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The Supreme Lord Donghuang (Web Novel)








Action Adventure Martial Arts Xuanhuan

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Zhou Donghuang, a man from the Earth, is able to destroy any planet in the universe without lifting a finger. His supreme will can sweep across the vast cosmos in the blink of an eye. And his immortal spirit can depart from his body and wander around the universe!

In Kunlun Mountains lies a circular slate, which brought him back to one thousand years ago…

351 • 2019-10-23 18:50:44


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 275: Secret Divine Will Technique2020-07-09
Chapter 274: Dharma Power Control2020-07-08
Chapter 273: The “Secret” of the Guiyao Planet2020-07-07
Chapter 272: Alliance Hunt Begins!2020-07-06
Chapter 271: Luo Qinghan’s Thoughts2020-07-05
Chapter 270: Zhou Donghuang Strikes2020-07-04
Chapter 269: Three Tries For You2020-07-03
Chapter 268: Are You Worthy?2020-07-02
Chapter 267: She’s My Lady2020-07-01
Chapter 266: Love at First Sight2020-06-30
Chapter 265: Guiyao Planet2020-06-29
Chapter 264: Half a Year Later2020-06-28
Chapter 263: Divine Will2020-06-27
Chapter 262: Nominations for the Alliance Hunt2020-06-26
Chapter 261: Sky Sun Fruit2020-06-25
Chapter 260: Late Dharma stage2020-06-24
Chapter 259: Luo Qinghan’s Determination2020-06-24
Chapter 258: Unhappy Ending2020-06-22
Chapter 257: Brother Donghuang’s Fiancee?2020-06-21
Chapter 256: Luo Qinghan’s Shock2020-06-20
Chapter 255: Qinghan Returns Home2020-06-19
Chapter 254: Looking Towards the Future2020-06-18
Chapter 253: Are You Convinced Now?2020-06-17
Chapter 252: Ignorant2020-06-16
Chapter 251: Is There No One Else From the Lightning Sword Sect?2020-06-15
Chapter 250: No More Than Three Moves2020-06-14
Chapter 249: Core Disciple2020-06-13
Chapter 248: Lian Can’s Outcome2020-06-12
Chapter 247: Punishment On Behalf of the Court2020-06-11
Chapter 246: Unfriendly Intentions2020-06-10
Chapter 245: Deity Grade Technique2020-06-09
Chapter 244: He Jin’s Confidence2020-06-08
Chapter 243: Da Zhuang’s Power2020-06-07
Chapter 242: Da Zhuang Breaks Through2020-06-06
Chapter 241: White Tiger Dharma2020-06-05
Chapter 240: Don’t Go Overboard2020-06-04
Chapter 239: Zhou Donghuang Entered the Dharma Stage2020-06-03
Chapter 238: Liquefied Spirit2020-06-02
Chapter 237: An Ancient Core Drug2020-06-01
Chapter 236: The Summer Valley Head Is At Our Door2020-05-31
Chapter 235: The Fourth Golden Essence2020-05-30
Chapter 234: Good Intentions2020-05-29
Chapter 233: If You Dare2020-05-28
Chapter 232: Liu Lang2020-05-27
Chapter 231: Let’s Sell All Nine Items!2020-05-26
Chapter 230: I’m Not That Easy to Bully!2020-05-25
Chapter 230: I’m Not That Easy to Bully!2020-05-25
Chapter 230: I’m Not That Easy to Bully!2020-05-25
Chapter 230: I’m Not That Easy to Bully!2020-05-25
Chapter 229: No Badmouthing Him2020-05-24
Chapter 228: Coincidence?2020-05-23
Chapter 227: Lightning Sword Core Elder2020-05-22
Chapter 226: Fake Nine-Ringed Bamboo2020-05-21
Chapter 225: Da Zhuang’s History2020-05-20
Chapter 224: A Giant Three Meters Tall2020-05-19
Chapter 223: Entering Autumn Valley2020-05-18
Chapter 222: Pack of Lies2020-05-17
Chapter 221: Third Senior Sister2020-05-16
Chapter 220: Good Son-in-Law!2020-05-15
Chapter 219: I Approve of this Marriage!2020-05-14
Chapter 218: Old Ms. Li2020-05-13
Chapter 217: Luo Family2020-05-12
Chapter 216: Tianxuan Planet’s Top Beauty2020-05-11
Chapter 215: Divine Soul Shaper2020-05-10
Chapter 214: Justice Will Prevail2020-05-09
Chapter 213: Disciples of the Sky Sword Sect2020-05-08
Chapter 212: Arrival at Honglong Planet2020-05-07
Chapter 211: Galaxy Teleporter2020-05-06
Chapter 210: Leaving the Powerful Supreme Sect of Ziyun2020-05-05
Chapter 209: About to Leave2020-05-04
Chapter 208: Donghuang Sect2020-05-03
Chapter 207: Destroying Xuanyin Sect2020-05-02
Chapter 206: Cause and Effect2020-05-01
Chapter 205: Battling Dharma2020-04-30
Chapter 204: What a Pity!2020-04-29
Chapter 203: Zhong Ya Is Here!2020-04-28
Chapter 202: Blood Showers filled the Sky2020-04-27
Chapter 201: A Sudden Sound2020-04-27
Chapter 200: The Feast of Ziyun2020-04-27
Chapter 199: Hope You Are Well2020-04-24
Chapter 198: Dharma Spirit Weapon?2020-04-23
Chapter 197: Xuanyan City2020-04-22
Chapter 196: Traversing the Galaxies2020-04-21
Chapter 195: Frightening Silver Essence Adept2020-04-20
Chapter 194: Challenging Three Golden Essence Elders2020-04-19
Chapter 193: Killed in an Instant2020-04-18
Chapter 192: Has He Gone Crazy?2020-04-17
Chapter 191: Spirit Weapon Upgrade2020-04-16
Chapter 190: Two Years Later2020-04-16
Chapter 189: Won’t Go Back2020-04-16
Chapter 188: The Nineteenth Elder of the Xuanyin Sect2020-04-16
Chapter 187: Golden Essence Elder of Divine Light Sect2020-04-12
Chapter 186: Su Mo Strikes2020-04-11
Chapter 185: Someone from the Xuanyin Sect2020-04-10
Chapter 184: Arrival at the Lu Family Household2020-04-09
Chapter 183: The Heartbroken Yang Zixi2020-04-08
Chapter 182: Isn’t it Great to Be Alive?2020-03-31
Chapter 181: A Hair’s Breadth from Death2020-03-30
Chapter 180: The Interrogation2020-03-29
Chapter 179: His Name Is Zhou Donghuang?2020-03-28