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The Sweetest Medicine (Web Novel)






Beauty Jiang


Drama Josei Romance

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Beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine, Yu Gangan woke up from a coma one day to a cold, mysterious man. “Excuse me, you are…?”

A pair of profound eyes focused on her and replied, “Fang Zhihan, your husband.”

Did this man take her for a fool? He was obviously a fraud!

A little while down the road, he pulled her into his arms and whispered beside her ear, “Who am I?”

This time, Yu Gangan froze and replied, “Fang Zhihan, my husband.”

If he was a patient, then she was his sweetest medicine…

224 • 2019-12-05 10:21:00


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 494: The Ultimate Good Guy Cooks2020-05-29
Chapter 493: An Ambiguous Series Of Lies2020-05-29
Chapter 492: Lying For His Wife2020-05-16
Chapter 491: Awkward Encounter2020-05-14
Chapter 490: If You’re Sick, Go Get Treatment2020-05-14
Chapter 489: Similar For No Reason2020-05-13
Chapter 488: Treatment Or Murder2020-05-13
Chapter 487: A White Lotus With a Black Heart2020-05-12
Chapter 486: Not The Same Xiao Yu2020-05-12
Chapter 485: A Familiar Place With A Familiar Person2020-05-10
Chapter 484: The Youngest Doctor Of Chinese Medicine2020-05-10
Chapter 483: I Only Want Fang Zhihan!2020-05-09
Chapter 482: Xiao Yu vs Yanyu, Who Do You Choose?2020-05-09
Chapter 481: I Just Want To Love You2020-05-09
Chapter 480: Xiao Yu Is About To Return2020-05-09
Chapter 479: A Domineering Proclamation Of Love2020-05-09
Chapter 478: Only Me From Now On2020-05-08
Chapter 477: Chronic Food Poisoning (3)2020-05-08
Chapter 476: Chronic Food Poisoning (2)2020-05-07
Chapter 475: Chronic Food Poisoning (1)2020-05-07
Chapter 474: Announcement: I Miss You2020-05-05
Chapter 473: Decision To Stay In Beijing2020-05-05
Chapter 472: I Will Never Let Go Of The Culprit2020-05-05
Chapter 471: Accident Or Deliberate2020-05-04
Chapter 470: A Fine Line Between Life And Death2020-05-04
Chapter 469: Danger Is Near2020-05-03
Chapter 468: Heart Ache: The Hardworking Mr. Fang2020-05-03
Chapter 467: My Shirt Is Your Pajamas2020-05-02
Chapter 466: Are You My Wife?2020-05-02
Chapter 465: Deliberately Teasing Mr. Fang2020-05-02
Chapter 464: Fang Zhihan: One Of The 4 Greats2020-05-02
Chapter 463: Live Stream Yourself Eating A Compendium Of Materia Medica2020-05-02
Chapter 462: Don’t Have A Smart Boyfriend2020-05-02
Chapter 461: Steal Fang Zhihan’s Girlfriend2020-04-29
Chapter 460: Observant Yu Gangan2020-04-29
Chapter 459: Another Familiar Person2020-04-29
Chapter 458: The Rich And Powerful Mr. Fang2020-04-29
Chapter 457: Sudden Turning Back2020-04-27
Chapter 456: The Strange Family2020-04-27
Chapter 455: Never Forgive2020-04-26
Chapter 454: Fleeceflower Root And Angelica2020-04-26
Chapter 453: This Fight Wasn’t A Fight2020-04-24
Chapter 452: Declaring The Winner And Loser2020-04-24
Chapter 451: A Bad Man Deliberately Causes Trouble2020-04-23
Chapter 450: A Warm Scene Eating Fish2020-04-23
Chapter 449: The Underwater Kiss2020-04-22
Chapter 448: You Are The World2020-04-22
Chapter 447: Keep Me Company In The Hot Spring2020-04-22
Chapter 446: Don’t Tell My Brother2020-04-22
Chapter 445: Love Begins With Trust2020-04-21
Chapter 444: One Should Share A Hot Spring With Someone They Like2020-04-21
Chapter 443: I Am Not Your Opponent2020-04-21
Chapter 442: Love Rivals Meet: A Fight Ensues2020-04-21
Chapter 441: Fantasies In The Hot Spring2020-04-19
Chapter 440: A Woman’s Heart Is Hard To Predict2020-04-19
Chapter 439: A Threat: I Want You To Help Me2020-04-17
Chapter 438: Meet Again But Don’t Recognize2020-04-17
Chapter 437: Fang Zhihan’s Innocent Friendship2020-04-17
Chapter 436: Childhood Friend, Gu Yanyu2020-04-17
Chapter 435: Curiosity Killed The Cat2020-04-15
Chapter 434: Refuse To Be Friends2020-04-15
Chapter 433: The Abandoned Teacher2020-04-15
Chapter 432: The Biggest Joy2020-04-15
Chapter 431: Are You Afraid That I’d Sell You?2020-04-15
Chapter 430: Taking It For Real2020-04-15
Chapter 429: First Date2020-04-12
Chapter 428: A Trip To The Hot Springs2020-04-12
Chapter 427: Are We Supposed To Let Fang Zhihan Go?2020-04-11
Chapter 426: Come, Have Some Fish~2020-04-11
Chapter 425: First Round: Black-bellied Fang Wins2020-04-10
Chapter 424: Stunned At The Two Bosses Of Acting2020-04-10
Chapter 423: Confused: Are They Talking About Me?2020-04-09
Chapter 422: PDA: Matching Outfits2020-04-09
Chapter 421: Master Handsome’s Test2020-04-09
Chapter 420: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (10)2020-04-09
Chapter 419: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (9)2020-04-07
Chapter 418: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (8)2020-04-07
Chapter 417: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (7)2020-04-06
Chapter 416: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (6)2020-04-06
Chapter 415: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (5)2020-04-05
Chapter 414: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (4)2020-04-05
Chapter 413: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (3)2020-04-04
Chapter 412: Madly In Love With Me And Won’t Marry Anyone But Me (2)2020-04-04
Chapter 411: Loved Me Like Crazy And Wouldn’t Marry Anyone But Me (1)2020-04-03
Chapter 410: A Special Relationship (5)2020-04-03
Chapter 409: A Special Relationship (4)2020-04-02
Chapter 408: A Special Relationship (3)2020-04-02
Chapter 407: A Special Relationship (2)2020-04-02
Chapter 406: A Special Relationship (1)2020-04-02
Chapter 405: Put All One’s Eggs In One Basket (5)2020-04-02
Chapter 404: Put All One’s Eggs In One Basket (4)2020-03-31
Chapter 403: Put All One’s Eggs In One Basket2020-03-31
Chapter 402: Put All One’s Egg In One Basket (2)2020-03-30
Chapter 401: Put All One’s Eggs In One Basket (1)2020-03-30
Chapter 400: We Are Already Married (5)2020-03-30
Chapter 399: We Are Already Married (4)2020-03-29
Chapter 398: We Are Already Married (3)2020-03-29
Chapter 397: We Are Already Married (2)2020-03-29
Chapter 396: We Are Already Married (1)2020-03-27
Chapter 395: I Like Eating Little Fish (5)2020-03-27