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The Sweetest Medicine (Web Novel) - Chapter 306: A Special Gift

Chapter 306: A Special Gift

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Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

“A woman like my sister who is proud and naive, cool and old-fashioned, intelligent and dopey, and clever with medical skills, is a rare specimen. I can’t give her another gift randomly. Hurry and help me think of something. What gift is worthy of my sister.”

Ye Xi forcefully detained Chen Mo and Shen Dongqing; if they didn’t think of something, then they weren’t allowed home.

Shen Dongqing and Chen Mo cried without tears, curled up their bodies and leaned back on the sofa.

They had given gifts to women before, but they never needed to think about it so much. Flowers, handbags, jewelry, and money, any of those would suffice, and the receiver was always happy.

All these gifts were already special, suitable, and unique.

Suddenly, Chen Mo sat upright and said aloud, “Brother Xi, I have an idea which may be very suitable for your sister.”

“What is it? Hurry and tell me.”

“Quick, don’t beat around the bush.”

Chen Mo smiled and said, “I searched your sister’s name online a while ago and found out that she has a good name on the internet and is known as the most beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine.”

Shen Dongqing nodded, “I heard about that too. When I saw her, I was shocked. No wonder your grandmother was cured as soon as she saw her. She certainly lives up to her name.”

“Why don’t I know about this?” As Ye Xi said this, he pulled out his phone to search online.

He saw the video of Yu Gangan saving an old person in the lobby of a hotel and was extremely regretful for underestimating her. Luckily, his idol appeared and saved him.

Ye Xi looked at Chen Mo and asked, “Are you suggesting that I make my sister more famous?”

Chen Mo nodded, “Your sister is amazing; more people should know about her. The internet is a mess. We need a professional team to maintain your sister’s reputation so she can become famous internationally. This is a gift that she can’t return.”

Ye Xi thought about it and felt it was a really good suggestion.

So, he turned around and pointed to the sky, “Let’s go with this gift. Go, go, go, come with me to pick the best marketing agency and let’s form the best publicity team.”

That day, Yu Gangan appeared on the hottest searches again. In addition, the largest online media platforms in China also wrote special articles about her.

They named her as the new-generation role model and the video of her rescue was posted on international social platforms.

Acupuncture was originally a trending topic overseas. So, as soon as this video was released to the international mainstream media, they wrote about Chinese medicine and called her the most beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine.

If Yu Gangan was just a little famous before, she was now known by everyone.

The internet felt she was an honorable person, so plenty of people began to leave comments expressing their love.

At the same time, some people questioned this matter. After all, Yu Gangan’s video of her rescue had already passed a long time ago. How did it end up on the top of searches again?

They were suspicious that a publicity team was creating hype.

“This most beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine is a doctor today, but she will definitely become a celebrity in a few days, attending events. She may even release an album or make a movie. If my guess is wrong, I’m going to live stream myself eating my keyboard.”

“Could it be that she’s not even a doctor and all this is just hype?”

“I still like her. She’s pretty and she’s skilled. I hope she doesn’t enter the entertainment industry.”

“Her looks are decent compared to the average person, but if she enters the entertainment industry, she’s going to be crushed in an instant.”

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