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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 713 - Celebration (2)

Chapter 713 Celebration (2)

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“Ye Lang, come here…”

Ye Lang was about to return to his seat when the empress dowager waved for him to come over. She pointed to the seat next to her, implying that he sat next to her.

Many people admired him because it was an unprecedented move. The empress dowager never asked anyone to sit next to her, not even her favourite grandchildren.

This was because she didn’t want to cause any misunderstanding that she was supporting or favouring any party!

However, Ye Lang was considered an extraordinary figure here in Vermilion Bird. Even showing that she supported him would not affect anything within the empire because he was not involved in the internal powers.

Ye Lang’s special privileges attracted a lot of admiration, including Princess Longji. She had never been loved like that before.

However, while they expected Ye Lang to be pleasantly surprised, and immediately go to her, he did something…


Ye Lang paused for a moment, then sat down. He stared straight ahead, pretending not to see her.

“Little troublemaker! How dare you! Guards, bring him to me!” The green vein bulged from her forehead.

Ye Lang was being too obvious. Everyone could see that he was pretending not to hear her. Not sure why though, he could benefit from sitting next to her.

Everyone who knew him understood that he just didn’t want to!

What was the reason? No one knew!

“What? Your Highness…” When the exasperated guards appeared around him, he immediately turned to greet the empress dowager. This proved that he had been pretending just now.

“Call me grandma!” she cut him off. Why did he have to do that? You’re my grandson.

“Oh, Grandma Empress Dowager, what are you doing?” Ye Lang’s greeting was very weird.

You asshole, are you still pretending not to understand the empress dowager? Are you trying to provoke her?

At this moment, everyone was almost excited to watch him suffer.

“What do you think? You’re pretending not to hear me!” she said.

“You knew? I thought I was very convincing…” said Ye Lang.


Who didn’t? It was so obvious!

“If I didn’t, I’d be stupid! Come here!” she huffed, waving more frantically for him to come.

“Can I not? I’ll be fine here,” he said, testing the waters weakly. He was very unwilling.

“What’s there to be afraid of? Hmmph.”

“Nothing much, it’s just very troublesome… Whatever, you’re watching me, it’s still inconvenient…” Ye Lang shook his head, choosing to come over. It was going to be more annoying if he didn’t.

He implied clearly that it was very troublesome!

“You’re a little jerk, can’t believe you think this is troublesome… but…” huffed the empress dowager, though in the end, she did not continue speaking.

Of course sitting next to the empress dowager was a troublesome thing. On the surface, it was an honour. Behind it lied many problems. Many people just didn’t mind these troubles for this opportunity. Ye Lang did.

It was an opportunity cost. Everyone’s weightage was different. Some people thought the benefits outweighed the problems, some people thought differently.

Ye Lang did not even see any benefits. Perhaps he didn’t care. However, since the troubles were very small, he still went over anyway.

“Come, sit here!”

“We don’t have to sit so close, do we…”

“Why not? You’re Grandma’s baby!”

“…I’m not a baby…”

When he approached, she pulled him over. He struggled but since he had no choice, he yielded.

Everyone understood that Ye Lang was an important person. A person they couldn’t touch. Even without all his past accolades, this even proved that they couldn’t touch him.

They buried these thoughts. All they could do was watch the show!

There were many jealous ones too! Some started to take action. For example, Long Ai appeared and stuck to the empress dowager, ‘fighting’ for her love.

“Little Ai, don’t be naughty. Go back, I need to talk to your cousin!” The empress dowager was frustrated but did not scold her.

“No! Little Ai, come to me!” Ye Lang dragged her over so she would be between him and the empress dowager. She was going to be the reason for him to leave, how could he let him go?

Wasn’t this something Long Ai wanted? However,she was very confused. Why does he want me between him and Grandma? He’s so weird.

While she thought he was weird, she was enjoying herself. She was happy to be between her cousin and the empress dowager. While she had always been hostile towards him, it wasn’t too bad.

“You troublemaker. What now? You don’t like being close to me?” huffed the empress dowager. It was very obvious what he thought.

“No, I think it’s better you get closer to my cousin! She’s cuter! Also, you can talk to me directly, don’t do that, I’m not used to this!” said Ye Lang with a smile.

“Sigh… What do you think I wanted to say… I guess you’re right. With our identities, even though we’re grandmother and grandchild, other people might think we have some hidden motives…” sighed the empress dowager emotionally. She eyed him secretly, thinking he would also be emotional. In the end, she realised he did not have a conscience, for he didn’t react at all!

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