These weren’t limited edition jellies, they could just order more. What were they fighting for?!

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