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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 680 - Working Together (1)

Chapter 680: Working Together (1)

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“Kaline, all okay there?” yelled Ye Lang. The little princess was touched that Ye Lang would yell for her first. She didn’t expect him to care so much.

“I’m fine!” she said, shaking her head happily.

“I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about the Osmanthus Jelly in your hand! It’s the last piece!” Ye Lang’s words broke her heart.


“She’s fine now, but not anymore!” Wei Xing rushed to the little princess, about to pounce on her.

“Throw it at him!” said Ye Lang immediately.

“Throw what?” The little princess was a little confused. She had lived a sheltered life, so she didn’t know that she was in danger.

When she finished her question, Wei Xing had already caught her.

“The plate, of course!” Ye Lang answered her as he charged at him at top speed to save Kaline.

“Oh!” The little princess nodded. Although she was caught, she still obediently threw the plate in her hand at Wei Xing, who was grabbing her.


Wei Xing was hit directly not because the little princess was adept at martial arts but because no one expected the little princess to actually attack him. Wei Xing thought the little princess wouldn’t dare act recklessly since she had already been caught.

In the end, he was wrong. This little princess did not know what ‘danger’ meant. She was in the tiger’s jaws, and yet she pulled its tooth!

“Big Brother, I hit him! Now what?” The little princess looked at Ye Lang, waiting for his instructions.

“What? If you dare move, I’ll throw you off the building!” roared Wei Xing, glaring at her.

The little princess glazed at Wei Xing fearfully. Everyone pitied her and suddenly felt like they wanted to pin Wei XIng to the ground and beat him up.

“Big Brother, I’m scared…”

“Kaline, do you remember sitting on swings?” smiled Ye Lang.

“I do!” she nodded.

“Just do it then! Remember, give it all you’ve got!”

“Mm! Hehehehe…”

The little princess started to swing in Wei Xing’s arms, making everyone break out in cold sweat!

You’re held hostage, how dare you fool around like that? Also, is that what you teach your little sister? Can’t believe you’re letting her play in a moment like that.

“Don’t move!” Wei Xing glared fiercely at the little princess. He didn’t know to cry or laugh. It was already embarrassing that he had to hold a small girl as a hostage, now she was treating him like a toy, swinging herself.

Wei Xing was helpless and about to teach the little girl a lesson when strange things happened!

The little princess swung, using her momentum to do a flip and land on his shoulder. He was originally grabbing unto her with one hand but with a flip, both his hands seemed to knot together. He couldn’t move them.

The next surprising thing happened when the little princess punched hard into Wei Xing’s temple after standing on his shoulder. It was not a light punch, the people around them could hear it!

In a moment, Wei Xing felt like his brain had turned into porridge and there was a loud ringing!


Wei Xing had lost consciousness and collapsed.


Everyone was stunned, especially the ones who knew Wei Xing. With his capabilities, how could he collapse from one punch by a little girl?

It was impossible, impossible!

Yet it was what they saw. They did not understand. Was this girl an expert? One who was better than Wei Xing.

It was impossible. Even if the little princess had started to practice sword fighting, how long could she have practised? She could be talented but she couldn’t be stronger than a person who had practised for more than a decade.

How did the princess knock him out?

The reason was simple. No matter how powerful a person was, he had his weak points too. Every human body had many weak spots, the temple was a weak point near the brain.

Although she was quite weak, if she used all her strength and focused it on a punch at his temple, it could still be fatal. It was enough to kill Wei Xing.

She didn’t manage to kill Wei Xing though. It wasn’t because she forgave him, it was just her first time and she didn’t control her strength properly. She had just knocked him unconscious.

However, the outcome was already satisfying enough.

“Such a useless idiot! I found another weakness of his- he is weak, he can’t even beat a small girl!” Ye Lang remarked after seeing Wei Xing on the ground.

“…” Everyone was silent. If Wei Xing heard him, even if he was fine, he would die of a heart attack.

“Alright, the table’s gone and we were done eating anyway. Let’s just go!” Ye Lang held the little princess’ hand and prepared to leave.

“The Ai La princess was impressive. If trained properly, she can become a top killer. Why not let her follow me?” Coldblood Five sent Ye Lang a private message.

“Impossible, she wants to become a swordsman. She’s not like you, her job won’t be shady like yours!” refused Ye Lang immediately. He implied that Coldblood Five’s job was shameful.

INfuriated, she kicked him in the calf.

“Leaving so soon? You should stay!” Sir Liu stood in front of them, his message clear- we’re not done yet.

“Stay for what? Will you pay for my lunch?” said Ye Lang, smiling.

“Of course I can pay for your meal but it won’t be that simple. You hurt Brother Wei, you think the Wei family would let this matter go?” said Sir Liu.

“They can come to me if they want. Remember, I’m Xue Wu!” said Coldblood Five nonchalantly.

“Xue Wu! I don’t even know if that’s a real name. Don’t try lying to us!” Sir Liu immediately exposed their lie. He would’ve let them go if nothing happened but this was serious.

“Then what do you want?” Although Coldblood Five seemed like she was talking to Sir Liu, she was looking at Xin Ying, implying that she was asking Xin Ying what next.

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