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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 742 - Vast Improvements (2)

Chapter 742 Vast Improvements (2)

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“…” Ye Lanyu, upon hearing the little princess’ words, instantly fell back into silence, this time guilt-ridden.

She was not exactly joking. Laze around a little more and the little princess might actually overtake them, how embarrassing that would be!

If it was before, Ye Lanyu would not have believed that a toddler could surpass herself, no less a child who just began cultivating.

She might acknowledge that there were many talented people in the mainland but she was confident that she was on par with them. If they were behind her by a mile, they would never surpass her cultivation.

Not to mention her recent surge in cultivation in the past 6 months. With such drastic improvements, even the best amongst the talented would falter in comparison to herself.

The breakthrough that they had all mentioned before was in terms of ability, and at this point in time, Ye Lanyu had entered a different level of cultivation, one that would leave the rest of the mainland envious, a level many could only watch in awe. One that was only for the selected few.

After one surpasses this level, they can finally claim the throne as the greatest, the pinnacle of the mainland cultivators.

The Tian Heavenly Level of cultivation.

Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were now working towards this level. All they needed was that one step until they cracked the surface of the water, and when that happened, they will officially be the youngest Tian Heavenly level martial artists in all of mainland.

At least in current circumstances and among known practitioners, they would be the youngest amongst them all.

Before she came here, Ye Lanyu wouldn’t have expected herself to achieve what she did during her time by the lake. Her original plan was to train a little then go back out for an excursion, and only return when Ye Lang crossed her mind.

What she was not expecting was that after a few days, she would be stalled inside.

Actually it was less of her being stalled, it was what she wanted and agreed upon anyway.

Ye Lang spent the first few days suddenly coaching Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess. The two ladies were not convinced, with the presumption that he was just messing around.

After all, from what they knew, Ye Lang had never exposed himself to magic. So why would he be coaching them?

But it took hardly any time before they realised that Ye Lang was serious about it, and with their trust towards him, they chose to give it a shot. The rest was history.

After that, they came into revelation that Ye Lang’s comprehension of the magic arts was vast. The terminology that he mentioned were astonishing even to the likes of the two Di Earthly level experts.

Ye Lang’s knowledge of the rules of magic was too rich and well researched, seemingly on all and every type of the magic techniques. Even the ones that everyone seemed to agree had gone extinct, he could neatly describe them in detail!

Ancient magic had always been a myth to most and folklore to others. It was a dream magic experts had always wanted to comprehend, and many had invested huge fortunes to get a peek on its teachings, but there was no one to offer, no one that had worthy knowledge of the field.

And why did Ye Lang know about this?

For an explanation, Ye Lang simply answered with:

“Like I said before, I found an ancient historical site.”

As he had mentioned, the artefacts of the Tiangongyue tribe were a focus of attention for cultivators, and the alchemy extraction knowledge of this tribe was the cream of the crop.

What everyone seemed to have ignored was that if there was an ancient artefact, there would be a storage to hold it for the centuries that it existed, and hence with documentation of the era it was from.

This included the ancient magic arts, even the much sought after ancient martial arts and the lot.

After hearing Ye Lang’s reply, the ladies fell into silence, realising that it was their mistake, either by omission or the simple logic that it had never once crossed their mind that it would happen that way. Nevertheless, it was a common human flaw.

Throughout the sands of time, nobody seemed to have thought of it from that perspective, it was as if the alchemy extraction was the only craft left behind by the tribe.

If it weren’t for a complete coincidence for them to ask about it today, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess would not have wrapped their heads around it. But now that they knew Ye Lang was a reliable hand, they quickly added on a few other related questions, including his observations from within.

Ye Lang’s answer was blunt. “Yeah, but it wouldn’t fit either of you,”

At that moment, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess had their pool of curiosity instantly drained dry as they agreed that his reply was sufficient enough for their liking.

Hence, they decided that it was worthwhile to obey Ye Lang’s instructions on magic training, by tolerating his tools and apparatus.

Ye Lang put his words into action as he prepared some liquid medication, as well as alchemy formations and other peculiar methodologies into place, leaving the two ladies in genuine skepticism if Ye Lang was actually messing with them.

But with such eye-opening benefits, it was a conscious choice for them to see it through.

Under Ye Lang’s assistance, within a meager six month span, their cultivations drastically improved, and were now on the verge of breakthrough into Tian level!

If it were before, they wouldn’t even consider the thought that they could make it this far in such a short time. An easy guess would put the expected duration to at least one to two decades.

And to breakthrough into Tian level, well that would take way longer…

It was not that they were being humble, but the truth was, even Mr and Mrs Ye Chengtian could tell from experience. After all, they both ventured to the brink of Tian level way before Ye Lang was born. Now Ye Lang was already a young man in his twenties, yet they were still loitering at the same spot, nowhere close to a breakthrough.

This was a hurdle so high that hardly anyone could cross.

Even the greatest amongst men, no, the elites of the elites would take phenomenal effort, alongside impeccable timing and patience to achieve such greatness.

Naturally, one could also use unique ways to initiate breakthroughs through sheer force, however it could be self-limiting and undoubtedly less effective as naturally Tian level experts.

But to many who struggle to breakthrough their entire life, it matters less how they achieve breakthrough, it was the destination that mattered.

Given that option, and their godspeed progress, both ladies were albeit slightly skeptical of his methodologies, and if they caused any side effects.


That was Ye Lang’s reply, one that was well aligned with his perspective. He would not have allowed Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess to have any side effects from the process, something he would never have forgiven himself should it happen.

Ye Lang’s solution was naturally a well-calculated attempt to unleash the potential of the beholder, in a form of encouragement. As to whether it would lead to other impairments, he was confident that there wouldn’t be. But would his method really work?

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