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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 702 - Palace Auntie (3)

Chapter 702: Palace Auntie (3)

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“What? How dare the little thief set the gardens on fire? Imbecile, you think you can do whatever you want here?” said the Vermilion Bird Emperor in a rage. He dashed towards the garden at lightning speed.

“Grandma, there’s smoke coming from my garden… Ahhh my garden is on fire!” Little Cousin Sister stared at the smoke, stunned, then hurried towards the garden.

“Such a troublesome garden, I wonder who’s causing trouble there now. Let me go check, I’ve got nothing to do anyway!” The empress dowager smiled as she followed the little girl.

“Mother, the kid said he was going to the gardens. He wouldn’t actually go there, would he?” said the arrogant boy, looking at the smoke.

“It’s possible. Let’s go check!” the lady said, hurrying over.

Just like that, a crowd of people started to gather in the garden. They did not know what the smoke was.

“Who are you, why are you causing trouble here?”

When the Vermilion Bird Emperor arrived, he saw his guards surrounding a young man with a sooty face. This young man looked dishevelled with irregular lines under his eye from tears.

This person was Ye Lang but no one recognised him. Even people who knew him well might not recognise him, definitely not the Vermilion Bird Emperor, who had only seen him a few times.

“I… cough cough…” Ye Lang wanted to speak but he was choked up from the smoke.

“Ahh, my garden! Who burned this place? I will fight him! Is it you…” The little cousin arrived and went mad when she saw the garden sooty from the thick smoke.

When she saw Ye Lang surrounded by guards, she naturally concluded that he was the culprit.

“Don’t go there, do you know who this person is? Watch yourself!” The empress dowager pulled her back by her hand, knocking her head exasperatedly.

“But, my flowers…” the little cousin was heartbroken. She was the one who took care of this garden, she loved gardening. This was all her work.

“It’s him, he’s the person walking around with the flowers! I recognise his clothing! You, can’t believe you actually came here and burned down the garden,” said the lady loudly, pointing at him.

She was very excited because she could finally take her revenge. Ye Lang had ruined the place and startled so many people. He was done for.

Even if you’re skilled, you won’t be able to do anything with so many people here!

“Cough cough, why wouldn’t I come here… Cough cough, which one of your eyes saw that I burned down the place…” retorted Ye Lang. As he coughed, his voice was hoarse, different from his actual voice.

It was from all the smoke and coughing. It’ll be back to normal after a while.

“And you still dare talk back to me? There are so many people here, how dare you say you didn’t burn this place?” accused the lady.

“I don’t have time for this. Oh yeah, why are you all here?” Ye Lang was surprised to see so many people. He didn’t think it was normal for so many people to be here although he had caused a huge scene.

“Nonsense, we’re here to catch you! You’re finished!” interrupted the lady before the emperor spoke. The emperor swallowed his question.

“You’re so annoying, old lady. How can a person be so rude?!” Ye Lang frowned, disgusted.

Although the emperor and the empress dowager agreed that the lady was quite rude, they still had to tolerate her because she was family. She shouldn’t be talking now.

While they didn’t like her, they still couldn’t let anyone insult her like that.

The emperor’s brows were tightly furrowed. He was about to say something when the arrogant lady spoke first.

“You imbecile, how dare you talk to me like that! Do you know who I am?!” she roared.

“You said this is your home… but this is not the emperor’s wife… but you’re so old, you must be some old palace auntie!” concluded Ye Lang.


Everyone couldn’t help but laugh, including the empress dowager. Everyone knew who this lady was, it was hilarious she was mistaken as an elderly palace servant.

The emperor, who had a solemn expression, had an odd expression. His face twitched.

“You must have a death wish! Guards, off with his head!” roared the lady, like she was about to explode.

“Kill me? You’re a palace auntie, you don’t have the power to do that nor do you have a reason to,” said Ye Lang. He was distracted, staring intently at the ground.

“I do have the power! I’m not a palace auntie, I’m the princess!” roared the lady. “Why aren’t you all moving? I have already married someone else but I am still the princess. How could you all let a flower delivery boy insult me?”

At this moment, all the guards moved, though they only took a few steps forward as a gesture of respect to the princess.

She may be the princess but they still had to listen to the emperor. The emperor hadn’t said anything, how could they take action without his orders?

She was the princess, a princess who had been married off. She did not have much power here.

“Princess?!” Ye Lang looked at her, confused.

“Yeah, what now? Are you afraid?” The lady was secretly delighted that Ye Lang looked afraid.

“So you’re the emperor’s…”

The lady grinned. It was obvious that the boy now understood everything, he must regret his words now.

However, his next few words broke her heart…



Everyone collapsed…

The Vermilion Bird Emperor’s face twitched, feeling that this boy was as impressive as his nephew. Wait, this feels like…

Could it be…

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