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The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe (Web Novel)


The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe is a Chinese fantasy fiction containing themes of cultivation, Sages, Demons, Sorcerers, and Chinese Ancestors. Minghe, reincarnated from an IT nerd in the modern world, sets his mind to change his history and create another legend in Untainted Land. No one knows how many secrets he has or how powerful he is. What will happen in this afterlife of his? How can he pursue the power of the Origin in order to change his history? Discover all the answers in this book.

347 • 2019-07-21 23:51:34


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 418: Infinite Tao2019-07-22
Chapter 417: Planning2019-07-22
Chapter 416: Out of Closed Door Meditation2019-07-22
Chapter 415: Taking Stock of the Spoils2019-07-22
Chapter 414: A Striking Change2019-07-22
Chapter 413: The Twelve Earthly Branches2019-07-22
Chapter 412: The Final Battle2019-07-22
Chapter 411: Minghe Reappears2019-07-22
Chapter 410: Hongjun’s Action2019-07-22
Chapter 409: Minghe’s Action2019-07-22
Chapter 408: The State of Mind Warning2019-07-22
Chapter 407: Picking Fruit2019-07-22
Chapter 406: The Battle Escalates2019-07-22
Chapter 405: The Battle Continues2019-07-22
Chapter 404: The Dogfight Began2019-07-22
Chapter 403: Meeting Hongjun Again2019-07-22
Chapter 402: The Birth of A Valuable Treasure2019-07-22
Chapter 401: Refinement of Formation2019-07-22
Chapter 400: Hunting2019-07-22
Chapter 399: Starry Sky Region2019-07-22
Chapter 398: Breakthrough2019-07-22
Chapter 397: First Visit to Central Region2019-07-22
Chapter 396: The Envoys2019-07-22
Chapter 395: The Treasures2019-07-22
Chapter 394: The Closing of the Mystery Territory2019-07-22
Chapter 393: Inheritance of Weapons and Arrays2019-07-22
Chapter 392: The Opening of the Mystery Territory2019-07-22
Chapter 391: Both Sides Clear2019-07-22
Chapter 390: Transaction2019-07-22
Chapter 389: Plot2019-07-22
Chapter 388: The Mystery Territory of Earth2019-07-22
Chapter 387: The Elders House2019-07-22
Chapter 386: The Eighth Floor of the Library2019-07-22
Chapter 385: Accident2019-07-22
Chapter 384: Breakthrough of the Fate Realm2019-07-22
Chapter 383: Minghe’s "Insanity"2019-07-22
Chapter 382: Transformation2019-07-22
Chapter 381: Choice2019-07-22
Chapter 380: Shock2019-07-22
Chapter 379: Minghe’s Plans2019-07-22
Chapter 378: Entering Yun Ling Academy2019-07-22
Chapter 377: Yun Ling Academy2019-07-22
Chapter 376: Newly Arrived2019-07-22
Chapter 375: Bodily Breakthrough2019-07-22
Chapter 374: Settlement2019-07-22
Chapter 373: The Reappearance of the Holy Thunder2019-07-22
Chapter 372: Fist-to-fist2019-07-22
Chapter 371: Discovery2019-07-22
Chapter 370: Strange Thoughts2019-07-22
Chapter 369: Breakthrough2019-07-22
Chapter 368: Supreme Treasures Supporting Heaven and Earth2019-07-22
Chapter 367: Treasures2019-07-22
Chapter 366: Hunter or Prey?2019-07-22
Chapter 365: The Secret2019-07-22
Chapter 364: What used to be have changed2019-07-22
Chapter 363: Discovery2019-07-22
Chapter 362: Departure2019-07-22
Chapter 361: Foothold2019-07-22
Chapter 360: New World2019-07-22
Chapter 359: Meeting and Parting2019-07-22
Chapter 358: The Battlefield of Gods and Demons2019-07-22
Chapter 357: The Advent of the Great Way2019-07-22
Chapter 356: The Flourishing Untainted Land2019-07-22
Chapter 355: The Destruction of the Five Elements2019-07-22
Chapter 354: Banned the Five Elements2019-07-22
Chapter 353: Jun Tian’s Apprehension2019-07-22
Chapter 352: Sacrificing the Five Elements2019-07-22
Chapter 351: The Arrival of ‘God of Plague’2019-07-22
Chapter 350: The Way of Heaven Warning Sign2019-07-22
Chapter 349: The Cave2019-07-22
Chapter 348: Revisit2019-07-22
Chapter 347: The Secret of Zixiao Palace2019-07-22
Chapter 346: The Exploration2019-07-22
Chapter 345: World of Five Elements2019-07-22
Chapter 344: Three Removed, Two Maintained2019-07-22
Chapter 343: The Divine Laws of Fire2019-07-22
Chapter 342: The Siskin following behind2019-07-22
Chapter 341: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada2019-07-22
Chapter 340: The Hunting Journey2019-07-22
Chapter 339: The Secret Place2019-07-22
Chapter 338: Different Purposes2019-07-22
Chapter 337: Hongjun2019-07-22
Chapter 336: Practicing2019-07-22
Chapter 335: Rising Through the Ranks2019-07-22
Chapter 334: Leave2019-07-22
Chapter 333: Another Tragedy2019-07-22
Chapter 332: Minghe’s Arrangement2019-07-22
Chapter 331: Dipamkara’s Choice2019-07-22
Chapter 330: From Taoism to Buddhism2019-07-22
Chapter 329: God Deification Ceremony2019-07-22
Chapter 328: A Drastic Measure2019-07-22
Chapter 327: The Hall of Pangu2019-07-22
Chapter 326: The Changes in Untainted Land2019-07-22
Chapter 325: A Striking Change2019-07-22
Chapter 324: The Appearance of Hongjun2019-07-22
Chapter 323: A Sumptuous Feast2019-07-22
Chapter 322: Minghe’s Action2019-07-22
Chapter 321: Liu Er’s Passing Tribulation2019-07-22
Chapter 320: The breaking Untainted Land2019-07-22
Chapter 319: The War of Immortals2019-07-22