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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 695 - Little Cousin Sister (2

Chapter 695 Little Cousin Sister (2)

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“Some will stay! Weren’t we in the same situation? We’re still with boss now,” said Liu Feiyan. She was qualified to make this statement.

“Only some,” said Princes Longji.

“That’s already enough!” said Ye lang. “Quality, not quantity. As long as they are good at what they do. I will make them the best… staff ever!”

“He’s right, Boss can do that,” said Liu Feiyan.

“You all may stay if you want. If you don’t, you may leave now. No one is stopping you,” Ye Lang announced to all the girls.

All the girls looked at each other. After a while, they finally responded. Some left while others stay.

It was only natural. Some people weren’t here by choice. If they could, they would definitely leave. The ones who stayed were there either because they had nowhere to go or they were already used to the job, or they just wanted to follow Ye lang.

Ye Lang’s song had moved these musically talented girls to follow him. They wanted to learn. Even if they wouldn’t be with him, being with Liu Feiyan would work too.

“Not bad, so many people stayed. Looks like you’re a very attractive boss.” Princess Longji was surprised to see so many people. There was already enough of them to run the entire Wanhua Building.

“Of course. Feiyan, let your sisters train these people. They must all have a skill of some sort, they aren’t just ornaments. Also, you can rehearse your performance here. I’ll stay,” said Ye Lang.

“Yes boss!” nodded Liu Feiyan.

“…Little jerk, what do you mean? You’re not planning to stay here, are you?” questioned Princess Longji.

“I am! I am planning to stay here and in the future, I can rehearse with them.” Ye Lang did not think there was anything wrong.

Princess Longji shook her head. “Look at your background, how could you stay here? If anyone knew, I can’t imagine what they’d say!”

“What’s that got to do with me? What has my identity got to do with me staying here? I will stay here for a few days, it’s not like I won’t’ be visiting you,” said Ye Lang. He knew she’d be upset if he didn’t visit her.

“Just a few days? That’s fine. I’ll get people to guard this place, then make arrangements. It’ll re-open in a few days,” said Princess Longji.

As long as it wasn’t open for business, Ye Lang wasn’t considered to be living in a brothel. He was also dealing with some work here, it was different.

There wasn’t a problem with closing the place for a few days too. After today’s incident, it was best they rested and regrouped.

“Whatever!” Ye Lang did not mind. He liked that it was quiet here.

“That’ll do. I’ll go do something else, enjoy yourself. Remember not to cause trouble!” Princess Longji knocked his head and left. She had to deal with what just happened.

“Nothing will happen!” said Ye Lang.

“With you here, what can’t happen? Whatever, I can’t stop you if I tried. Little Five, protect him,” sighed Princess Longji as she left.

Afterwards, Ye Lang spoke to Liu Feiyan and then left with the little princess and Coldblood Five. Liu Feiyan stomped her foot in frustration because she couldn’t stop him.

Just like that, Liu Feiyan was left to regroup Wanhua Building. This was her forte, she was one of the main managers of Romantic Floor and now, she managed the teahouse.

Soon after, Liu Feiyan’s sisters arrived. After they were briefed, they started working too. They preferred Wanhua Building compared to Princess Longji’s quarters. They felt stifled. It was different here, they could be themselves.

When they arrived, they asked where Ye Lang was and if he was staying. After getting their answers, they high-fived excitedly. The Wanhua ladies were puzzled, not knowing how much these people liked Ye Lang.

They begged Liu Feiyan to perform after knowing she played with Ye Lang. Although they didn’t hear Ye Lang’s original part, they had a sense of the melody and decided to participate in the performance.

They didn’t know Ye Lang had already planned to perform with them. He needed a band of several more instruments for a better effect.

Although he couldn’t play ‘Language of Pipa’, he could play that peculiar song!

[Note: Language of Pipa / 琵琶语 is a classical Pipa piece]

That evening, Liu Feiyan had made the necessary arrangements in Wanhua Building and re-assigned roles. She also pointed out all the places that needed modifications, then hired a carpenter.

This time, Wanhua seemed to have completely changed. In the past, it looked like a skeevy, shady place filled with alcohol and girls. After her modifications, it was transformed into an elegant palace. Everything ‘dirty’ was gone, at least on the surface.

Liu Feiyan didn’t realise she was now used to the style of a teahouse. Although she knew it was a brothel, it looked more like a luxurious place for watching performances. Of course, they could still ‘do it’ if the girls were willing.

The girls here determined it. Initially, you could get girls just with money. Now, there should be a rapport formed beforehand. The girls would only agree to it if they liked you.

These girls were now free people, they weren’t bound to contracts. They did not have to do anything they didn’t want. Liu Feiyan did not stop the ones who continued this business. It was a brothel after all.

Under such circumstances, the brothel’s business improved significantly instead of declining. It gave the sense that it was the best brothel in the world because the girls here were elegant and hard-to-get. It took a long time to woo one.

Yep, just because it took a longer time and it was more difficult, their business exploded!

The idea was simple- people were more determined to get something they couldn’t have. These people were more appreciative of their time here too!

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