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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 697: The Popular Wanhua Building (1)

Chapter 697: The Popular Wanhua Building (1)

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“I didn’t bring you here, you insisted on following me! You should go home, I’ll get Cousin Sister’s mercenary group to escort you,” said Ye Lang honestly. He couldn’t wait for her to leave.

She’s so annoying! All she does is follow me around and ask me for that flower. I know I promised but I just haven’t done it yet. And I said one year, so she can’t say I broke my promise because it hasn’t been a year yet.

However, after this event, he was likely going to stay at Ye City for a long time, not here. This meant he had to give her that flower soon.

He could spend these few days playing music and doing some gardening, it wasn’t a big deal.

“Cousin Sister’s Black Wing Mercenary Group? So that’s who those people were. That’s odd, why would her soldiers be protecting a brothel? Also, why are you here? Are you one of those bad people?” His cousin looked at him with contempt. Anyone who entered this place was a bad person in her eyes.

“I’m a good person, I am here because I’m the boss of this place. I lure little girls like you in here to do my dirty work… Boo!” Ye Lang let out an evil laugh, trying to scare her so she’d leave.

Bam! She punched him right in the face. “Ahhh! You’re so mean! You’re so mean!”

Then, she ran…

“…” Ye Lang clutched his face, his feelings hurt. He couldn’t believe he couldn’t block her punch at all. He wondered if his reputation was ruined.

Then again, he was shameless. Oof!

“Little Five, send someone to protect her! You there, escort the girl back to the palace!” Although he didn’t like this cousin, he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

“Understood!” Coldblood Five sent out messages to the Coldblood members in hiding. There were many Coldblood members near Ye Lang. This was also a territory they controlled so they had many members here.

She would be safe anyway. They were in the imperial city of the Vermilion Bird Empire, she’d be alright.

After dinner, a group of girls looked at him seductively, almost drooling. He was slightly afraid.

“What… what do you want? Let me tell you, don’t try to take advantage of me, my body is pure.” Ye Lang acted like a bullied little girl.

The entire crowd felt nauseous, some gagged.

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to do that- who do you think you are? We just want you to play the two songs again. You only played for Feiyan, not us! It’s not fair!”

“Oh, you scared me, I thought…”

“Screw off!”

“Alright, let’s get down to business. I need you all to help me with my performance anyway. Also, we’ll have to decide over these few days what you’ll be performing.”


Just like that, beautiful music came from Wanhua Building once again. Many people fell in love with the tune late that night, all hoping to enter the place. However, they could not break through the Black Wing mercenaries.

News of this music spread like wildfire across Dragon City. Over the next few days, many people assembled near Wanhua Building to listen from the outside. They were all looking forward to the day Wanhua Building opened so they could watch the performance live.

Just because of this, when the Wanhua Building opened later, the popularity of Wanhua Building reached shocking levels.

Over the next few days, Ye Lang remained inside. Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess visited several times to check on him but they did not stay. It was still a brothel after all.

They tried to take the little princess away too, thinking it was inappropriate. However, she stuck to Ye Lang stubbornly. As long as he was there, she would stay in the dirtiest of places.

Eventually, they gave up.

Princess Longji didn’t visit, she was busy with the three major clans.

The three major clans had a huge headache trying to calm this matter down. It was more simple for Liu and Wei clans since they hadn’t participated that much and hence didn’t suffer as many losses.

It was different for the Ximen clan. The brightest star of their next generation had been murdered, then they were exposed as the hidden powers behind Wanhua Building.

“Revenge? I’d like it too but can we? We were the ones in the wrong, and the person who killed Qing cannot be touched- forget about Vermilion Bird- no one in this world would dare touch him.”

This was what the patriarch of the Ximen clan said to his son frustratingly.

The patriarch was Ximen Qing’s grandfather, his son was Ximen Qing’s father. As a father, he had gone insane when he found that his son had been killed. He had tried to go kill Ye Lang himself several times before they stopped him.

With the current situation, the Ximen clan wasn’t in the position to take revenge. Worse, they were expecting punishment.

“So is this the end?”

“You wish, at least we wouldn’t have to be this frustrated. But would they be willing to let this go? Princess Longji has always been aggressive, she will definitely come to us with her men and make us pay for what happened!” said the Ximen patriarch.

“Her cousin killed my son, what right does she have to make us pay!”

“Don’t you understand? We’re in the wrong here, we were the ones who attacked first and tried to kill her cousin. Her cousin killed him in self-defense, this’ll be the reason everyone accepts. He has such an impressive name here. If you want to touch him, you have to dissociate yourself from your clan and be of at least Tian Heavenly Level or you’ll bring disaster to the clan!” sighed the patriarch.

“Revenge? The most important thing is to take Wanhua Building back! We poured in so many resources for that place, now some useless kid has taken it from us! It’s all your son’s fault, why did Ximen Qing visit a place like that? And he even sold the place!” added the Ximen patriarch’s other son. From his tone, it seemed like he didn’t like Ximen Qing.


“Stop it! We won’t get Wanhua Building back, Princess Longji would never hand over such a prize. We will just have to accept our losses, even if we put in a lot of effort.” The Ximen patriarch shook his head. He had a more mature outlook, also a more open mind.

Sometimes, if it was the time to cut off an arm, then so be it. Their lives were more important. This was an important mindset that he had to make this decision.

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