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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 715 - Dawn (1)

Chapter 715: Dawn (1)

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“Celebration? Oh, not bad! Interesting!” Although his expression was odd, she did not know what was going on. He had always been a weird kid anyway.

“Cousin, why that face? Is there something weird?” Long Ai pointed out immediately.

“Nothing, why? I’m just thinking about the next performance. Alright, I’m leaving…” Ye Lang was going to leave.

“Where are you going?” asked the empress dowager.

“To my next performance! Liu Feiyan’s up next, I agreed to play the instrument for her,” said Ye Lang, then running to the stage.

No one dared walk in the path at the centre of the square like that, yet he was running. Usually, everyone used the walkways on the side. Only the emperor used the path in the middle.

The emperor just smiled, he didn’t really care. This made many people understand that Ye Lang had a special position here. He was probably more loved than the princes and princesses.

No one would dare do anything to him, other than…

“Little jerk, why are you running? Walk like a proper gentleman!” scolded Princess Longji when she saw him running.

“Huh? I can’t run? I’ll walk then…” He slowed down and strolled down the middle.

The atmosphere turned awkward. When he ran, it felt more accidental, like a surprise. Now, him strolling in the middle of the square attracted even more attention.

It was as if something was going to happen!

If Ye Lang was walking directly to the stage, that meant he was going to perform. After what he did, many people looked forward to it, wondering what he would surprise them with.

“Let me see, the piano should be here…”

Ye Lang took out a piano and a stool from his ring. He sat down. This stool matched the piano, it had a black leather cushion and could seat two people.

This was the piano he used when he played for Zhen Xiaoyan’s performance. Zhen Xiaoyan had sat with him, singing. Most people remembered this scene.

“Wow, not bad! Ye Lang’s going to play for Feiyan! It’s our lucky day!” yelled Ye Lanyu. The seventh princess nodded expectantly.

Similarly, Ye Chengtian and Long Anqi were excited. The empress dowager and the emperor were surprised. Was it really that good?

Yep, because the time Ye Lang played with Zhen Xiaoyan was still fresh in their memory. Many people wanted to listen to him play but too bad both of them never played together again.

Even the Ye family did not get to listen, their pleads were ignored by Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan!

Ye Lang did not want to take the trouble while Zhen Xiaoyan knew she wasn’t actually that good. It was only because of Ye Lang she achieved that effect. Too much of a good thing wasn’t good. One performance was enough. If they performed more, it would dilute the effect.

Zhen Xiaoyan wanted to preserve the perfect moment so she didn’t perform again1

Then again, she didn’t like singing. She just liked cooking, making Ye Lang’s favourite foods.

“Let me check the tuning.”

Ye Lang looked up, eyes closed. His fingers danced across the keyboard for a random tune. To him, he was just testing the piano.

However, the entire place fell silent as they listened to his ‘random’ melody.

They mistook this for his actual performance. To them, the piano seemed to be telling them an innocent, simple story. They felt like the main character of the story it told.

Ye Lang played this song called ‘Fur Elise’, a song that most beginners knew how to play. It was a good song used to test the piano.

Only Ye Lang would use a song like that as a random tune. Other people would immediately start their performance.

Playing a song like that would be the equivalent of a performance already.

“Hey, although I admit that was good, it’s too simple! Are you not taking this seriously?” lamented the empress dowager, thinking this was his performance.

Ye LAgn shook his head. “No, I’m just testing the piano, didn’t I say just now? Oh yeah, that was a song! If you say so, then it’ll save me a lot of effort.”

“Of course not! You proceed!” said the empress dowager immediately. The kid must be very talented if he could use a song like that just to test the piano. He seemed to know a lot.

“Alright, I knew you wouldn’t let me off that easily. Ugh, old people are so troublesome…” mumbled Ye Lang.

Everyone fell silent. They couldn’t believe the kid said that about the empress dowager.

“What did you say?” Wrinkles appeared on her forehead.

“Feiyan, what are you doing? Hurry up!” Ye Lang pretended nothing happened. He hurried Liu Feiyan up the stage.

“I’m coming!” Then, everyone heard a melodious singing voice. A person with such a beautiful voice must be gorgeous too. The audience imagined what she looked like.

When she appeared, she did not disappoint. Her voice and looks matched.

Clad in a long, black dress, it was an elegant and simple outfit. She did not have on any makeup, she was already beautiful enough. It was a refreshing look.

Refreshing beauty. Everyone agreed that she was the epitome of ‘refreshing beauty’.

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