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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 718 - Leaving (1)

Chapter 718 Leaving (1)

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Do you remember what Long Anqi’s attribute was? The rare Ice attribute!

It was supposed to be a joyful event because an Ice attribute could only mean a bright future. Long Anqi’s capabilities proved this point.

However, this only meant for average families!

Long Anqi was part of the Vermilion Bird royal family. All of them had fire attributes, that was why there were legends of the Vermilion Bird bloodline.

Yet Long Anqi had ice attributes. This made the royal family suspicious of her, raising her outside the palace. They never told anyone of this princess.

That was also why few people knew of a princess named Long Anqi. After a long time, even royal members did not know. Even her own siblings did not know they had a sister like that.

Simply put- she was abandoned!

While this was her backstory, Long Anqi didn’t really care. However, she accidentally met Ye Chengtian one day and they fell in love. Unfortunately, her family was strongly against their marriage.

There was a rumour that Long Anqi was the princess of the empire, so how could she marry a person from Soaring Sky’s Ye family? It was unacceptable.

Long Anqi was furious. You all have never treated me like a princess- hell, you’ve never treated me like a royal member of the family. Why are you stopping me now?

When both of them first got together, there was a series of conflicts. It had led to injuries and deaths on the Vermilion Bird’s side too.

Ye Lang did not know the specifics, his parents didn’t explain. They didn’t really want to talk about it because it had already passed. There was no need!

Ye Lang did not ask questions. It didn’t really matter to him!


One day, when both of them were packing up to leave in two days, they realised someone had disappeared!

“What? That little jerk left already?” Long Anqi was furious, it was unacceptable.

“Yeah, he left without telling us! He left a note saying he’s gone to Ye City and he’s waiting! Damn it, he couldn’t wait for two days!” lamented Princess Longji. She was furious, swearing that she’d teach him a lesson.

However, she’d promised this too many times, it never happened!

“Mom, dad, did Ye Lang leave?” Ye Lanyu arrived. She also received the message.

“Yeah!” Long Anqi nodded.

“Stupid Seven! I was wondering why she was acting so mysteriously yesterday! She ran off with Ye Lang! Hmph, I’ll smack you both when I get back!” Ye Lanyu clenched her teeth. Why didn’t they invite her? Were they afraid she couldn’t keep a secret?

“Not just Seven, Liu Feiyan and the rest left too… Lanyu , you failed as a sister… Why didn’t he bring you along?” Princess Longji took this chance to procoke Ye Lanyu.


“That kid…” The empress dowager clenched her teeth after receiving the news but could not do anything.

Two days later, Ye Chengtian and the rest left hurriedly. They hoped to catch up to Ye Lang so they sped up their travels.

However, when they arrived at Ye City, they didn’t catch up- no, they didn’t even meet him!

Ye Chengtian and his family arrived from their long journey at Ye City’s Ye Residence. Not many welcomed them because travels were a normal thing here.

No one came to greet them if it wasn’t anything important. This was a private event anyway.

There was just a small greeting, for example Seventh Brother, whom they met at the yard…

“Fifth uncle, auntie! You’re back!” Seventh Brother greeted them then prepared to walk away.

Ye Chengtian was ranked the fifth among his generation!

“Mm! Seventh, wait. Don’t go!” Ye Chengtian stopped him.

Seventh Brother stopped and asked curiously, “Fifth uncle, what’s the matter?”

“Is that kid Thirteen back yet?” asked Ye Chengtian.

“Thirteen? He didn’t come back. Is he supposed to be back? He should be with you, weren’t you all at Vermilion Bird with him? Unless he never arrived?” Seventh Brother was shocked, firing out many questions.

“He did! He said he’d return with us but then left two days ago. He should have arrived here before us,” said Ye Chengtian.

“He never did, maybe he lost his way again! You know this! That’s weird, why did he leave two days before you?” asked Seventh Brother.

Everyone knew that he was bad at directions. Why did they let him leave two days early?

“We didn’t want him to! He couldn’t bear living in Dragon City anymore and left without telling us. I don’t think he’ll lose his way though, he’s got Little Seven, Liu Feiyan and the rest with him,” said Ye Lanyu. She was angry- and this told him that it was not the time to provoke her.

Ye Lanyu was a terrifying presence in the Ye family. No one dared provoke her, avoiding her when she was in a bad mood.

“Maybe they got caught up along the way, they should arrive in a few days! I hope he comes, I need to talk to him. He cost us many problems from the last trip he took!” Seventh Brother changed the topic. He was still happy for Ye Lang to return.

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