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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball (Web Novel) - Chapter 403 God of Destruction Champa

Chapter 403 God of Destruction Champa

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Universe 6, God of Destruction’s Planet.

This place was not too different from the God of Destruction’s Planet in Universe 6. It is also the highest point of the Universe 6.

Vados was calmly walking on an emerald path as a gentle breeze blew by, bringing with it a pleasant smell. Suddenly, the crystal ball atop her scepter glowed. Vados glanced at it curiously and smiled faintly.

She raised her skirt and began walking in another direction.

A short while later, Whis and Xiaya appeared in front of Vados. He calmly walked forward and said, “Sister, I have to trouble you with some matters.”


When Vados looked at Xiaya, an expression of astonishment appeared on her face. She turned to Whis and said, “Your Universe 7 is really lucky that a Time Enforcer will appear soon.”

Vados turned to Xiaya and said, “Young man, with only a few years of effort, your achievements have surprised me.”

Vados’s eyes could discern much more than Whis’s. A glance was all she needed to see Xiaya’s strength, which left her reeling in shock. Just sixteen years ago, this boy reached 3 million Battle Power before her eyes. And, after only a few years, he had grown to this extent.

At that moment, the desire to forcibly take Xiaya from Universe 7 bubbled within Vados, but she knew it was impossible. Her brother would not let her have her way on this issue.

Moreover, the rules and regulations has already branded Xiaya a person of Universe 7.

“Whis, what brings you here?” Vados asked, her voice as light as a feather. Although they were siblings, Vados, who was an angel, knew that Whis could not come to her territory for no reason.

With a faint smile on his face, Whis explained the purpose of his visit. When he was done, Vados appeared hesitant. She turned to Xiaya and said, “So, it’s about the super dragon balls. I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed, though.”

“What happened?” Xiaya’s expression changed.

“It’s like this: last time, I made the decision to give you the super dragon balls, and Champa-sama was very upset. You can only take away the super dragon balls if you have Champa-sama’s consent.”

Vados’s response caused Xiaya’s heart to skip a beat, but he quickly calmed his troubled heart.

God of Destruction Champa was not an easy person to deal with. Unlike God of Destruction Beerus, Champa would sometimes deliberately cause even more trouble, and he cared a lot for the things that belonged to him. In his eyes, Super Dragon Balls were very precious. Any attempt to convince him would not work.

With raised eyebrows, Whis calmly said, “Sister, can you make an exception?”

Vados was silent, her silver-gray hair fluttering in the breeze. A long while later, she shook her head sideways. “No. Champa-sama has long since been competing with Beerus-sama. If he knew that a trainee Time Enforcer has already appeared in Universe 7, his reluctance to give you the Super Dragon Balls will be even stronger. Oh… it’s not like there is no method…”

Suddenly, Vados remembered something and said.

“What method?” Xiaya asked anxiously.

“Uhh, Champa-sama is fond of delicious food, just like Beerus-sama. If you can take out something that can interest Champa-sama, maybe he can give you a chance.”

When Xiaya heard Vados’s suggestion, his spirit was lifted. Whis smiled.

“What, do you have a solution?” Vados, who had just seen the smile on their faces, asked in surprise.

With a smile, Whis said, “If it’s just delicious food, it will not pose a problem to us. Even I can’t withstand the allure of the delicious food at Xiaya’s place.”

“Miss Vados, I want to know what Champa-sama usually eats.” Wanting to impress him, he must first understand Champa’s tastes. So, Xiaya inquired about the information from Vados.

“Champa-sama’s favorite is the egg of a Baron Bird!” Vados answered.

Xiaya had never heard of such a creature, neither did he know how it tasted. He turned to Whis and saw an expression of surprise on his face.

“What’s wrong? What’s the problem with Baron Bird’s egg?”

Whis shook his head with an odd expression and said, “Baron Birds are very common creatures in the mortal world. Their eggs are similar to the chicken’s egg of Planet Hongshan, but it is much bigger. Uhh… this kind of egg… Beerus-sama wouldn’t even give a glance.”

Whis looked at Vados with curiosity and suddenly considered Champa-sama very pitiful.

He asked, “Sister, how do you usually cook these foods?”

Vados said calmly, “Boil it in water, and eat it when it is cooked. Champa-sama likes it very much. Each year, I give him one to eat. It’s not good to eat too much of it.”

