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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball (Web Novel)


Xiaya reincarnated in the Dragon Ball Universe as a Saiyan 12 years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Watch him as he creates the strongest legend of Dragon Ball World from the beginning.
1320 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 244: Durability of the planet’s core2019-03-26
Chapter 243: Rebuilding Planet Hongshan2019-03-26
Chapter 242: Fleeing2019-03-26
Chapter 241: Female Super Saiyan2019-03-26
Chapter 240: Super Saiyan Meiling2019-03-26
Chapter 239: King Cold dies2019-03-26
Chapter 238: Battling in the space2019-03-26
Chapter 237: King Cold2019-03-26
Chapter 236: Frost Demon Luther2019-03-26
Chapter 235: Planet Hongshan in danger2019-03-26
Chapter 234: Next target2019-03-26
Chapter 233: Desperate Frieza2019-03-26
Chapter 232: 480 million Battle Power2019-03-26
Chapter 231: Frieza’s Final Form2019-03-26
Chapter 230: Trampling2019-03-26
Chapter 229: Universe King Frieza2019-03-26
Chapter 228: Destruction of Ginyu Force2019-03-26
Chapter 227: Killing with just a turn of his hand2019-03-26
Chapter 226: It’s revenge time2019-03-26
Chapter 225: Ginyu Force2019-03-26
Chapter 224: King Davidow’s family2019-03-26
Chapter 223: Zangya’s past2019-03-26
Chapter 222: Help them out2019-03-26
Chapter 221: Floating island2019-03-26
Chapter 220: Summoning Golden-flame Shenron2019-03-26
Chapter 219: Killing with decisiveness2019-03-26
Chapter 218: Together for three months2019-03-26
Chapter 217: Tights and Vegeta2019-03-26
Chapter 216: Severely wounded Vegeta2019-03-26
Chapter 215: Travelling Tights2019-03-26
Chapter 214: Meiling2019-03-26
Chapter 213: Confrontation of martial arts2019-03-26
Chapter 212: Nine Martial Immortals2019-03-26
Chapter 211: Journey of practicing martial arts begins2019-03-26
Chapter 210: When do you plan to marry?2019-03-26
Chapter 209: Planet Metamor2019-03-26
Chapter 208: Mysterious woman’s remaining prestige2019-03-26
Chapter 207: Do you know who am I?2019-03-26
Chapter 206: A woman suddenly interrupted2019-03-26
Chapter 205: Mysterious female underground2019-03-26
Chapter 204: Cooler’s Final Form2019-03-26
Chapter 203: Taking revenge for the past hatred2019-03-26
Chapter 202: Giving Cooler a gift2019-03-25
Chapter 201: Kill them slowly2019-03-25
Chapter 200 Slug’s death2019-03-25
Chapter 199 Super Saiyan2019-03-25
Chapter 198 Cooler hurrying2019-03-25
Chapter 197 Super Namekian2019-03-25
Chapter 196 Fighting Slug (Part II)2019-03-25
Chapter 196 Fighting Slug (Part I)2019-03-25
Chapter 195 Slug landing (Part 3)2019-03-25
Chapter 195 Slug landing (Part 2)2019-03-25
Chapter 195 Slug landing (Part 1)2019-03-25
Chapter 194 I want to arrive in half an hour2019-03-25
Chapter 193 Afraid2019-03-25
Chapter 192 Tree of Might’s fruit2019-03-25
Chapter 191 Raiga visits2019-03-25
Chapter 190 News brought by Jaco2019-03-25
Chapter 189 The turning point for a breakthrough2019-03-25
Chapter 188 Pseudo Super Saiyan2019-03-25
Chapter 187 Saiyan Turles2019-03-25
Chapter 186 All three sides moving out2019-03-25
Chapter 185 Frieza’s subordinates2019-03-25
Chapter 184 Energy responses ahead2019-03-25
Chapter 183 Muying reminiscing2019-03-25
Chapter 182 Master Shen and Mercenary Tao2019-03-25
Chapter 181 Advising Tien Shinhan2019-03-25
Chapter 180 Golden—haired Launch2019-03-25
Chapter 179 Who killed InoShikaCho?2019-03-25
Chapter 178 InoShikaCho2019-03-25
Chapter 177 Slug2019-03-25
Chapter 176 Cooler’s ambition2019-03-25
Chapter 175 Again seeing Launch2019-03-25
Chapter 174 Frieza’s Intentions (Part II)2019-03-25
Chapter 173 Frieza’s Intentions (Part I)2019-03-25
Chapter 172 Going back2019-03-25
Chapter 171 Golden—Flame Shenron2019-03-25
Chapter 170 Crystal Dragon Balls2019-03-25
Chapter 169 Making a wish2019-03-25
Chapter 168 Super Shenron2019-03-25
Chapter 167 Vados’ appears2019-03-25
Chapter 166 3 million Battle Power2019-03-25
Chapter 165 Tempering Altar2019-03-25
Chapter 164 The final objective2019-03-25
Chapter 163 Rescuing2019-03-25
Chapter 162 Mother Goddess is no more2019-03-25
Chapter 161 Lafuli’s new home2019-03-25
Chapter 160 Fountain of Youth2019-03-25
Chapter 159 First time meeting King Kai2019-03-25
Chapter 158 Different Holy Tower2019-03-25
Chapter 157 Gain or loss2019-03-25
Chapter 156 Another earth2019-03-25
Chapter 155 6—star Dragon Ball2019-03-25
Chapter 154 Planet is going to be destroyed2019-03-25
Chapter 153 Sudden Outburst2019-03-25
Chapter 152 Chaos2019-03-25
Chapter 151 Getting stronger when encountering a strong opponent2019-03-25
Chapter 150 Body Transformation?2019-03-25
Chapter 149 Huge Collision2019-03-25
Chapter 148 The expectant King Kai2019-03-25