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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball (Web Novel)


Xiaya reincarnated in the Dragon Ball Universe as a Saiyan 12 years before the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Watch him as he creates the strongest legend of Dragon Ball World from the beginning.
1301 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 147 Ki Ignition2019-03-25
Chapter 146 Opening his two—closed eyes2019-03-25
Chapter 145 Probing2019-03-25
Chapter 144 Both the brothers were defeated!2019-03-25
Chapter 143 Taking action2019-03-25
Chapter 142 Someone dares to act wildly2019-03-25
Chapter 141 Auction2019-03-25
Chapter 140 Sixth Dragon Ball2019-03-25
Chapter 139 Father and two sons2019-03-25
Chapter 138 Bofei Trading Center2019-03-25
Chapter 137 Vados interferes2019-03-25
Chapter 136 Champa’s delicious food2019-03-25
Chapter 135 Universe King2019-03-25
Chapter 134 Universe 62019-03-25
Chapter 133 Super Dragon Balls2019-03-25
Chapter 132 Planet Bakuf’s Guardian2019-03-25
Chapter 131 Hoi—Poi Capsules, Towards the universe2019-03-25
Chapter 130 Developing a new skill2019-03-25
Chapter 129 Three wishes2019-03-25
Chapter 128 Can I create dragon balls?2019-03-25
Chapter 127 Large size Dragon Balls2019-03-25
Chapter 126 Unlocking Potential2019-03-25
Chapter 125 Arrives at Planet Namek2019-03-25
Chapter 124 They have come back2019-03-25
Chapter 123 Galactic King’s decision2019-03-25
Chapter 122 Captured2019-03-25
Chapter 121 This might be a misunderstanding2019-03-25
Chapter 120 Is someone invading Planet Hongshan?2019-03-25
Chapter 119 People coming from far away2019-03-25
Chapter 118 Arrangement2019-03-25
Chapter 117 Launch2019-03-25
Chapter 116 Tights2019-03-25
Chapter 115 The little girl in the mountain village2019-03-25
Chapter 114 Third Floor2019-03-25
Chapter 113 Again meeting Korin2019-03-25
Chapter 112 Returning the Dragon Balls2019-03-25
Chapter 111 New Classification2019-03-25
Chapter 110 Cooperation2019-03-25
Chapter 109 Galactic Patrol2019-03-25
Chapter 108 Restless2019-03-25
Chapter 107 Mysterious place2019-03-25
Chapter 106 Training and Reviewing2019-03-25
Chapter 105 Planet Destruction2019-03-25
Chapter 104 Large disparity2019-03-25
Chapter 103 Cooler Arrives2019-03-25
Chapter 102 Cooler’s Forces2019-03-25
Chapter 101 Spirit Eye secret skill2019-03-25
Chapter 100 Frost Demon Race’s reactions2019-03-25
Chapter 99 Relief sculpture’s textures2019-03-25
Chapter 98 Peculiar Secret Skills2019-03-25
Chapter 97 Planet Yardrat2019-03-25
Chapter 96 Annihilated2019-03-25
Chapter 95 Rapid Attacks2019-03-25
Chapter 94 Armored Squadron2019-03-25
Chapter 93 Leaving for Planet Yardrat2019-03-25
Chapter 92 Training Special Battle Squadron2019-03-25
Chapter 91 Bardock’s decision2019-03-25
Chapter 90 Leader2019-03-25
Chapter 89 Arriving on Planet Hongshan2019-03-25
Chapter 88 New Beginning2019-03-25
Chapter 87 A different World2019-03-25
Chapter 86 Space—time Ability2019-03-25
Chapter 85 Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans2019-03-25
Chapter 84 Planet Vegeta’s destruction2019-03-25
Chapter 83 Huge Fireball2019-03-25
Chapter 82 Desperate Fight2019-03-25
Chapter 81 Myers in danger2019-03-25
Chapter 80 Rebellion starts2019-03-25
Chapter 79 Bardock’s arrangement2019-03-25
Chapter 78 Last one month2019-03-25
Chapter 77 The curse of Planet Kanassa2019-03-25
Chapter 76 Bardock and Gine2019-03-25
Chapter 75 Image Training2019-03-25
Chapter 74 I do not want to see Planet Vegeta2019-03-25
Chapter 73 Ah, will not observe2019-03-25
Chapter 72 Immediately transferring2019-03-25
Chapter 71 Frightened2019-03-25
Chapter 70 God of Destruction Beerus2019-03-25
Chapter 69 King Vegeta2019-03-25
Chapter 68 Wishing on dragon balls2019-03-25
Chapter 67 Looking for dragon balls2019-03-25
Chapter 66 Dragon Ball2019-03-25
Chapter 65 Arriving with a Saiyan branch2019-03-25
Chapter 64 Moving the first batch2019-03-25
Chapter 63 The girl has grown up2019-03-25
Chapter 62 Planet Hongshan2019-03-25
Chapter 61 Four Planets2019-03-25
Chapter 60 120,000 Battle Power2019-03-25
Chapter 59 Gravity Machine2019-03-25
Chapter 58 Rest2019-03-25
Chapter 57 Planet Longju2019-03-25
Chapter 56 Departure2019-03-25
Chapter 55 Frieza’s response2019-03-25
Chapter 54 Zarbon’s Death2019-03-25
Chapter 53 You cannot be envious2019-03-25
Chapter 52 Fighting Zarbon2019-03-25
Chapter 51 Encounter2019-03-25
Chapter 50 Zarbon2019-03-25
Chapter 49 Send you on your way2019-03-25
Chapter 48 Planet Feidaya2019-03-25