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The Sweetest Medicine (Web Novel)






Beauty Jiang


Drama Josei Romance

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Beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine, Yu Gangan woke up from a coma one day to a cold, mysterious man. “Excuse me, you are…?”

A pair of profound eyes focused on her and replied, “Fang Zhihan, your husband.”

Did this man take her for a fool? He was obviously a fraud!

A little while down the road, he pulled her into his arms and whispered beside her ear, “Who am I?”

This time, Yu Gangan froze and replied, “Fang Zhihan, my husband.”

If he was a patient, then she was his sweetest medicine…

62 • 2019-12-05 10:21:00


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 323: A Smart Girl Acting Stupid2020-02-21
Chapter 322: Selling Gangan Just Like That2020-02-21
Chapter 321: Winning His Heart By Living Nearby2020-02-21
Chapter 320: My Type2020-02-20
Chapter 319: A Young Girl’s First Experience Of Love2020-02-20
Chapter 318: The Person I Like: Brother Jiang2020-02-19
Chapter 317: Shouldn’t You Care About Me?2020-02-19
Chapter 316: Is The Wedding Too Rushed?2020-02-18
Chapter 315: If You Like Someone, You Should Say It Out Loud2020-02-18
Chapter 314: Huge Mistake2020-02-17
Chapter 313: Refusing To Admit2020-02-17
Chapter 312: Bringing Trouble Upon Oneself2020-02-17
Chapter 311: Racing Heart2020-02-17
Chapter 310: Little Pervert Has Grown Up2020-02-17
Chapter 309: Unexpected2020-02-15
Chapter 308: The ‘Real’ Yu Gangan2020-02-15
Chapter 307: Taking The Opportunity To Create Trouble2020-02-14
Chapter 306: A Special Gift2020-02-14
Chapter 305: She Likes Fang Zhihan Too2020-02-13
Chapter 304: What Are You Afraid Of?2020-02-13
Chapter 303: Remember For Life2020-02-13
Chapter 302: This Auntie…2020-02-13
Chapter 301: 72 Wife-Coaxing Tricks2020-02-11
Chapter 300: 36 Wife-Seducing Techniques2020-02-11
Chapter 299: Air Hug2020-02-10
Chapter 298: Stupid Brat VS Fierce Old Fool2020-02-10
Chapter 297: Guessing With Extraordinary Wisdom2020-02-10
Chapter 296: He Is Too Clear2020-02-10
Chapter 295: Satisfy Both Parties2020-02-10
Chapter 294: Insulting A Person Without A Single Swear Word2020-02-10
Chapter 293: Friendly Reminder2020-02-06
Chapter 292: Not Married = Can’t Share A Bed2020-02-06
Chapter 291: The Shocking Identity2020-02-06
Chapter 290: This Brat’s Skills Aren’t Bad2020-02-06
Chapter 289: This Person Looks Very Familiar2020-02-05
Chapter 288: Does She Like Fang Zhihan?2020-02-05
Chapter 287: Another Bite? Are You A Dog?2020-02-03
Chapter 286: Do You Want To Know About Your Husband’s Past?2020-02-03
Chapter 285: How Do You Want Me To Thank You?2020-02-02
Chapter 284: I’m Not Human, I’m A Goddess2020-02-02
Chapter 283: Tell Your Grandson To Bite Me!2020-02-01
Chapter 282: Like Me, No One But Me2020-02-01
Chapter 281: Future Granddaughter-In-Law?2020-01-31
Chapter 280: This Illness Is Related To His Character2020-01-31
Chapter 279: Vinegar Is Sour. Don’t Eat It Recklessly.2020-01-30
Chapter 278: Mr. Fang’s Sister, Jiang Qi2020-01-30
Chapter 277: You’re The One That’s Reeking Of Vinegar2020-01-29
Chapter 276: Are You Jealous?2020-01-29
Chapter 275: The Strange Old Man With The Strange Pulse2020-01-29
Chapter 274: Jealous And Uneasy2020-01-28
Chapter 273: The Jiang Family’s Future Heir2020-01-28
Chapter 272: Young Master Han Is Back2020-01-28
Chapter 271: Who Is The Shameless One2020-01-27
Chapter 270: Not Convenient To Move2020-01-27
Chapter 269: Not Nervous About Living With Her Husband2020-01-25
Chapter 268: A Good Girl That Belongs To Someone Else2020-01-25
Chapter 267: Somehow Want To Hug Him And Comfort Him2020-01-25
Chapter 266: What Are You Afraid Of?2020-01-25
Chapter 265: My Wife Is Really Thoughtful2020-01-25
Chapter 264: I Only Care About You!2020-01-24
Chapter 263: Decision To Get Married2020-01-24
Chapter 262: Full Of Herself2020-01-24
Chapter 261: Looking To Be Tortured: Watching The Scumbag And Sl*t Show Off2020-01-24
Chapter 260: Already Very Impressive2020-01-24
Chapter 259: Daily Sweetness: I Like You2020-01-24
Chapter 258: Using Fang Zhihan Again2020-01-24
Chapter 257: It’s Because You’re Suitable2020-01-24
Chapter 256: When Are You Coming Home?2020-01-24
Chapter 255: Attack By Insinuation2020-01-24
Chapter 254: From Now On, I Will Watch Over You2020-01-24
Chapter 253: Being Slapped At A Face-Swelling Rate2020-01-24
Chapter 252: Delivering Thanks To The Door2020-01-24
Chapter 251: Do You Want To Find A Father For The Child2020-01-24
Chapter 250: You’ve Turned Bad Because Of Fang Zhihan2020-01-16
Chapter 249: Fake Could Become True2020-01-16
Chapter 248: What To Do When Moved?2020-01-14
Chapter 247: Snowy Day2020-01-14
Chapter 246: Fang Zhihan’s Angry2020-01-13
Chapter 245: Can’t Help The Urge To Kiss Her2020-01-13
Chapter 244: Extremely Perfect And Smooth2020-01-12
Chapter 243: Taking Advantage To Act Out Of Line2020-01-12
Chapter 242: The Two Of You Are A Match Made In Heaven2020-01-11
Chapter 241: How Awkward!2020-01-11
Chapter 240: Decision To Keep The Child2020-01-10
Chapter 239: My Father Likes You Even More2020-01-10
Chapter 238: This Is My Girlfriend2020-01-09
Chapter 237: Fate Or Following?2020-01-09
Chapter 236: A Huge Faceslap Arrives2020-01-08
Chapter 235: Fang Zhihan’s Fanboy2020-01-08
Chapter 234: Brother Xi, Your Idol Is Here!2020-01-07
Chapter 233: Causing A Shock2020-01-07
Chapter 232: A Combination Of Chinese And Western Medicine2020-01-06
Chapter 231: You Are A Shameless Woman2020-01-06
Chapter 230: Sexual Dysfunction…2020-01-06
Chapter 229: This Woman Is A Little Cool2020-01-06
Chapter 228: Either Receive My Consultation Or Get Lost2020-01-06
Chapter 227: Classic Line Of A Domineering CEO2020-01-06
Chapter 226: Blind Dates Everywhere2020-01-06
Chapter 225: Ultimate Scheme2020-01-06
Chapter 224: Leader Of The Big 3 Playboys2020-01-02