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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball (Web Novel) - Chapter 442 Vegeta

Chapter 442 Vegeta

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A few minutes after Olex flew to the Saiyan City to gather manpower, Xiaya clapped his hands, signaling for the three kids to stop training and fly over.

“Dad, what’s the matter?” Xiang asked, blinking.

Xiaya looked at his children and smiled faintly. “There’s some trouble on earth. I’m going to lead some Saiyans over there. Do you want to come along?”

After one year spent guiding them, his children had basically mastered the skills they should have. Now, they only lacked combat experience. He hoped that they could accumulate this combat experience through their own efforts, and the battle on earth was a good opportunity. Xiaya wanted them to come so they could temper their skills.

With him and other Saiyans protecting them, Xiaya was not worried about the safety of his children. Furthermore, Xiang and the others were not weak. If they used their full strength, their overall Battle Power would be 30,000 or 40,000, especially Meifei. Even he was somewhat envious of her Legendary Super Saiyan physique. In just one year, Meifei’s Battle Power has multiplied by a lot, and now, she nearly had 150,000 Battle Power.

It must be understood that when Xiaya was a child, he suffered a lot to reach 120,000 Battle Power, but Meifei reached it easily; in his heart, Xiaya considered it a little unfair. Meifei’s Battle Power had improved so fast, Xiaya had no choice but to train her harder so she could master every point of Battle Power more effectively.

When the kids heard Xiaya say he wanted to take them to earth for some sun, they were irresistibly tempted, as they had never left Planet Hongshan before.

“Dad, I’m going; I’m going.” The kids shouted happily, jumping up and down like little squirrels.

Xiaya patted their heads. “Go home and change your clothes, and then wait for me at the public square.”

“Umm!” Nodding eagerly, Xili and Meifei chattered, talking about something as they flew towards the house. Seeing that, Xiang followed them up.

Xiaya did not stay on the plateau. He waved his arm, and a powerful and violent whirlwind swept out, flattening the entire mountain pass for the next time’s training, and then he used Instant Transmission to arrive at Guardian Corps’ observation center.

“Sir Xiaya.” Seeing Xiaya come, Olex, the temporary person-in-charge of the observation center, saluted respectfully.

“Olex, how are preparations going?”

“Sir, we have transferred 2,000 people from the Saiyans that were free and having a break, including 10 Super Warriors and 200 Elite Warriors, and the rest are Ordinary Warriors with a solid foundation,” Olex briefed Xiaya on the formation of the temporary team with pride.

Xiaya laughed. With Planet Hongshan’s current fighting force, it didn’t take much effort to transfer this small amount of manpower.

From a recent survey, there were 63,522 Saiyans on Planet Hongshan; the Saiyan God transformation state was not included. There were 62 Super Warriors, whose Battle Power exceeds 100,000, 2100 Elite Warriors, and 61356 Ordinary Warriors. Till now, Xiaya, Xiling, Myers, and Bardock were the only Super Saiyans.

If other Forces in the universe learned of the strength of Planet Hongshan’s force, they would be so frightened that they would lose their cool. In the temporary team just set up, there were 10 Super Warriors and 200 Elite Warriors. Any random one of them could lord over some planets, and even rule an area’s Force.

On Planet Hongshan, they could be easily formed.

But, a disadvantage that Planet Hongshan had was its low number of Saiyans. Although there are many elites and their quality was high, it could not cover the lack of population. In a sense, population was also a big resource. It is the foundation of a race’s existence. The race of around 60,000 people is really too small.

After waiting a few minutes, Saiyans, who had on dark-red and black-edge Battle Armor, assembled.

“Everyone, our target this time is Earth, where aliens have invaded. My requirement is to kill all the aliens who have invaded; spare no one.” Xiaya was standing on a tall platform, his voice was not loud, but his words were clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears.

“Kill, Kill.”

“Spare no one!”

Two thousand Saiyans shouted in unison. The strong and heroic voices merged together, causing even the ground to shake.

The Saiyans were raring for a fight, and every one of them emitted a murderous aura.

Within the crowd, the three little kids wearing a mini-version of white Battle Armor were especially eye-catching. They were Xiang, Xili, and Meifei. At this time, their faces were flushed as they also shouted loudly. They were clearly also looking forward to their first journey far from home.

“Then, let’s go!”

The loud voice echoed in the public square. Xiaya narrowed his eyes and immediately launched the space-time ability, with which he covered everyone in the public square before piercing through the distance between the spaces.


At this time, on Earth, the tough fight was still going on.

The strange void was suffocatingly quiet. At the moment, the sand was flying about and stones were hurtling through the air. The heatwave was threatening, and the explosions were endless.

After fighting Tagoma, Vegeta’s countenance had changed. His arms were somewhat numb, and his heart was uneasy.

“This guy is surprisingly so strong. He shouldn’t have been a nobody before.” Gritting his teeth, Vegeta’s voice was full of confusion, and his frosty face looked gloomy.

Tagoma cackled, his whole body emitting a sinister aura. He looked cold and indifferent as if he had just stepped out of an abyss.

“Foolish Saiyan, when I was fighting all across the universe for King Frieza, you may not even know where were you then. You must be that Vegeta, who survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta. King Frieza was merciful enough to let you live, but you don’t know how to be grateful! ”

Speaking of that, Tagoma raised an eyebrow. “I see that your Battle Power is pretty good. Even Captain Ginyu might not have been your opponent. Why choose such a path of no return and oppose King Frieza? Your choice has determined the time of your death. ”

Upon hearing him mention Planet Vegeta, Vegeta’s expression became even uglier. If it wasn’t for Frieza, Planet Vegeta wouldn’t have been destroyed at all.

Vegeta’s countenance was fierce as he gnashed his teeth: “Who will die is still not certain. I will kill you with my own hands, and then it would be Frieza’s turn!”


As if he had heard the world’s funniest joke, Tagoma laughed in disdain.

“Just you wild monkeys trying to challenge King Frieza? You really are seeking death! Forget it; let me send you to meet the people of your race.” Tagoma licked his lips, and his figure flashed, disappearing.

An afterimage flickered, and he had already appeared by Vegeta’s side.

“Fast.” Startled, Vegeta’s black pupils fiercely shrank, and he wanted to dodge, but it was too late.

Bang! A steel-like fist smashed onto him.

Tagoma’s fist struck Vegeta, and he screamed, spitting out a mouthful of blood. His body arched back and he retreated few steps back.


Nappa cried out loud, but the aliens around him were attacking from all sides. A vicious expression appeared on his stiff face, and with a roar, he fought with the people surrounding him.

Soon, he was surrounded by the vast crowd.

“Tsk! So weak and you dare to challenge King Frieza with just this minuscule amount of strength. You overestimate your abilities too much,” Tagoma said sarcastically. He did not finish Vegeta off immediately, though; it was as though he greatly enjoyed this game of cat and mouse.

“Snap!” In the face of Tagoma’s verbal attack, the proud Vegeta was very angry. He felt as though a bomb was about to erupt in his chest.

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