“Eat one a year. Moreover, it is only boiled in water and eaten when cooked?”

With an expression of disbelief, Xiaya asked, “Is it that delicious?”

“Of course!” Vados said with certainty. “What Champa-sama likes to eat the most are Baron Birds’ eggs.”

“Ah, Champa’s life has been very poor!”

Xiaya suddenly felt sympathy for Champa. It was not easy for him to grow that fat under Vados’ care. Looking at Vados’s charming face, he suddenly felt a chill crawl down his spine for no reason.

Vados isn’t simple, ah!

“Amazing. You treat Champa-sama like this, but he is still deeply grateful to you, sister. If Beerus-sama can be so ‘obedient’, that would be really good.”

Whis looked at Vados with admiration, wondering if he could learn her method. A moment later, he shook his head, though. Beerus-sama was not as easily fooled as Champa-sama, and if things went wrong, the planets in the mortal world would suffer a calamity. Moreover, Beerus-sama had already tasted many sumptuous and delicious dishes, so he would unlike be willing to return to poverty.

“Miss Vados, please take me to see Champa-sama!” Xiaya said seriously.

Vados smiled in surprise. “Oh? You already thought of something this quickly?”

Xiaya scratched his head, and then he took out a pile of spring onions and an omelette from the dimensional space. “This omelet should be more delicious than white boiled eggs.”

Xiaya was afraid to take out really good items, scared that Champa would inquire about its origin. If that happened, he would be unable to explain his way out. He couldn’t say that Vados is mistreating you, right?

Vados gave Xiaya a deep look, which seemed to contain profound meaning. She smiled and said, “Alright. You two should come with me. This dish can most certainly satisfy Champa-sama.”

Vados led Xiaya and Whis to where Champa was resting.

It was a temple built atop the branches of an ancient tree. The temple was emitting a simple, hazy but vast aura. The enormous ancient tree had withered, but its roots had pierced through the entire God of Destruction’s Planet. In front of the enormous tree, the rhombus planet was like a chassis of bonsai.

The God of Destruction’s Planet in Universe 6 had an identical design to Universe 7. It really deserved to be called a twin universe.

Along the floating stone stairs, whose steps rose upwards, many temples were scattered on both sides. At the center was the sleeping place of the God of Destruction. Champa was not asleep yet, and when he detected an unfamiliar aura outside, his golden eyes flashed with a fierce glint.

“Vados, why did you bring a stranger here?” Champa could already tell that the voice he heard belonged to a strange, although he had not yet seen the person. A moment after Champa yelled, he walked out of the temple and saw Whis, who was standing beside an unfamiliar human with a level of strength that was not too bad.

Champa suddenly said something other than what he originally intended to: “Is this human the new God of Destruction of Universe 7? Is Beerus dead?”

“Champa-sama, Beerus-sama is living well,”

Whis said politely.

“Tch!” Champa’s mouth twitched. His fat belly wobbled as he waddled over. “Who is this human? The God of Destruction’s Planet does not permit the entry of unrelated people. Do you want to be destroyed?”

Champa’s vicious gaze fell on Xiaya, making Xiaya as he had when he met God of Destruction Beerus. Every pore on his body was trembling.

“He is Champa, the God of Destruction Champa. He is just as the original work described. A God of Destruction’s power is extraordinary.” Xiaya faced with a solemn expression. His aura neither servile nor overbearing.

Each and every God of Destruction was somewhat moody. Fortunately, Champa could be considered the most adorably silly one inside.

As long as no one provoked him, he was basically just like a child.

Seeing that situation veer to a deadlock, Vados stepped forward and explained, “Champa-sama, this is the trainee Time Enforcer from Universe 7. He has come to Universe 6 for—”

Before Vados could finish speaking, Champa jumped and cut in with a gloomy tone, “Wait. What did you just say? A trainee Time Enforcer has appeared in Universe 7? Damn it, Beerus. How is that bastard so lucky!”

Champa was jealous. When a universe had a Time Enforcer, it meant that the Universe was already registered in the Time world. As an existence at an equal level with a God of Destruction, Time Enforcers were, to some extent, the union of God of Destructions and Angels.

As long as an official Time Enforcer appears, Zeno-sama would not casually destroy that universe. Although Xiaya was still only a trainee, it was only a matter of time before he became a fully fledged one.

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