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The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1137 - One Versus Five

Chapter 1137: One Versus Five

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Translator: Lam_  Editor: Hitesh_

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord knew that unless he managed to clarify everything today, there was a chance those four Master Gods might really just be hoodwinked by that lad. He did not know what that lad was trying to achieve by consistently smearing his name in front of the Master Gods from time to time.

Even though he had not managed to succeed the first couple of times, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord knew that his plan would be messed up if the other were to succeed even once.

Turning around to look at the other four Master Gods, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord said, “Don’t you guys believe the words of that lad. In the Endless Mainland, that lad is well known for being crafty. What he’s trying to do right now is to create misunderstandings between Your Buddha Lord and you guys so that he can sit back and reap in the rewards of us falling out. We must definitely not let his schemes succeed.”

The four Master Gods continued to look at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe him. However, some things that had happened had already caused them to feel skeptical toward this person. This was especially the case with that golden opportunity being lost earlier on. The Boundless Future Buddha Lord chose to back out at the last moment, resulting in the Sky Master God being killed by this Indigenous Being.

There were already quite a number of them that had fallen by now, and if more of them were to fall, it would be a rather significant blow to them.

Judging from the situation, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord knew that his explanation was not going to cut it anymore unless he were to explain it clearer. Left without a choice, he spoke up, “All of you must watch out. That lad has a treasure on him that is able to manipulate your consciousness. Even though the Radiant Master God was extremely strong, he too was no match in the face of that treasure. However, from what I know, that treasure should only be able to control two people at one time.”

When the four Master Gods heard those words, they shuddered out momentarily. To think that there could be a treasure as such that existed in the world.

As for Lin Fan, he was just cussing out at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord’s in his heart right now. He then scolded out, “Are you guys stupid or what? How could there possibly be such a treasure within the world? Let me tell you guys - that bald monk is simply just lying to you guys. What he wants is for you guys to die as quickly as possible. Haven’t you guys realized it yet? Bald monk, stop messing around with these Master Gods now. Let us hurry to join forces and get them killed!”

“Bullsh*t! Don’t malign me with your lies!” The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was thoroughly enraged right now. This lad was really rather shameless now, wasn’t he? Among the Immortal King powerful beings out there, which one of them wasn’t some top tiered being who stood atop the world? And yet, this lad here only specialized in using dirty tricks. Worse still, he seemed like he was just getting more comfortable with them by the second!

Each time the Boundless Future Buddha Lord came into contact with that lad, he would try to sabotage him and smear his name. It was as though that lad would feel uncomfortable in his heart until he managed to cause the Boundless Future Buddha Lord to fall out with the rest of the Master Gods.

And this was especially the case right now. When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord looked at how the other four Master Gods were looking at him with suspicious glances, he could not help but feel exasperated. What a bunch of Master Gods without brains!

Raising his finger, the Future Gear that was revolving around the Boundless Future Buddha Lord suddenly danced out. “I, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, swear to the Firmaments that if I’ve got any bit of collaboration with this lad before me, I will descend into the loops of endless reincarnation without a chance of getting reborn ever again!”


All of a sudden, the entire world boomed out with a resounding blast as infinite beams of Buddhist lights shot out of the Future Gear right into the skies. From the unknowns, a single Will descended down. This was an oath, similar to how the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland would swear upon the name of their Master of Chaos.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord had not expected that he would actually be forced into making an oath by this lad. In his eyes, this was just a complete humiliation. As a Buddha Lord, he naturally had a sense of pride of his own. But right now, he had no other choice. That lad was already addicted to framing him, so how could he possibly let the latter succeed with his ploys?

Looking at everything before him, Lin Fan was stumped. To think that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would be so ballsy to actually go and swear to the Firmaments of the Endless Mainland! This was something that left him rather exasperated.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord then looked over at the four Master Gods. “Do you guys believe me now?”

Given the current situation, the four Master Gods nodded their heads slightly. At this moment, they believed in the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. They then turned their gazes towards Lin Fan. “To think that this Indigenous Being would be this despicable. If not for Brother Buddha Lord’s oath to the Firmaments, we might truly have been beguiled by him!”

“Right now, let us join hands! No matter what, we would have to get him killed!”


