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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 709 - Calculations (1)

Chapter 709 Calculations (1)

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The first performance was starting. It wasn’t a song, nor was it a drama, it was acrobatics!

There was a long list of performances, they couldn’t have the same thing all the time. Anything interesting would be there and the performers were all of high standards.

Everyone chatted as they watched, eating food that was served continuously like flowing water. Time passed quickly.

The empress dowager’s party naturally had many dishes, it was an absolute feast. Ye Lang was delighted, eating to his heart’s content and forgot about everything else.

Ye Lang’s performance was one of the last ones so Ye Lang and Liu Feiyan weren’t too concerned. They ate and watched the performance, waiting for their turn.

It probably still wouldn’t be his turn after he’d finished his meal.

Usually, everyone would’ve finished their meals by the end of the list. They’d relax and finally pay attention to them. That was why the final few performances were the highlight.

“Big Brother, I feel someone looking at us with bad intentions,” said the little princess suddenly.

“Yeah, when did you notice this?” Ye Lang nodded. He had noticed it too, and not just one person.

Although he didn’t pay attention to them, Ye Lang recalled himself offending several people here. For example, three out of the four major clans, plus his on-paper aunt and two cousins- Long Anqi and her two children.

The arrogant Prince Wu Ji did not say much and stayed far away from Ye Lang but he kept glaring with hatred. Ye Lang merely ignored him.

The strongest hatred came from a middle-aged man. It was Ximen Qing’s father. From his seething look, one felt like he would be unstable enough to do whatever he wanted.

“When you arrived…” said the little princess.

“Very good!” Ye Lang said, nodding.

“Big Brother, what should we do? Kill them?” asked the little princess. To a member of the royal family, anyone who posed as a threat should be killed.

“We should just ignore them, they aren’t worth our time. Of course, if they decide to come to us, I don’t mind dealing with them,” said Ye Lang mildly.

These people would go insane if they heard him because Ye Lang did not even plan to retaliate.

“Oh…” The little princess nodded.

“Boss, should we get up now?”

Towards the end of the performances, Liu Feiyan came to get Ye Lang. It was time for them to prepare for their performance, though there was still time.

Liu Feiyan also knew that he didn’t like staying here. From the way he was chatting with the little princess, she could tell he wasn’t interested in the feast anymore.

“Alright. Kaline, let’s go!”


Ye Lang and the little princess excused themselves. The empress dowager let him go because everyone knew what he was leaving for.

At this moment, someone spoke up, refusing to let him leave.

“Cousin Ye Lang, you should stay for one more dish. The next dish is a local delicacy from our Luse Kingdom,” said Prince Wu Ji, suddenly standing to stop him.

“Huh?” Ye Lang was stunned, not expecting such manners from Prince Wu Ji. Had he gone mad?

“Aren’t you going to give your cousin some face?” said Prince Wu Ji humbly.

“Why do I feel like you have some hidden motives…” said Ye Lang honestly.


Prince Wu Ji stiffened. No one knew what to say. Princess Longji and the rest looked at him smilingly, thinking Ye Lang had become more and more interesting.

“Alright, I’ll wait for the next dish. Liu Feiyan, have a seat!” he said with a shrug. Ye Lang got Liu Feiyan to sit with him.

He was only sitting with the little princess at his table, and the little princess was tiny.

“Alright!” Liu Feiyan nodded and sat. She did not think it was inappropriate because of her identity.

“Cousin Ye Lang, I seek for your forgiveness after the tragic incident that happened between us. Let’s toast to our futures.” When Prince Wu Ji saw Ye Lang sitting down, he happily offered Ye Lang a drink.

He didn’t seem to realise that no one had ever offered Ye Lang a toast because all the high-level officials of Vermilion Bird knew Ye Lang couldn’t drink.

Ye Lang had collapsed after getting drunk on alcoholic desserts and almost couldn’t save Princess Longji in time. Most people know of this story.

That was why everyone received a message to not let Ye Lang drink or the empress dowager would be upset.

If he got drunk, then he wouldn’t be able to perform for the empress dowager! She’d be very upset.

At this moment, some people wanted to stop Prince Wu Ji but there was no time. They turned to Ye Lang to watch what he’d do next.

“Feiyan, toast with him for me!”

Ye Lang pushed the problem to Liu Feiyan. She didn’t mind. She could drink wine like water, one glass was not a problem at all.

“Alright!” Liu Feiyan picked up the wine jug, poured herself a drink, then raised it at Prince Wu Ji. She downed the entire cup.

“Hmph! Ye Lang, why did you do that? I offered you a toast, it’s fine if you refuse but why did you get a woman to replace you?!” Prince Wu Ji was very annoyed, thinking Ye Lang was insulting him.

“Apologies! My boss doesn’t drink, also, he was already giving you face by letting me toast in his place! Or he would’ve just ignored you!” huffed Liu Feiyan.

“Wu Ji, don’t blame him. He can’t drink, he’ll get drunk from just a little bit. He really doesn’t drink at all,” said the emperor.

“Really?” asked Prince Wu Ji.

“It’s true, well all know this.” Someone else spoke up.


And just like that, the ‘drink’ incident came and went. The next dish from the Luse Kingdom was served. Ye Lang tasted it, thought it was delicious, then took several more bites.

As he watched Ye Lang eat, a small smile crept upon Prince Wu Ji’s face. An evil one.

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