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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 727 - Give And Take (1

Chapter 727 Give And Take (1)

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“The Coldblood Group has a tool for direct contact, using a special code to convey messages. Only people who understand the code can decipher the message! With a special receiving device, we can communicate within 50 kilometres. Their assembly point within Ye City has this tool,” said Ye Lang.

“I see. This is great, do you know how to make it?” Ye Yi and the rest understood. Now they wanted this tool.

The most important thing in battle is the conveying of information. This is to receive information about changes in the battle, react and inform the frontlines as soon as possible. If they could do this, then victory would be in their hands if the power disparity wasn’t too huge.

“I can create a network within Ye City but the cost of operations would be very high. If there is no need, it’s best not to use it! Or only use part of it!” said Ye Lang with a nod.

“That’s good, when can you finish it?” said Ye Yi excitedly. With something like that, Ye City’s defence system would be impeccable.

“We’ll have to see how Seventh Brother does,” shrugged Ye Lang, as if its progress wasn’t in his control.

“Why him again?” asked Third Brother.

“Because we need a place to build this system. These spaces will only be available when Seventh Brother built everything according to the blueprint,’ said Ye Lang.

“Hey, if there were so many details on that blueprint, why didn’t you tell us? Now Seven seems like a criminal! What else did you put on the blueprint? Tell us everything now!” raged Third Brother. He wanted to teach Ye Lang a lesson now, that he should tell everyone everything in one go instead of in bits and pieces.

“There are also little mechanisms to be used during emergencies. I’ll deal with those later. Seventh Brother just has to follow the blueprint,” said Ye Lang blankly. This meant he had other plans too.

Sigh, if Seven knew about this, he’d kill Ye Lang!

“You all should be safe here anyway. As for Zhao Yarou, you just need to watch her, don’t worry about it. Even if she really becomes powerful, she’d invade Vermilion Bird or Ai La first. At that point, most of the mainland would’ve been in her hands already. At that point, we won’t be able to change anything no matter what we do!” said Ye Lang flatly.

“Also, although she is crazy, she’s a good empress. You must admit that her citizens live good lives. Lastly, we are a neutral city!”

Ye Lang’s points reminded them of things they hadn’t thought about.

Many years later, they would finally understand what ‘neutral’ really meant. It meant a lot! Most importantly, ‘neutral’ meant that no matter the timing or situation, they did not favour any side.

Right now, there was still hostility between the Ye family and Zhao Yarou. This made their ‘neutrality’ slightly skewed!


At this moment, an adorable girl appeared before Ye Lang, took a bow and greeted him as her teacher.

This girl was Little Zero, everyone knew that this was the student he mentioned. He was a lucky guy, to be surrounded by so many pretty girls.

It was a pity he did not know how to appreciate such beauty!

“Little Zero, just in time! Let’s go!” Ye Lang left everyone abruptly.

After he left, there was silence as everyone thought about what happened.

“Fifth Brother, it looks like your son doesn’t really put much heart into our clan,” said a middle-aged man to Ye Chengtian. Ye Lang’s words had given them this feeling.

“Yeah, Little Thirteen seems to help outsiders more. Has he forgotten that he’s a descendant of the Ye family?! Why can’t he sacrifice a little for the good of the family?” said an elder.

These two people valued protecting their family, putting their family before themselves. While they had opinions about Ye Lang’s attitude, they were loyal to the family.

“…” Ye Yi and Ye Chengtian were silent, thinking about how they should explain themselves.

“In the future, we shouldn’t let him deal with family affairs, and we need to restrict his privileges!”

Many people thought Ye Lang wasn’t focused at all. They felt that they should not pass any family matters to him, basically kicking him out of the inner circle of the family.

They seemed to have forgotten that they’d never passed anything to Ye Lang, nor had they given him any special privileges.

“Ninth uncle, Third uncle, you both know Thirteen, he just doesn’t know how to use the right words,” said Third Brother with a solemn expression.

“He doesn’t know how to use the right words, that’s how we know his true inner thoughts.”

“What thoughts? He just said he wouldn’t let the Ye family harm Coldblood but did he say he would use Coldblood against us? Also, he just wanted to protect the friends he’d gone through thick and thin with. Is there a problem?”

Third Brother continued, “The only problem here is that he doesn’t know how to use better words to explain himself. If this were Seven, he would talk about the same situation as if we don’t ever need to suspect him, we’d even be moved by his loyalty to the family!”

“But, in truth, he…”

Third Brother cut him off. “The truth? How much has Thirteen helped the family?! He was the one who rescued us out of Soaring Sky, he was the one who won this place so we have a base, also, do you know how many of his businesses and assets he gave to Seven? If we just count the cash he has paid Seven, including today, the number is already larger than two million!”

“Two million?!”

Everyone was shocked. They did not know that Ye Lang had just given Seventh Brother 1.7 million today. With the cash he’d given in the past, it was already more than 2 million.

It was an astronomical number. It was no small sum to an aristocratic family.

And that was just cash, not his assets!

“And what has the clan given Ye Lang? Nothing! Everything else was provided by Thirteen’s parents-meaning Fifth uncle. It was all unrelated to the family! Also, you say you want to restrict his power? Let me ask you, when has Thirteen ever borrowed our family’s power? Has he ever mobilised our troops? He has not!”

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