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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 694 - Little Cousin Sister (1)

Chapter 694: Little Cousin Sister (1)

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What did he mean?

The girls were very confused. They whispered to each other, trying to guess Ye Lang’s intentions.

Being people who survived in a complex environment, they felt that Ye Lang must have a hidden motive. It could make them fall deeper into this pit.

It must be! He probably felt like their former contracts weren’t enough, he wanted stricter terms!

At this moment, Ye Lang paid no mind to their opinions. Sat on the edge of the stage, he played the pipa and told Liu Feiyan to choose an instrument. She chose the Xiao, an instrument she was best at.

Ye Lang gave a few pointers and they played a duet. At this moment, the feeling of the song changed. Although it was still weird, the happy feeling was more prominent.

Their duet attracted everyone’s attention, including Princess Longji, who walked inside to watch.

No one thought both of them were romantically suited for each other- perhaps they would if he chose something with an obvious melody.

However, his song was just too peculiar, it didn’t give off that feeling.

Coldblood Five arrived too. She had completed her task. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t be here listening to them.

Of course, it still motivated her to quicken her pace.

The ladies at the bottom of the stage watched Ye Lang with curiosity, they liked him better. These performers were musically inclined so naturally, they liked people with the same interest.

“Just like that. Not bad, right? If we add a few more instruments, it’ll be complete,” said Ye Lang after the song was over to Liu Feiyan sitting next to him. Liu Feiyan also sat on the edge of the stage with her Xiao. It was a very new feeling.

“Mm! Not bad! Boss, you’re a genius!” nodded Liu Feiyan. She approved of this song.

“Of course, or I wouldn’t be your boss,” said Ye Lang, delighted.

“Boss, what about your other pipa song? Can you play that too?” Liu Feiyan looked at him expectantly, her mesmerising eyes shining brightly.

“I’ll play if you want!” shrugged Ye Lang. He plucked the pipa strings gently.

The melancholic melody seemed to make everyone’s heart ache…

Now, Liu Feiyan understood why the Ye family thought it was a memorable tune, why they almost went mad. If he kept playing this song, she would go insane too.

At this moment, everyone was mesmerised by his pipa song. Sadness welled up from the depths of their hearts. The more emotional ones, the ones who’d experienced heartbreak found themselves tearing up.

These girls now didn’t just like Ye Lang. They were enchanted, they worshipped him…

At this moment, between heaven and earth, there was only Ye Lang’s pipa music…

“Stay back!”

Many people outside heard him play and wanted to get closer but the riders did not let them approach.

Thank goodness there were many other sounds outside to almost drown out his music so it was not chaotic. Or the consequences could have been disastrous.

The song ended. No sound was made. Everyone was still reminiscing the feeling that lingered in their hearts. The music still rang in their ears.

It was…

“Boss, it was too perfect!” Liu Feiyan had a stronger immunity against Ye Lang, she was the first to snap back to reality. Her eyes were filled with worship.

She had been with him for a while and heard more of his music than anyone else. Other than tigress and Zhen Xiaoyan, even Ye Lanyu hadn’t heard him play much.

“Mmm, I’m perfect,” nodded Ye Lang.


“I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about your song. Don’t brag like that, you sound uncivilised.” Liu Feiyan made a ‘shameful’ gesture on her cheeks, it was adorable.

[Note: basically draw two straight lines on your right cheek with your index finger. That’s the gesture that moms use for ‘shame’]

“The song is perfect, the person is even more perfect!” said Ye Lang.

“No way!” said Liu Feiyan immediately.

“You don’t get a say in this or I’ll fire you!” threatened Ye Lang.

“Hmph! If you dare fire me, I’ll tell my sisters and we’ll all go on strike!” Liu Feiyan raised a hand in the air.

“If you go on strike, I’ll fire you all!”

“You wouldn’t!”

“You can try! I’m just a prodigal son, if I fire you all I’ll have no business. Suits me.”


“Here you go, all the contracts!” Coldblood Five cut them off. Their conversation was meaningless, it was best they didn’t dwell on it.

“Oh, land deeds, building deeds, you’ve separated them.” Ye Lang kept them all in his space ring. He’d done this countless times.

Then, Ye Lang took out the employment contracts and called everyone’s names. The girls took their contracts back. Although they were confused, they still took it anyway. It was best to take it with them.

“Silly, what are you doing? Are you going to disband everyone? Then how will Wanhua Building remain open?” Princess Longji immediately stopped him after realising this was not right.

“What’s that got to do with me?” said Ye Lang irresponsibly.


Everyone went silent. This prodigal son was prodigal indeed. If he did this, it was the equivalent of throwing a million gold coins into the ocean.

“No way! You can do whatever you want with other places but not this place. This place must remain open, they cannot leave,” objected Princess Longji. She knew him well. If this were other places, she might even support his decision but this was not viable here.

A simple reason- this place was too important!

“Then rehire them as your staff. But I’ll still return their contracts to them, I don’t want any sex work here,” said Ye Lang as he distributed them.

“If you return their contracts, would they still want to stay?” said Princess Longji helplessly. She wanted to stop him but knew she couldn’t.

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