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The Supreme Lord Donghuang (Web Novel)








Action Adventure Martial Arts Xuanhuan

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Zhou Donghuang, a man from the Earth, is able to destroy any planet in the universe without lifting a finger. His supreme will can sweep across the vast cosmos in the blink of an eye. And his immortal spirit can depart from his body and wander around the universe!

In Kunlun Mountains lies a circular slate, which brought him back to one thousand years ago…

59 • 2019-10-23 18:50:44


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 73: Level-Seven of Qi-gathering2019-12-15
Chapter 72: Arrival at the Chu Royal City2019-12-14
Chapter 71: Disbelief2019-12-13
Chapter 70: Call Second Master Here2019-12-12
Chapter 69: Back Again2019-12-11
Chapter 68: Liuxiang Restaurant2019-12-10
Chapter 67: Let’s Attack Together2019-12-09
Chapter 66: Governor’s Household of Guangling prefecture2019-12-08
Chapter 65: Yun Lu2019-12-07
Chapter 64: Five-Year Goal2019-12-06
Chapter 63: Meridian Destroying Palm2019-12-05
Chapter 62: Like Killing a Dog2019-12-04
Chapter 61: Level-Five of Qi-gathering2019-12-03
Chapter 60: The Return of Freezing Wind2019-12-02
Chapter 59: A Show of Extravagance2019-12-01
Chapter 58: The Challenge2019-11-30
Chapter 57: The New Magnolia Guild2019-11-29
Chapter 56: Chen Dandan2019-11-28
Chapter 55: Uproar in the Prefecture Capital2019-11-27
Chapter 54: Doing as he Wishes2019-11-26
Chapter 53: The Wrath of Donghuang2019-11-25
Chapter 52: An Even Better Blood-staunching Elixir2019-11-24
Chapter 51: A Thief Accusing a Thief2019-11-23
Chapter 50: Dirty Laundry2019-11-22
Chapter 49: The Qi-Gathering Elixir that Monopolized the Market2019-11-21
Chapter 48: Slander2019-11-20
Chapter 47: Back to the Lin Family2019-11-19
Chapter 46: Level Three of the Gathered Qi2019-11-18
Chapter 45: Reopening for Business2019-11-17
Chapter 44: The New Qi-Gathering Elixir2019-11-16
Chapter 43: Joy and Sorrow2019-11-15
Chapter 42: Lu Qinghu’s Decision2019-11-14
Chapter 41: A Clean Sweep2019-11-13
Chapter 40: Asking for Forgiveness?2019-11-12
Chapter 39: The Zhao Family of the Governor’s Household2019-11-11
Chapter 38: The Black Iron Spear2019-11-10
Chapter 37: The Second Floor of the Hall of Gods2019-11-09
Chapter 36: The Return of Li Rui2019-11-08
Chapter 35: Yunfeng Prefecture2019-11-07
Chapter 34: Level-Three Adept2019-11-06
Chapter 33: Journey to the Prefecture Capital2019-11-05
Chapter 32: Excruciating Pain2019-11-04
Chapter 31: Surrender2019-11-03
Chapter 30: Making Enemies2019-11-02
Chapter 29 – The Elite Lesser Families2019-11-01
Chapter 28: Our Boss Does Not Have a Very Good Temper2019-10-31
Chapter 27: Li Pingyun2019-10-30
Chapter 26: Modifying a Martial Art2019-10-29
Chapter 25: The Qin Family Mansion2019-10-28
Chapter 24: Li Rui2019-10-27
Chapter 23: Third Grade swiftness technique2019-10-26
Chapter 22: Freezing Wind2019-10-25
Chapter 21: Bandits2019-10-24
Chapter 20: Delivering the Goods2019-10-23
Chapter 19: The Technique of Everlasting Youth2019-10-23
Chapter 18: Earth2019-10-23
Chapter 17: Squaring The Accounts2019-10-23
Chapter 16: A Single Killing Blow2019-10-23
Chapter 15: Donghuang Intervenes2019-10-23
Chapter 14: The Blockade2019-10-23
Chapter 13: The Lin Family Sends Word2019-10-23
Chapter 12: The New Owner of Yunxuan Restaurant2019-10-23
Chapter 11: Chief Steward Li Xian2019-10-23
Chapter 10: A Farce of a Meal2019-10-23
Chapter 9: Lin Lan Returns2019-10-23
Chapter 8: Practicing2019-10-23
Chapter 7: The Way of the Four Supremes2019-10-23
Chapter 6: The Formidable Zhao San2019-10-23
Chapter 5: The Wang Family2019-10-23
Chapter 4: Nine Levels of Perfection2019-10-23
Chapter 3: The Seal2019-10-23
Chapter 2: The Formula for the Blood-Staunching Elixir2019-10-23
Chapter 1: A Betrayal of Grace2019-10-23