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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 678 - Gold Coins (2)

Chapter 678: Gold Coins (2)

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Coldblood Five glared at Ye Lang while Liu Feiyan asked with a chuckle, “What if he is, boss?”

“Then you must be very careful, stay away from him and never marry him!”


If anyone had mistaken Ye Lang before this, they now understood that Ye Lang was completely insulting Wei Xing.

“Why?” Liu Feiyan asked again with a grin. Coldblood Five looked at Ye Lang, wondering what stupid thing he’d say.

“First of all, he comes to places like this one for women. This means he is not a good man!” said Ye Lang. I’m here only for breakfast, not for women. Therefore, I am a good man.

“Mm!” Liu Feiyan nodded.

Ye Lang continued, “Next, he’s a poor man and yet he’s trying so hard to fake it. He spent all his money on impulse, perhaps he’ll owe other people money because of this too! People like that could very well sell their own wife to pay off their debts!”

“That’s true, what if he pushes his wife under the bus just because of a moment’s rage? Mm, a man like that is useless!” Liu Feiyan nodded, cooperating with Ye Lang in this infuriating conversation.

“Who are you talking about?! Who did you call poor? Who’s trying so hard to fake it?!” roared Wei Xing, about to pull out his sword and charge.

“You, of course. You can’t even pay a thousand gold coins, if you’re not a poor man, what are you?” said Ye Lang nonchalantly.


He’s a poor man because he can’t pay a thousand gold coins? Your benchmark’s too high, sir. That would make almost the entire world poor with very few rich people.

Yep, to Ye Lang, they were all poor!

Rich? What’s that? I’m just a prodigal son, I don’t know what ‘rich’ means.

Ye Lang continued. “Also, look at him, he rages for no reason. He’s probably crazy. People like that would probably beat their wives to death when they go mad! Don’t get a husband like that, ever!”

“Mm!” Liu Feiyan continued nodding, worshipping Ye Lang even more. It was very impressive that he could insult a person so thoroughly like that.

“You prat! I will kill you!” The crazy Wei Xing appeared once more, pulling out his sword.

“Brother Wei! Don’t take the bait! They are trying to make you angry. If you continue doing this, you’re telling everyone that you’re insane.” Brother Liu stopped him.

“But, do you mean I should just stand here and take it?” Wei Xing glared at Ye Lang. If glares could kill, Ye Lang would have died many times.

“Haven’t you bought over his ladies already? Just take them away…” Sir Liu looked at Liu Feiyan, the evil sneer appearing once more. In Ye Lang’s words, this guy’s thoughts must be very dirty.

“Hmph! You two, follow me!” Wei Xing clenched his teeth, temporarily swallowing his pride. At least Liu Feiyan and Coldblood Five were already his.

Although one thousand gold coins was a little too much, beauties like that were rare. He could just get Brother Liu to extend their time with the ladies to a month.

Wei Xing looked at Liu Feiyan, thinking about all the things he would do in the next month. Of course, the month in his dreams.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you going?” Wei Xing was annoyed that Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan hadn’t moved from their seats at all. He had suffered for these ladies, yet they weren’t giving him face.

“Go? Go where? You don’t own this place, and even if you did, we’re customers here! You can’t even kick us out, can you?” said Liu Feiyan, smiling.

“Of course you’re coming with me, I’ve paid… Wait, what did you say? You’re customers?” Wei Xing wasn’t too stupid. It finally dawned on him.

“Of course, did you think we worked here? You thought we were one of the brothel’s girls?” asked Liu Feiyan with a smile.

Liu Feiyan’s words made everyone understand something- the girls with Ye Lang weren’t from here. They were just customers. But why were there lady customers? This is odd.

No matter what, if that was true, then it was a tragedy for Wei Xing. He spent a thousand gold coins just to order some snacks. He didn’t even get one lady, it was pathetic!

Was it true, or…

At this moment, everyone looked at the head lady. She was the only one who could offer an explanation. Why did you let women in?

“Ma’am, what the hell is going on? Why did you let them in?” Sir Liu’s brows were furrowed.

“They paid, so they are our guests! We do not have a rule stating women cannot enter. Our only rule is that customers cannot disturb the peace. They’re here to spend money, not cause trouble. So we didn’t turn them away.”

At this moment, a pretty girl appeared and took a bow. She was the one who explained.

“Sister Xin Ying!”

Wei Xing and the rest of the girls greeted her. She was the boss of the place, the legendary beauty who ran the brothel.

“Good morning!” Xin Ying greeted Ye Lang and the rest after greeting everyone else.

“Mrs Xin Ying, how do you do,” said Ye Lang politely.


Mrs? Ye Lang’s greeting made Xing Ying pause. Everyone’s expression changed. The atmosphere turned awkward.

“Ah, Feiyan, what are you doing? Why did you kick me?” Ye Lang felt someone kick him. IT was Liu Feiyan.

“Stupid boss! Sister Xin Ying is so young and pretty, it’s impolite to call her Mrs!” huffed Liu Feiyan. At the same time, she looked at Coldblood Five, hoping for her to say something.

Coldblood Five ignored everything. She thought it didn’t really matter. Xin Ying wasn’t THAT young either.

“Young and pretty? Pretty is correct but I don’t think she’s young. She’s in her forties,” said Ye Lang.


When Xin Ying heard this, her face changed not just because he was commenting on her age, but because he guessed correctly. This made her terrified.

Xin Ying had always taken care of herself, plus she ate peculiar medicine that made her look about twenty-seven. No one knew she was already in her forties.

Not many people knew of this secret. Not even Sir Liu here. They were all astonished!

Xin Ying looked at Ye Lang with a frown. Did these people have other motives for being here? Are they here to harm us?

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