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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 698: The Popular Wanhua Building (2)

Chapter 698: The Popular Wanhua Building (2)

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“So we just forget about it?”

“We can’t either because Princess Longji will come demanding compensation. I just hope she won’t offer any conditions that are too bad. It’s been a few days and she hasn’t come yet. She must be deciding on her terms! That woman is terrifying. If she becomes empress, we can only be honest officials and do honest work. Nothing escapes her!” The Ximen patriarch shook his head. He had too many problems.


The core members of the Ximen clan were in deep thought, thinking about their futures. What would they do?

Ximen Qing’s father was still furious. A fire burned within him. He must take revenge, no matter the cost!

Of course, with his abilities, he wasn’t sure if he could do such a thing or even meet Ye Lang. Everything was uncertain.

Soon, the Ximen clan’s headache came in the form of the long-awaited Princess Longji!

Holding Ye Lang’s cheque of one million gold coins, she arrived at the Ximen clan’s residence. She acted very polite, requesting to meet the patriarch to pass him Ye Lang’s money.

One million!

The Ximen clan members were shaking. They wanted to accept the money. It was already a good deal, it could compensate for their loss of Wanhua Building.

But could they?

No, they couldn’t. Not only could they not accept it, but they must also politely offer to compensate for what happened! If not, based on Princess Longji’s management style, they would have hell to pay.

Princess Longji already expected this. She never handed over the cheque, just held it in her hand. When they refused, she directly kept it and sat down for a talk.

According to stories, Princess Longji and the Ximen clan talked for a day. After that, all their high-ranked members came out looking depressed as if their treasures had been taken away.

Princess Longji, on the other hand, was smiling. When Ye Lang saw her, he asked if she’d found gold. Why was she smiling to herself like that?

Of course she’d found gold! A cheque of one million gold coins and something else! Hahaha, I’m not telling you what it is!

“Boss, someone outside is looking for you again, should we let her in?” Liu Feiyan ran into the yard where Ye Lang was. As the top brothel of the empire, they had a huge compound. They had small, elegant yards, Ye Lang lived in one.

She said ‘again’ because many people requested to meet him, each with different objectives. Some came to apologise, some came to make friends, some to listen to music, some to pursue him…

Yep, pursue him. This girl was one of Dragon City’s aristocrats. Ye Lang was still a very attractive target, thousands of girls were crazy for him and wanted to marry him.

That was also why Wanhua Building now had both male and female customers!

Being a business, Wanhua Building welcomed everyone all the same. After its re-opening, its essence was a little different too. Many female customers came to listen to songs and watch dances, there was a service to provide accompaniment while customers sang.

NAturally, Ye Lang turned away everyone looking for him. No matter what their intentions were, he was too lazy to meet them.

Some people tried many ways to approach him but they were stopped by the mercenaries. These people were now in charge of Ye Lang’s safety. No one can go near him.

Only a small portion of people knew what he did these few days. Everyone else only knew that Ye Lang had been hiding in a yard.

Many had perverted guesses, wondering if Ye Lang had sunk deep into the world of girls and partying.

No one would have expected him to be planting flowers. These days, he had been caring for a pot of flowers. He’d spend a lot of effort on it, obvious from the alchemy symbols on the pot. He seemed to be growing it with alchemy.

Any alchemist would’ve fallen on their knees and begged him for the knowledge because Ye Lang made it germinate from a seed and grow into a blooming plant just in a few days.

Something that required at least several months had been done in a few days.

“I’m not meeting anyone! Didn’t I tell you that already? Right, Feiyan, do you think this looks pretty?” Ye Lang waved them off, then asked for her opinion.

“It’s very pretty! Wait, boss, I thought this plant was tiny yesterday. How could it grow so much and bear flowers in a day?” asked Liu FEiyan, surprised. She had been very busy so she hadn’t paid attention to his work.

“I’m an alchemy genius, this is nothing to me! Alright, I’ve done what my cousin wants. I’ll just need to put this in the palace gardens.” Ye Lang nodded and then carried the pot away, as if he was really going to leave.

Ye Lang did not plan to give it to his cousin. He had taken it from the garden, of course he should put it back. He should return the place to its original state.

“Huh? What? You’re going to the palace?” asked Liu Feiyan.

“Why? Is there a problem?” asked Ye Lang.

Liu Feiyan shook her head. Who would dare stop him? Plus, he was allowed to enter the palace. It was a much safer place too, no one would question it.

“Little Five is busy, Kaline is taking a nap, I think I should go alone. If she wakes, let her stay here. I’ll be back soon!” said Ye Lang.

The little princess slept every afternoon. It wasn’t like she couldn’t live without him. She just mostly sat around without talking, she would be fine if he was gone for a while.

Recently, Ye Lang also thought that the little princess should live more independently. It was not good for her to always follow him around too.

As for Coldblood Five, she had been busy with the Coldblood Group. Seeing as he wasn’t doing much and there were riders and hidden Coldblood members here to protect him, she left. Music and flowers were mundane to her.

“Your Highness, where are you going?”

“What? Oh, are you talking to me?”

A guard at the door asked Ye Lang a question as he carried the big pot in his arms. He hadn’t realised the guard was talking to him until a moment later.

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