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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 692 - Truth (1)

Chapter 692 Truth (1)

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At the same time, there were several experts near Ye Lang, protecting him. Coldblood Five was one of them. With her identity, it was only normal for her to have information on its internal business.

They were sure that Coldblood Five perhaps didn’t know that much before this. Now, they had voluntarily provided information.

“You’re so clueless! You still don’t know that they mistook you for a spy! They think you know too much and want to kill you!” Princess Longji knocked his head.

“What? What do I know?” Ye Lang didn’t think he knew anything.


Ye Lang’s response frustrated the people from the major clans. If he continued talking, their hearts would ache even more.

“Do you know what Wanhua Building is?” asked Princess Longji. This question was meant for the people of the major clans, to show how stupid they were.

“A brothel!” answered Ye Lang without hesitation.

“What else?” asked Princess Longji.

“It’s a very luxurious brothel!” Ye Lang could not think of anything else.


“Do you know that this place has ties with a few people from Vermilion Bird?”

“I do?” said Ye Lang.

“?!” Princess Longji and the rest were surprised. They didn’t expect him to know.

So he did know something, at least these people did not suffer for nothing! The people from the major clans were relieved, though it was an odd reason to be relieved about.

What’s there to be relieved about? The outcome was the same, they just felt better about themselves!

“You do? What do you know?”

“What do you mean? The relationship between them is just prostitutes and their customers.”

Everyone was stunned. Ye Lang was only talking about this!

“Boss, you’re lewd!”

“What words should I use then? Entertainers and playboys?”


“Alright, enough! It’s best you don’t know anything. Wait, isn’t this Ximen Qing from the Ximen clan? And Xin Ying? Why are they lying here?” Princess Longji did not want to explain, though she suddenly noticed the two bodies in an embrace on the ground. She recognised the faces, which were facing her.

“Because they’re dead,” said Ye Lang.

“Nonsense, I know they’re dead. I mean, why are they dead here? You weren’t the one who killed them, were you?” Princess Longji frowned. She wanted to teach Wanhua and Ximen a lesson so they’d behave but not kill them.

Wanhua building was a hidden disease but they hadn’t truly done anything. That was why she couldn’t do anything to them publicly.


“Thank goodness…”

“I told Little Five to kill them.”


Isn’t that the same?!

“Why did you kill them? Did they hurt you? Princess Longji calmed quickly. It’s fine, it’s just a small issue.

If they tried to hurt Ye Lang, she’d probably be the first to attack.

“Yeah, I exposed their affair and they got mad, saying they’d kill us. They’re so stupid, there are so many people here. It’d be useless if they killed me, rumours will still spread,” nodded Ye Lang.

“Affair?” Princess Longji did not understand. Why were they talking about this? Did Ximen Qing like older women?

“Princess Longji, he was the one who discovered the relationship between the two and thinks it’s an ‘affair’. Actually, they were trying to cover up another relationship- something between the Ximen clan and Wanhua Building!” added Coldblood Five.

“I see, such an unfortunate day for them…” Princess Longji understood. Ye Lang discovered their relationship but was naive enough to think it was just an affair, not anything else.

However, Ximen and Xin Ying were different, they thought Ye Lang had pinpointed their problems.

At this moment, the major clans finally confirmed that they had sacrificed so much today for nothing. Not only did they sacrifice so many lives, they’d even showed the cards in their hands.

It was tragic!

“Alright, we’re done here. Little jerk, follow me. We’ll let them deal with this place!” Princess Longji dragged Ye Lang out. She didn’t need to ask more questions and did not want him to stay in fear of more problems.

Ye Lang did not agree because he had unfinished business!

“Wait, I’ve got something to do!” said Ye Lang.

“??” Princess Longji was confused. She looked at him, “What else? Just let them deal with it.”

“No, I have to do it myself! Also, tell your riders to kick everyone out of this place, this place belongs to me now and I do not welcome them,” said Ye Lang.

“Your place?” Princess Longji did not know Ye Lang had bought the brothel. Although the previous owner had died for it, Ye Lang did not place much importance on this.

“I’ve bought this place for one million gold coins. Right, they’re dead so who am I supposed to pay?” Ye Lang realised there was a problem.

“What?! You bought the place?” gasped Princess Longji. She ignored the ‘one million gold coins’ part. If the transaction had been done, then nothing mattered.

Wanhua Building was very important- to her, it was worth one million gold coins.

“Yeah! I bought this so I can eat as much Osmanthus Jelly as I want! As much as I want!”

“All for this? Whatever, I don’t have time for this. It’s best you bought this place, I was wondering how to deal with it. This is great!” Princess Longji kissed him excitedly again. He’d surprised her too many times today.

He didn’t just help her find the true boss behind Wanhua Building, he even caused the Ximen clan to reveal their secret task force. Now, he had bought Wanhua Building. Controlling this place was better than destroying it.

Destroying WAnhua Building could lead to several problems. Taking over this place would save her a lot of trouble, it was one more asset to own.

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