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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 703 - Long Ai (1)

Chapter 703: Long Ai (1)

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“Hahahaha… Aunt… That’s hilarious… Aunt…” The little cousin was laughing uncontrollably as if she’d heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Aren’t you?” said Ye Lang cluelessly.

“She’s an aunt, but she’s my aunt, not my father’s! She’s Father’s little sister!” said the little cousin while laughing. She looked at the lady, who wanted to beat her up.

“Hey, kid, don’t lie to me. She looks older than your father…” Ye Lang did not believe it.

“I’m not lying, she’s Father’s little sister, though she looks older than him! Also, don’t call me that, I’m not little anymore!” protested the little cousin.

Ye Lang looked at the lady’s face, then turned around. “I still don’t believe it!”


“…” The lady’s face darkened, she had been thoroughly embarrassed.

“Mother, calm down. We do not argue with people who are on their deathbeds,” said the lady’s daughter coldly. She looked at him with hostility.

“Brother, why aren’t you sending your men to kill him? Or are you happy to see your younger sister insulted like that?” The lady turned her blade towards the emperor, who had been watching the show.

“Sister, it’s not up to me. While what he said was inappropriate, it’s the truth. And we still have to find out the truth before deciding anything,” said the emperor solemnly.

“Truth… Do I look that old?” mumbled the lady, clenching her teeth.

“Cough cough… You, tell me what you’re here for,” yelled the emperor at Ye Lang.

“I’m here to deliver flowers! SOMEONE insisted on annoying me so I’ve been busy with her flowers these few days. I brought the flowers here, then checked on it. Since all is well, I decided to roast some chicken wings, I didn’t expect…” said Ye Lang.

“What?! You’re roasting chicken wings in my garden? No wonder you’re holding a chicken wing…” The Vermilion Bird Emperor recalled something when he saw the skewer of chicken wings.

“Brother, you’re acting so oddly! Why are you still listening to him? Who would believe such a stupid excuse? Roasting chicken wings?!” scoffed the lady, thinking these were all lies.

Some of the people here thought Ye Lang was lying but if they knew he was Ye Lang, they’d believe him.

What couldn’t he do? It was already great he didn’t roast his chicken in the throne room.

“I believe him, if it’s him…” said the emperor.

“What?” The lady couldn’t believe her ears.

“Nothing! Kid, are you here to deliver flowers? ANy other motives?” asked the emperor.

“None!” Ye Lang shook his head.

“To hell with this! Aren’t you here to meet anyone or something?” barked the emperor. He was very irritated by Ye Lang’s answer.

“Who? He’s here to meet his little cousin sister, some servant. I think he’s here to give her flowers. Brother, you should kill people like that, filthy liars!” The lady did not know why the emperor was angry, thinking that he was angry at the boy.

“What servant? His little cousin sister is Little Ai… Sister, he is…” The emperor was about to explain Ye Lang’s identity when someone interrupted him.

At the same time, the lady wondered who Little Ai was. Her brother must know this person well. She could only recall one person like that, it was her niece, Long Ai.

She was right, he was referring to the little cousin, Long Ai!

How could this be? If his cousin is Little Ai, then who was he?

Very soon, the lady received her answer because Long Ai squealed.

“Ah… Flowers… My flowers…”

Ye Lang’s cousin, Long Ai, squealed and hurried over to a plot near Ye Lang. Her eyes shone as she admired the flowers excitedly.

“I hope you’re satisfied now, I’ve delivered the flowers you wanted. Please stop annoying me now.” At this point, Ye Lang’s voice was back to normal.

“I wouldn’t… Ah, you’re Cousin Brother! You! Give me my stuff back! Or I’ll tell Grandma!” Long Ai was initially indifferent but she suddenly realised who Ye Lang was.

She rushed to his side and clutched his arm, fearing that Ye Lang might run away.

“Go away! I got it from the auction, I am not giving it to you!” Ye Lang tried to shake her off.

“Sobs… Grandma, Cousin is bullying me again!” Long Ai turned to the empress dowager pitifully.

“This is none of my business, you both settle it yourselves. You troublemaker, why do you keep causing a scene every time you visit? Also, why didn’t you tell us you were coming? You think you’re going to leave without telling anyone?” The empress dowager knocked Ye Lang’s head.


Most of the people were stunned by the sudden changes, especially the lady and her children, who were staring at him, confused. They didn’t know who this was. Why were the empress dowager and the emperor treating him like that?

It was obvious that the empress dowager loved this boy very much.

“I…” Ye Lang was about to answer but the empress dowager cut him off. She took out a silk handkerchief and wiped the soot off his face. Such an endearing gesture made everyone realise he was very important to her.

“You don’t have to do that…” Ye Lang extended his arm and an alchemy formation appeared. He was bathed in light. In a few moments, the light faded and he became very, very clean.

“Who is he?”

Most of the guards didn’t know Ye Lang because he hadn’t shown his face here before. While he had caused a scene the last time, he was with Little Xin.

“He’s Ye Lang!”

“Princess Anqi’s son.”

“So it’s him!”

“Time to go back…”


Listening to the guards’ conversations, the three already knew Ye Lang’s identity. They didn’t expect the delivery boy was actually Ye Lang.

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