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The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power (Web Novel)


Hit by a truck as a young man, after winning God’s ultimate lottery prize, I got to create a HOLY sh*t-like cheat ability of my choosing, create a harem, make loads of money, sleep with a random babe, and do anything I liked; it’s that kind of story.

637 • 2019-09-03 16:27:29


The chapter Addition Time
Final Chapter and Epilogue2019-09-03
Chapter 33: Children2019-09-03
Chapter 32: Women’s demands2019-09-03
Chapter 31: Futanari 4P Part 2 ★ (Futanari Sex)2019-09-03
Chapter 30: Futanari 4p Part 1 ★ (Blowjob)2019-09-03
Chapter 29: Futanari beast girl, Kiki Part 2 ★ (Virgin Sex)2019-09-03
Chapter 28: Futanari beast girl, Kiki Part 1 ★ (Futanari Caress)2019-09-03
Chapter 27: Information of damn thief2019-09-03
Chapter 26: Punishment2019-09-03
Chapter 25: Dumb Thief ★2019-09-03
Chapter 24: Plucking a beautiful flower Part 2 ★ (Virgin Sex)2019-09-03
Chapter 23: Plucking a beautiful flower Part 1 ★ (Caress)2019-09-03
Chapter 22: One hundred million gold woman2019-09-03
Chapter 21: For a more comfortable living2019-09-03
Chapter 20: Mansion inauguration commemoration 4P Part 3 ★ (Taste of anal)2019-09-03
Chapter 19: Mansion inauguration commemoration 4P Part 2 ★ (Harem blowjob, and virgin sex)2019-09-03
Chapter 18: Mansion inauguration commemoration 4P Part 1 ★ (Mat play and bath sex)2019-09-03
Chapter 17: The mansion in the fantasy world2019-09-03
Chapter 16: Slave District ★ (Lightweight)2019-09-03
Chapter 15: Yes, Slaves2019-09-03
Chapter 14: Redeem ★2019-09-03
Chapter 13: Build a Home2019-09-03
Chapter 12: Easy money cheat2019-09-03
Chapter 11: Redeem talk ★2019-09-03
Chapter 10: Merchant’s Daughter2019-09-03
Chapter 9: Wavering Heart.2019-09-03
Chapter 8: Luxurious brothel’s soap play part 4 ★ (The morning after)2019-09-03
Chapter 7: Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 3 ★ (Main event: Mat Play)2019-09-03
Chapter 6: Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 2 ★ (Periscope)2019-09-03
Chapter 5: Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 1 ★ (Body Wash)2019-09-03
Chapter 4: Choosing a prostitute2019-09-03
Chapter 3: Hit the Dragon, also Rape ★2019-09-03
Chapter 2: Tutorial investigation behavior2019-09-03
Chapter 1: Prologue and Deciding the Status2019-09-03


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