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The Silly Alchemist (Web Novel) - Chapter 746 - Breakthrough (3)

Chapter 746: Breakthrough (3)

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“Are you not going over?” Zhen Xiaoyan asked. She was just downstairs arranging the equipment, and upon hearing his remark hinted at him. She was visibly in joy for the two of them.

Tian level masters! From now on, even if they bullied their way around the mainland, nobody would dare raise their voice!

Nevertheless, that was hardly anyone’s priorities for achieving Tian level, however it seemed that Ye Lanyu was inclined to that thought.

“Even if they’ve achieved breakthroughs it still wouldn’t make much of a difference until they manage to stabilize their foundations. And that takes time. Even when we’re done, they might have to stay a tad bit longer in here.”

“Oh, I see.” Zhen Xiaoyan nodded as she seemed to comprehend Ye Lang’s clarification.

“Hmm, interesting isn’t it? Who’d have thought even when they break through they would both do it at the same time?” Ye Lang teased as he smirked.

“What? Didn’t you say they achieved breakthrough together, so it’s actually only one person?” Zhen Xiaoyan was dumbfounded.

Ye Lang smiled as he clarified. “What I meant before is different from what it is now, you’ll know soon enough! Ol’ sis and little seven sure are an interesting pair aren’t they, if they were a man and a woman this would be interesting…” Zhen Xiaoyan was left more lost than ever, unable to wrap her head around Ye Lang’s words.

“Alright, Little Zero pass me the item.” Ye Lang paid no attention to her as he returned to work on his boat.

“Got it.”

Right before dinner later that night, when Ye Lang and Little Zero, along with the little princess return, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were ecstatic as they boasted about the incident earlier that day.


“Ye Lang!”

“I managed to break through today!”

Both their eyes staring directly towards him, frantically awaiting a reply that would suit the occasion. Or at least one that would have him in amazement.

Naturally Zhen Xiaoyan had never got around to informing them both that Ye Lang had already known of their breakthrough, otherwise their reaction would be much different than it was now.

“I know.” Ye Lang nodded.

The answer was wildly different from what they were expecting, and upon his response their smiles sunk along with their spirits. Nevertheless, they were still merry from the achievement.

“You knew? How did you find out? Did someone tell you?”

Ye Lanyu giggled as she added, her smile as bright as day. Her question was naturally only from curiosity and not to blame anyone for it.

“I could feel it from over there. You both achieved breakthrough at the same time didn’t you?” Ye Lang casually replied. “Alright, time for a celebration!”

“Xiaoyan, I’m sure you prepared a hearty meal fit for a celebration!”

“Well of course I did, you made sure I prepared more today didn’t you, to celebrate their achievement! Today I guarantee that everyone will leave with your bellies rounder!” Zhen Xiaoyan proclaimed as she served the dishes.

So that’s why Xiaoyan had been preoccupied with preparing food this whole time, Ye Lang knew it from the start? Ye Lanyu appeared to have pieced it all together.

“Yeah, Ye Lang told me that you have both achieved breakthroughs, together. It must be some sort of coincidence I guess, not sure what’s so interesting about that.” Zhen Xiaoyan replied as he laid down the dishes.

The mouth watering dishes, courtesy of Zhen Xiaoyan’s phenomenal culinary skills were placed one after another, occupying almost all available space on the table!

If it was before, Ye Lanyu would promptly proceed to munch down on the delicacies before anything else. But today, Zhen Xiaoyan’s words piqued her curiosity. How would Ye Lang know?

“Little brother, how did you know we made it, especially the fact that we achieved breakthrough together? Were you close by at that moment?”

“Nope, I wouldn’t have the time even if I’d like to, we’re pretty pre-occupied there too! Look at all of you, all achieving breakthroughs while I’m still only halfway through…” Ye Lang frowned in response.

“How does any of those things correlate with each other? Tell me, if you weren’t nearby, how did you know that we succeeded, together?” Ye Lanyu was reluctant to back down.

“Well even if you both achieved breakthrough at the same time, what’s so peculiar about that? Why are you so concerned about it?” Little Zero confusedly remarked. “Didn’t you both just say you did it?”

“We did this together, but not that together! We achieved breakthrough together, not because we’re together, but because we collaborated by activating each other! Not individually, but by joining hands, you get it now?” Ye Lanyu infuriatingly explained, albeit making the narration even more murky than it already was.

“Wow what a temper…so, this…hmm I think I got it!” Little Zero contemplated with her head tilted to one side. She finally got a grasp of what Ye Lanyu was implying.

Apparently, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess achieving breakthroughs together was not a coincidence, but instead a deliberate collaboration to take advantage of each other’s elements, in an attempt to leap past this hurdle to achieve the breakthrough they sought after for this long!

Hours ago, Ye Lanyu’s first intention was to give it a quick try, given how long they were on the verge of breakthrough but still unable to do so. They agreed to have a duel amongst one another, before they attempted a merger magic technique.

As a result, once the preparations were set, they instantly felt the connection, and with that utilizing one another to achieve breakthrough!

The flow of the achievement as it occurred sounded rather mundane, simple even when they were describing it, but the painstaking process that they both experienced were only shared amongst the two women. Breakthrough was a long winding process after all.

And just like that, they have achieved a level of mastery rightfully theirs as they work towards greater heights!

Furthermore, since the two women achieved Tian level at the same time, upon channeling a merger magic, the sheer monstrosity of their power was one few alive could withstand!

Leaving Ye Lang amazed by a product of pure accident!

Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were fixated upon Ye Lang, anxiously awaiting his reply. Noting their unwavering stares, he finally gave in and decided to answer.

“I can feel the vibration of your energies. Even when I’m not there, given how close we were I could instantly feel its presence.”

“Energy vibration? Where? I don’t feel it,” Ye Zhiqing suspiciously remarked.

“Yes there was,” Ye Lang nodded while he emphasized. He was keen to make sure they believed that he was telling the truth.

“I trust you. Tell us how it felt.” Ye Zhiqing stared straight at Ye Lang.

Everyone turned their gazes towards him from curiosity, eager to know what his answer would be, what he felt despite the distance that he was in.

Ye Lang gave it some thought, yet replied with two words that left the crowd in utter silence. Those words were none other than…

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