At that moment, when Lin Fan looked at everything before him, his mind could only whirl out furiously. The strength of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was immense. Given his current state, if he wanted to just depend on his pure strength, he would not be able to kill the other party. But, he knew that if the latter wanted to have him killed, that would be something impossible as well.

‘Forget it! I’ll just have to suffer a bit then.’ Even if he couldn’t get the Boundless Future Buddha Lord killed, he would have to get the other four Master Gods killed for sure.

Chasm Master God!

Whirlwind Master God!

Contract Master God!

Void Master God!

The Godheads of these four Master Gods were rather peculiar, with tyrannical abilities to their names. However, to Lin Fan, taking them on was not that much of a challenge.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord glared at Lin Fan. “Lad, even if you wish to run away today, I’d garner that that’d be rather difficult.”

Lin Fan chuckled in reply, “Why should I run? The past is not the same as the present. This is something that will have you see me in a new light. Do you really think that I’m the same me from the past, such that I would be helpless when facing you? Boundless Future Buddha Lord, you’re thinking too lightly of things.”


In a flash, Lin Fan’s body moved out. Hugging his arms together, his powers started gathering with such immensity that the entire world quivered in the face of it. “Chasm Master God! You shall be the first one hammered to death by Yours Truly!”

The Chasm Master God raised his head as his eyelids moved slightly. As all ten of his fingers wriggled, the entire void exploded out while a series of chasms appeared between the Heaven and Earth, tugging at Lin Fan’s entire body with a tremendous suction force.

“Indigenous Being, you are one against five right now. What capabilities do you think you have? You’re just seeking to humiliate yourself.” The deafening voice of the Chasm Master God roared out. With that single move of his bolting out, the entire world fell into darkness as though all of them had just fallen into an infinitely deep chasm.

The Whirlwind Master God heaved in a deep breath of air, causing a pillar of whirlwind to gust out. While the whirlwind wasn’t large in size, the amount of power that it contained was quite horrifying. A devastating force ripped out and destroyed the world around it with great force.

Right now, the pressure on Lin Fan was rather huge with the one versus five situation. This was especially the case considering that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had yet to make a move even up till now. No matter what Lin Fan did, he still had to spare his attention to watch out for that bald a*s monk. After all, no one knew when the latter would actually start making a move.

And Lin Fan knew that if the Boundless Future Buddha Lord were to strike, his impact on the fight would definitely be unimaginable.

That ripping power of the winds whirled out. Lin Fan’s brows twitched as he tilted his body slightly, turning around to return a punch. The Power of Doomsday gushed out, striking right onto the whirlwind.


Swaying unsteadily, the whirlwind dissipated out in the next moment. However, the power of the Whirlwind Master God was not limited to this as a powerful gust swam out from within the void. With a single ‘WHOOSH’ sound, it sliced by Lin Fan’s face, and a thin line of blood appeared.

Lin Fan caressed his wound as it recovered almost immediately.

“To think that it would be this sharp.” Right now, Lin Fan’s strength could be considered absolutely tyrannical. However, he could not help but feel wary about the sharpness of the Whirlwind Master God’s powers. Even though it might not deal some threatening damage to him, the fact that this fella was striking out at him sneakily from the sidelines was quite cumbersome to deal with.

The Whirlwind Master God scoffed out coldly, “Count your blessings that your head wasn’t sliced off entirely.”

Lin Fan looked at the Whirlwind Master God and heaved in a deep breath of air, his eyes shining with an endless glint. “Alright! Since that’s the case, I’ll f*ck you to death first then.”

The Contract Master God chimed in with disdain, “Indigenous Being, with us around, do you think that you’ll succeed?”

Lin Fan tossed a casual glance at the few of them. Taking a stride forth, he struck out at the Whirlwind Master God; extending his palm, he reached for the Whirlwind Master God.

At this, the Whirlwind Master God laughed out coldly, “Know your place.”


A whirlwind appeared furiously, slicing the void apart with its razor-like sharpness. At the same time, the Whirlwind Master God was wrapped within that whirlwind. “Indigenous Being, if you wish to kill Your Master God, we’ll just have to see if you’ve got what it takes.”

Lin Fan’s lips curled into a cold grin as that hand of his just reached out to touch that whirlwind.

When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord caught sight of everything before him, he froze up slightly. “Watch out! Don’t push foolishly beyond your limits against this lad!”

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