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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 743 - Vast Improvements (3)

Chapter 743 Vast Improvements (3)

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If it was someone else, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess would have called it quits, to truly reconsider their options before opting to proceed. But since it was Ye Lang, their doubts were in hindsight as they put all faith in him.

And just like that, their trust paid off with their cultivation attained unprecedented heights after a mere six months! Just when they were about to march forward with the Tian Heavenly level on the horizon, on the highway to glory and excellence, their ambitions came to an immediate stop!

It might be from their rapid improvement that they casually forgot about the hurdle laid before them, assuming that it would be miraculously solved!

That moment they were even anxiously asking Ye Lang for answers.

The reply they got in return was, “Did you not already know? To achieve Tian level solely depends on your comprehension of the craft, it cannot be forced. It might even take a whole lifetime to understand, and there would be nothing I could do to help.”

Ye Lang’s solemn reply struck the two girls to their core. They were rushing the process, so much so that they had become complacent!

It was all too smooth sailing, which was not a fair sign for good things to come. And to leap across this hurdle, they need to comprehend this simple logic, to prioritize their cultivation and solidify their core strengths and power level.

It had been a month since- a month of rough, rugged hard work, a month of understanding for the both of them!

Putting these aside, even if they did not breakthrough, with their current capabilities, there were already very few in the world at the moment who would pose an equal match to them, especially if they paired up together. With them as partners, even a Tian level master would think twice before initiating a fight against them.

This time, upon their exit, they would instantly be the talk of the town, or at least leave Ye Chengtian and the others in shock from Ye Lang’s phenomenal creation!

Nobody would know Ye Lanyu’s situation, but Mr and Mrs Ye Chengtian were thoroughly familiar with their cultivation levels. Once they witnessed what the girls have achieved in six months, they would be stupefied!

Even so, Ye Lanyu was amazed by the little princess’ sheer will. She herself might’ve had a solid foundation to start with, but the little princess did not, she was just a beginner.

But now?

She could hold battle with a martial artist closing in on Tian level for dozens of rounds. From their evaluation, the little princess’ swordsmanship could have achieved Tian level.

The little princess was now only lacking a little Douqi and a little mastery, with Douqi being at the forefront.

Naturally, that was if the martial artist on the verge of Tian level did not use Douqi to overwhelm the little princess.

Otherwise she might not even last ten rounds!

With the little princess’ swordsmanship, albeit lacking Douqi as foundation was what led to her current circumstances. Nevertheless, Douqi can be gradually accumulated, but swordsmanship was a whole other story!

It was reasonable to say that it was only a matter of time before she entered the ranks of Di Earthly level martial artists, and with her progression in Douqi, that time span would be around just three years from now!

By then, she would have both Di Level douqi and Tian level swordcraft. Her abilities would far exceed her peers.

The root of this situation was well agreed to be from two main causes.

First, the little princess had a hidden personality of reservity, but the second point, which was key, was that she took clues from the most reserved person they know!

It was because of the oddball that Ye Lang was- by modelling herself after her inspiration, the little princess had too become an oddball herself. Alongside her secretive swordsmanship, the people around her just could not precisely predict her proficiency.

Ye Lanyu was certain that with the little princess’ current progress, it sure was only a matter of time before she achieved breakthrough!

The ensued thoughts left Ye Lanyu slightly envious, with a tinge of jealousy and hatred. But there was nothing she could do, that’s just the way humans were!

Meanwhile, she knew that as long as Ye Lang was here, the difference of natural talent could be minimised along the way. She had one sole advantage that the little princess did not, she could stay by Ye Lang’s side as long as she would like but the princess eventually would have to return to her home kingdom!

That was exactly the edge she had over the little princess!

Ye Lang’s presence was the equivalent to greatness!

Naturally, It was a known fact to everyone in attendance, but the little princess chose instead to avoid those thoughts. All she wanted at this point was to stay by his side, nothing else was worth a thought.

But that was ultimately a problem for the future. Right now, hardly anyone was bothered by that as they all went ahead with their individual responsibilities. Those that were preoccupied by research continued researching, those in cultivation proceeded with cultivating.

The scene played out that morning, as Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess began cultivating at the break of dawn, in search of the breakthrough they desperately sought after; Ye Lang along with the little princess, Zhen Xiaoyan and Little Zero had breakfast, naturally prepared by Zhen Xiaoyan before they all began working on their delegated tasks.

Ye Lang’s alchemy trio had their hands full the past six months, while at the same time Ye Lang had too begun coaching Ye Lanyu and the others. Nevertheless, he did not lose track of his grand scheme as most of his time was still spent on development of his master plan.

Only during meals and breaks would Ye Lang spend time with Ye Lanyu and the others, conversing and sharing their daily progress.

“Sis, why don’t you take cousin Zhiqing as an example, her cultivation was noticeably lower than you both, but now she has clearly achieved equal footing. Look at the effort she’s putting into this!” At that moment, Ye Lang turned towards the far side of the lake. On a wooden totem stood Ye Zhqing, with swords on both hands, he could feel that she had fully immersed herself into position.

Ye Zhiqing had maintained her dedication and determination throughout the time she spent in the space, and her effort had evidently paid off as she caught up to Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess.

The aforementioned martial artist that was on the brink of Tian level, was none other than Ye Zhiqing! Not only did she push herself on self cultivation, she accompanied and supported the little princess in a cultivation of her own, largely to share the burden from Ye Lang’s shoulders.

Around the space, besides Ye Zhiqing, there really was no one else that could support the little princess’ cultivation. Ye Lang was occupied every single day by a multitude of tasks, while Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were both mages of their own right, distinct from the martial artists.

Along the way, there were instances where both mages had tried to convince the little princess to cultivate magic instead. She was still young and it would be easier to start anew after all.

The reason she laid out was that cultivating magic didn’t have to be violent and filled with gore, it could be elegant, especially when its practitioners were noblewomen like themselves!

To that opinion, the little princess shook her head, “Nope, big brother’s swordcraft is still the most elegant!”

That left Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess with nothing left to say, and no reason or cause to rebuke her theory!

“I’m trying really hard!” Ye Lanyu whined. She didn’t want to say that, because she could see from her own eyes Ye Zhiqing’s effort, while knowing for the fact that she could not do the same.

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