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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 686 - Ye Lang's Swordsmanship (1)

Chapter 686: Ye Lang’s Swordsmanship (1)

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“You’re bold! I’ll show you who the useless one is!” declared Sir Ximen. With a gesture, the people downstairs started to mobilise.

“Hey hey, are you all really going to attack? It’s a small matter, don’t be like that. We can just work out our problems over a cup of tea!” said Ye Lang. What he said was very unsuitable for the situation.

“Stupid! What’s there to talk about? Might as well fight!” huffed Coldblood Five.

“Huh, why?” asked Ye Lang.

“There’s no why! Are you going to protect yourself or do I have to protect you?” said Coldblood Five coldly. Her duty now was to protect Ye Lang but he was already part of the Coldblood Group and he really didn’t need protection. That was why she gave him a choice.

“You don’t have to, I can protect myself. I’ll take care of them too! Don’t worry about anything, just fight. All this killing and fighting doesn’t suit me!” Ye Lang shook his head, sounding like he was a peace-lover.

“I really want to kick your face right now!” scoffed Coldblood Five. She had already stepped in front of Ye Lang and the few, like how a man protects his family… though this time, it was the woman!

“Oh~ so the footprint on my face was yours! You stepped on my face when I was sleeping! No wonder, I thought the shoe size was very familiar!” Ye Lang immediately recalled what happened yesterday. He now knew who the culprit was.

“Huh, you didn’t know? I did it on purpose…” said Coldblood Five mildly, ignoring Ye Lang’s irritation. She charged ahead.


In a flash of lightning, Coldblood Five’s sword moved and then returned to its original position. No one saw her move, not even her victims.


The man in front was still running, though he was slowing down. He felt his strength drain quickly, and in the end, he could not even lift his legs.

He didn’t understand. What happened? He was a strong man, what was going on?

He looked down only to see blood. And the blood seemed to be coming out of his body!

Was I… attacked?

With this question, he collapsed and never got up forever. In the end, he still didn’t know when he had been stabbed.

He was not the only one. The number of similar cases increased as time passed!

Xin Ying’s expression grew more solemn as they watched. After witnessing Coldblood Five’s lightning attacks, they understood that Coldblood Five was no average fighter.

Xin Ying and the rest compared their own capabilities to Coldblood Five. Even they had to admit that they were no match for her!

Fortunately, they still had many people left. They could win by tiring Coldblood Five out. However, with time, they saw their own numbers dwindle.

They realised that if this continued, they might have to face this terrifying, violent killer themselves!

Coldblood Five’s moves were cold-blooded and emotionless, she never hesitated, every slash was fatal. Her expression was always cold, extremely icy.

This made everyone grow more and more afraid!

“Kill the other few, distract this maniac.”

Many people thought of Ye Lang, who was chilling on the side. They turned their spears towards him. He looked weaker than Coldblood Five.

They all thought Coldblood Five would be distracted or slow down because Ye Lang was attacked. Then they’d take this opportunity to defeat her. Ye Lang’s bunch had to be dealt with anyway.

“Yes, Ma’am!”

After receiving the order, the group of warriors charged at Ye Lang. These people weren’t fighting for credit but to kill off Ye Lang as soon as possible.

Most just didn’t want to face Coldblood Five. She terrified them so they didn’t want to attack her. If they fought Ye Lang, then they didn’t have to interact with Coldblood Five.

What they didn’t know was that Ye Lang was equally scary. He might look harmless but he was the guy who annihilated armies. Just based on numbers, he was far more terrifying than Coldblood Five.

This was also the reason why Coldblood Five ignored whatever happened on this side. Xin Ying and the rest were surprised. What was this cold-blooded girl thinking? Was she ONLY focused on killing and not on anything else?

“May I ask, what are you trying to do?”

Ye Lang was still sipping tea when he was surrounded. After Liu Feiyan’s reminder, he finally asked them this question. His tone was very polite as if he was talking to a guest. It did not sound like he was speaking moments before the fight for his life.


“We’re here to kill you all!”

After a moment of silence, some people yelled cruelly, charging at them with all kinds of weapons. Their main target was Ye Lang, since the rest were girls and there was also a child there. No one wanted to take these as their targets.

“You’re all looking for death. I implore you to put down your weapons and surrender. If you do that, I’ll let you go.” Ye Lang took a bite of Osmanthus Jelly. It was his last one.

“Nonsense, you’re the one who’ll die!”

The crowd was furious, their weapons approaching at higher speed…


Ye Lang slammed the table hard so the sword he previously put on the table bounced into the air together with its sheath. When it was mid-air, Ye Lang unsheathed the sword and slashed at these people. In the end, he finally put the sword back into the sheath, which hadn’t even landed.


Ye Lang pressed the sword back on the table and did nothing else. This was what everyone saw.

They had mistaken because Ye Lang’s movements were just too fast. It had happened in the blink of an eye. They weren’t sure if anything happened.

“Boss, what are you doing? Acting cool?”

At this moment, Liu Feiyan asked him, stunned. Ye Lang’s actions were mesmerizing and cool but it was inappropriate here.

“No, I would never! I was killing our enemies!” Ye Lang shook his head.

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