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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball (Web Novel)


Xiaya reincarnated in the Dragon Ball Universe as a Saiyan 12 years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Watch him as he creates the strongest legend of Dragon Ball World from the beginning.
1258 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 344: Stopping2019-08-28
Chapter 343: Advancement of Dimension2019-08-28
Chapter 342: Creating God Star2019-08-28
Chapter 341: Destruction God’s Planet2019-08-20
Chapter 340: Inviting Whis2019-08-20
Chapter 339: Trainee god candidate2019-08-20
Chapter 338: Supreme Ki of Time “Chronoa”2019-08-20
Chapter 337: Whis arrives2019-08-06
Chapter 336: Super Saiyan 22019-08-06
Chapter 335: Desperate2019-08-06
Chapter 334 Powerful Bojack2019-07-26
Chapter 333: Metal body2019-07-26
Chapter 332 Bojack’s Ki2019-07-26
Chapter 331: For training Tien Shinhan2019-07-19
Chapter 330: A bigger stage2019-07-19
Chapter 329: Dull days2019-07-19
Chapter 328: It’s over?2019-07-06
Chapter 327: Unparalleled2019-07-06
Chapter 326: Meiling transforming into Super Saiyan 22019-07-06
Chapter 325: Not enough pressure2019-06-25
Chapter 324: Meiling’s battle2019-06-25
Chapter 323: Terrifying Bojack and his companions2019-06-25
Chapter 322: East Kai’s request2019-06-16
Chapter 321: Underworld’s experts2019-06-16
Chapter 320: Attacking Big Gete Star2019-06-16
Chapter 319: Powerless East Kai2019-06-06
Chapter 318: Meta-Cooler2019-06-06
Chapter 317: Attacking Planet Hongshan2019-06-06
Chapter 316: Meta-Saibamen2019-05-28
Chapter 315: Destruction of Galactic Patrol Organization2019-05-28
Chapter 314: The little girl who was nearly killed2019-05-28
Chapter 313: Champion2019-05-28
Chapter 312: During the tournament2019-05-20
Chapter 311: Top-eight2019-05-20
Chapter 310: World Martial Arts Tournament2019-05-20
Chapter 309: Big Gete Star2019-05-13
Chapter 308: Tien Shinhan’s challenge2019-05-13
Chapter 307: Crane School’s disciples2019-05-13
Chapter 306: Turbulent starry sky2019-05-06
Chapter 305: Becoming disciple2019-05-06
Chapter 304: The point where storyline changed2019-05-06
Chapter 303: A temporary separation of journey2019-04-30
Chapter 302: If there is no fate, it is not necessarily a bad thing!2019-04-30
Chapter 301: The journey is more than halfway through2019-04-30
Chapter 300: Simple test2019-04-24
Chapter 299: Xiaya’s home2019-04-24
Chapter 298: God of Martial Arts Master Roshi2019-04-24
Chapter 297: Goku and Bulma2019-04-16
Chapter 296 The destined journey2019-04-16
Chapter 295 The place where the storyline starts2019-04-16
Chapter 294: Secretly climbing the bed2019-04-16
Chapter 293: Xiaya’s wedding2019-04-08
Chapter 292: You are my hostage2019-04-08
Chapter 291: Meiling and Zangya2019-04-08
Chapter 290: Before going back2019-04-02
Chapter 289: Time Ring2019-04-02
Chapter 288: Sacred World of the Kai2019-03-28
Chapter 287: The method to go back2019-03-28
Chapter 286: Reviving all the living things2019-03-26
Chapter 285: Decisive battle2019-03-26
Chapter 284: Super Android 132019-03-26
Chapter 283, Android 13, 14, and 152019-03-26
Chapter 282: Troubles coming one after another2019-03-26
Chapter 281: New Enemy2019-03-26
Chapter 280: Dr. Gero’s research institute2019-03-26
Chapter 279: North Kai’s Planet2019-03-26
Chapter 278: Peace finally arrived2019-03-26
Chapter 277: Yajirobe dies2019-03-26
Chapter 276: Looking for Androids2019-03-26
Chapter 275: Coming out of Hyperbolic Time Chamber2019-03-26
Chapter 274: Big breakthrough2019-03-26
Chapter 273: Super Saiyan levels2019-03-26
Chapter 272: Fortunately, Lookout hasn’t been destroyed2019-03-26
Chapter 271: Master Roshi and Korin2019-03-26
Chapter 270: Next time we meet will be your last day2019-03-26
Chapter 269: Android 17 and 182019-03-26
Chapter 268: Facing Androids2019-03-26
Chapter 267: Past events are now just memories2019-03-26
Chapter 266: Different world’s Bulma2019-03-26
Chapter 265: What the hell is a Golden Flame Warrior?2019-03-26
Chapter 264: Gohan and Xiaya2019-03-26
Chapter 263: Another Earth2019-03-26
Chapter 262: Gohan2019-03-26
Chapter 261: Things have remained the same, but people have changed2019-03-26
Chapter 260: A miserable world2019-03-26
Chapter 259: His soul is not in Underworld2019-03-26
Chapter 258: Planet collapsing2019-03-26
Chapter 257: Insane2019-03-26
Chapter 256: Whole Sky Star Map Cannon2019-03-26
Chapter 255: Overload2019-03-26
Chapter 254: Intense fight2019-03-26
Chapter 253: Facing King Davidow2019-03-26
Chapter 252: Taking the initiative to attack2019-03-26
Chapter 251: New Threat2019-03-26
Chapter 250: Female Robber2019-03-26
Chapter 249: Tights request2019-03-26
Chapter 248: I want to go back to earth2019-03-26
Chapter 247: Frieza hiding behind the scenes2019-03-26
Chapter 246: Vegeta’s Squad2019-03-26
Chapter 245: Frieza regaining consciousness2019-03-26