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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 676 - Brutes (3)

Chapter 676 Brutes (3)

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“Ahh, isn’t it Sir Wei, Sir Liu and Sir Ximen? What brings you all here today?” When the head lady arrived hurriedly, she quickly greeted them. Ye Lang understood that the third person who hadn’t spoken was from the Ximen family.

“You don’t mind that! Just get these two ladies to come with us. As for the kid, let him continue eating. I’m not petty enough to kick him out!” said Wei Xing, pretending to be generous as he glared at Ye Lang.

“About that…” the head lady said helplessly. She was the one who served Ye Lang and the bunch, she knew that these girls were brought here by Ye Lang. They were just here for breakfast.

Hmm, up to this point, they definitely seemed like they were just here for breakfast!

Under such circumstances, how could she make them accompany Wei Xing? She had no right!

“What’s the matter? What’s making you hesitate? Is it because he has paid? Then it’s fine, I can pay too. Ten times his payment should be enough,” said Wei Xing arrogantly. He felt like if this barbarian could pay, then his Wei family could pay too.

The head lady’s eyes brightened. Ten times! That meant one thousand gold coins. However, her face dulled again. It was not a good idea to make a quick buck by tricking them like that.

“Is this because you want to order the same things I did?” asked Ye Lang, standing up.

This wasn’t his question but Coldblood Five’s. Coldblood Five had sent him a message to ask.

Ye Lang was irritated- why can’t YOU ask the question yourself? He was about to ignore her when she kicked him lightly under the table so he had to do it.

“Yes! I do want what you ordered!” Wei Xing uttered every word slowly.

Wei Xing wasn’t just referring to the food, he was referring to the ladies.

“Then just order it! Lady, take his tenfold payment and serve him what I ordered!” Ye Lang conveyed Coldblood Five’s message once again. Coldblood Five was plotting to teach this Wei Xing a lesson.

“Uh… That won’t be good…” The head lady hesitated. Ye Lang’s food was worth barely twenty gold coins. One hundred gold coins was already too much, if she accepted one thousand gold coins for it, she did not dare imagine the consequences of it…

“What’s so bad about that? I’ll pay ten times the amount he paid! Are you thinking that I can’t afford it?” Before Ye Lang could convey another message, Wei Xing spoke first. He dug his own grave.

“Yeah, Ma’am, are you looking down on our Sir Wei Xing? You should just listen to him! Everyone, don’t you agree?” At this moment, Liu Feiyan said with a smile to confirm that everyone was listening.

“??” Sir Ximen gave a puzzled look. He had a feeling there was something going on.

However, while he was suspicious, he did not speak up or tell Wei Xing.

“Miss, don’t you worry. It’s a small fee, I can afford it. You’ll be in my lap soon!” Wei Xing was almost drooling now when he saw Liu Feiyan.

Everyone thought Liu Feiyan was pretty but when Liu Feiyan spoke with her seductive smile, there was a magnetism that attracted everyone’s attention.

This was going to be bad. Not just Wei Xing was attracted, even Sir Liu next to him was moved. Other people too!

At this moment, Ye Lang seemed to take the blame for something he didn’t do again. Everyone was jealous of him for no reason. They thought that such pretty girls shouldn’t be with a barbarian.

It was an insult!

“We’ll talk about what happens to me later. You should pay up first, then we’ll talk,” said Liu Feiyan mildly.

“Of course. Look at this! This is a cheque for one hundred gold coins! This must be enough.” Wei Xing held a cheque in his hand, waving it arrogantly.

Sir Liu and Sir Ximen understood that while Wei Xin looked like he was waving the cheque effortlessly, in reality, it was not true. They all knew how much he actually had to spend.

After paying this one hundred gold coins, they knew that he’d have to suffer for the next few months. But if he wanted to do this, there was no reason to stop him.

Everyone thought one hundred should be at least ten times Ye Lang’s payment. No one knew Ye Lang’s first payment was already one hundred.

If Wei Xing knew this, he would definitely not make an offer like that. All he could do was regret now.

“Uh… it’s not enough to make tenfold but it’s already enough for us to serve you, sir! That’ll do!” said the head lady. She just wanted to resolve the fight. Money wasn’t necessarily the priority in business during situations like that. Relationships were still important, she couldn’t offend any party.

If only Wei Xing dropped the matter, then the case would’ve closed there. But he could not let go…

“No that won’t do! How much do I owe? Tell me, I’ll pay you!” said Wei Xing, displeased. He offered to pay more.

“Uh, you don’t have to. It’s more important that everyone’s happy. It’s just a little money, it’s fine!” The head lady still tried to de-escalate the situation. She did not want to participate in this. One hundred gold coins was enough.

“Hmph! I said, tell me how much I owe! It’s just gold coins! I can afford it! I’ll pay you another hundred then. Everyone here must know that money is not a problem to me! This must be enough!” declared Wei Xing, as if he was a generous man.

Two hundred gold coins! He was the young master of the Wei family, he would have a bright future!

“Uh…” The head lady was about to cry. What would she do?

One side was her frequent customer while the other was a very rich one. Anyone would’ve been in a dilemma. She was a minor character here, she did not have a say.

“Haha, looks like Sir Wei is a generous man, spending such a large sum…” said Ye Lang with a guffaw after Coldblood Five kicked him. If she hadn’t, he would’ve continued sitting, watching the performances there.

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